Adriana Hernandes

Adriana Maria Isabella Hernandes
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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Eagle


Chief Engineer

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Adriana Maria Isabella Hernandes is a Federation Starfleet officer serving the Eleventh Fleet. Her current posting is as Chief Engineer of the USS Langport, a Excalibur-class vessel.

Physical Description

Adriana is a human woman of medium height and a muscular yet curvy build. She has long, luxurious brown hair, luminous, tanned olive skin and hazel green eyes. She has a roundish face and soft features which belie her ‘tough girl’ personality. She has an intensity in her gaze that can catch one offguard.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Adriana is a tomboy, through and through. She loves drinking, sports, gambling, music, and outdoor activities. She learned how to make her favorite drink, tequila, at her grandparents’ home inn the Mexican desert near Cabo. She is rough and tumble and loves to get ‘down and dirty’ with the boys, preferring this to getting ‘girlie’.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Strong
+ Vivacious
+ Passionate
+ Compassionate
+ Sensors
+ Weapons and Defensive Systems
+ Propulsion Systems
+ Damage Control

- Short temper
- Smartmouth
- Holodecks
- Inertial Dampeners - Structural Integrity Field


Adriana has no ambitions yet. She has no intentions of a family, and is content for now to be a Chief Science Officer.

Hobbies & Interests

Martial Arts, soccer, swimming, diving, cliff diving, boxing, wrestling, music, gambling, anything outdoors, dancing, pool, poker, guys


Father: Paulo Hernandes
Mother: Maria Hernandez
Brother(s): Carlos, 28; Arsenio & Armando, 23; Filipe, 21; Henrique, 19
Other Family: Abuelo and Abuelita in Mexico; Avos in Rio de Janiero


Adriana grew up outside Rio de Janiero, Brazil. She went to the beach often with her friends and was always the daredevil of the group, diving off the highest cliffs where even her brothers didn't go. Usually, when she got home, she found one of her brothers letting their friends go through her underwear drawer at which time she would pound said brother and friends. She had no sisters growing up so she hung out with boys, and learned to do everything they did and beat them.

Her brothers hated it. They tried to get better so they could stop 'losing to a girl' but she just got better and kept beating them. It was the same in both sports and school. Even in music she was competitive. Compete with the boys and beat them to show that she wasn't 'just a girl'.

She didn't want to become another Latina model like her mother, or a doctor like her father, so she began thinking about what she wanted to do with her life. Career day at school, a Starfleet Chief Engineer came to speak at her school. He told about the strange cultures he'd met, the new languages he'd learned, the planets and new life he'd seen, and it set a fire in Adriana's mind. The planets sounded good, but the languages and cultures and animals...those sounded good. She had in fact been debating between an engineer, and a repair person. Now, she could do both. The only problem was getting in.

She studied relentlessly. When she graduated, she took three weeks for a vacation and then applied to the Starfleet Academy. Unfortunately, she was not accepted. Nor was she accepted the second time. But she was accepted the third. Once in the academy, she decided to spend most of her time studying until she was ready to crack. One of her professors told her she had the wrong kind of cepholopod because it was green. She was obsessing over it until she figured out that it didn't matter what color it was, it was still the same species and breed.

To relax, she went to the gym and boxed. The captain of the co-ed team saw her boxing and challenged her, so she took him on. She pulverized him. The guy told the coach about their match and he asked to see her box. Once again, she pounded the best guy they had. The coach asked her to join the team. She was hesitant at first, but agreed. She won several titles in her time on the team, including two championships. The cost: many injuries and many broken bones. When the doctor said to stop boxing or lose the ability to have children, she stopped in her fourth year. She coaches now, but doesn't box herself.

When she graduated she was assigned to the USS South Carolina in the Tenth Fleet near the Romulan border. She was an ensign, just a Engineer, and ready for new people. However, new people weren't in the cards. As a Prometheus-class vessel, the main function of the South Carolina was combat. She did not meet new people unless they were firing at her. It was now that her training in martial arts and boxing came in handy. She was competent with a phaser, and soon the ship seemed to be cursed; no mission ever was easy or went according to plan.

After 4 years, she was assigned to the USS Kilimanjaro as Assistant Chief Engineer. A Nebula-class, it was much more geared towards science, Adriana's own area of interest. The Negarians and Anirians were interesting, but not nearly as much as the Jenefrans.

After another two years, however, she was called to replace an officer on another ship, called the USS Langport.

Service Record

--Starfleet Academy - Engineering Cadet (4 years)
--USS South Carolina - Ensign, Engineer (4 years)
--USS Kilimanjaro - Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer (2 years)
--USS Langport - Lieutenant JG, Chief Engineering Officer (Present)