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650000 - 65999.9

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  • The USS Endeavour transports two Federation negotiators to the Nevarra Cluster in order to discuss a trade agreement with the Nevarrans; a race which has isolated itself from the rest of the galaxy for two hundred years. During the course of the discussions, Captain Byrne manages to discover a long-lost secret chamber within the Nevarran Archives, containing knowledge thought lost during the Nevarran's dark ages. The Nevarrans request that the Federation allow them to rediscover their history before allowing the Federation access to the data themselves, to which Byrne agrees. (Kingdom Come)
  • Bann Edan Finn is named the Nevarran ambassador to the Federation. (Kingdom Come)
  • The Endeavour discover an ancient alien space station beyond the previous limits of Federation exploration, near the Tholian border. Ordered to transfer his command to the station - to be christened Deep Space 19 - Captain Byrne and his crew are ordered to restore the station to operational status whilst Starfleet organises a relief crew to take over the station and allow the crew's return to the Endeavour. (Old Relics)
  • Captain Byrne renegotiates a treaty with the Tholians in order to prevent the destruction of Deep Space 19, which involves the crew retrofitting sections of the station to be suitable for Tholian habitation, enabling the first inter-species scientific studies between the races to begin. (Deep Space 19)
  • Captain Byrne is relieved as commander of Deep Space 19 by Captain Joseph Archbald. Commander Jaeih Andorzai transfers permanently from the Endeavour to become the station's first officer. (Divisions)

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