USS Eisenhower

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USS Eisenhower
Technical Details
Class: Galaxy-class
Registry: NCC-71346
Role: Cruiser
Status: Inactive
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Kellin Reynolds
Executive Officer: Commander William Crawford
Second Officer: Lt. Commander Krogan Xerax
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The Federation Starship USS Eisenhower is a Galaxy-class Vessel within the 11th Fleet known to Starfleet as Pegasus Fleet under the Command of Captain Kellin Reynolds and Executive Officer Commander William Crawford.

USS Eisenhower Personnel

Commanding Officer Image:r-o6.png
Kellin Reynolds
First Officer Image:r-o5.png
William Crawford
Second Officer Image:y-o4.png
Krogan Xerax
Flight Control
Chief Flight Control Officer Image:r-o2.png
Amanda Blackfur
Security and Tactical
Chief Security & Tactical Officer Image:y-o4.png
Thomas Byrne
Chief Operations Officer Image:y-o4.png
Krogan 'Kro' Xerax
Chief Engineering Officer Image:y-o3.png
Brian 'Jax' Jackson
Chief Science Officer Image:t-o3.png
Ayrie Brenn
Medical and Counselling
Chief Medical Officer Image:t-o5.png
Grace Kelly
Chief Counsellor Image:t-o3.png
Myralia Constantine
Chief Intelligence Officer Image:s-blank.png
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Lounge Manager Image:w-blank.png
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Bartender Image:w-blank.png
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