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Aisha Marc
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Chief Warrant Officer Aisha Marc was an unjoined Trill serving in Starfleet in the latter part of the 24th Century.

Often described as a career peace officer, by 2391, Aisha had been a credentialed Federation security officer for 28 years, and a Starfleet veteran of 35 years enlisted and officer.

Early Life and Enlisted Career

The daughter of a blue collar father and a liberal, white collar mother, Aisha grew up seeing both halves of Trill society in the Hoobishan area of the Trill homeworld. Wanting to apply herself in the labor force, like her father, but yearning for the opportunity to break out on her own, Aisha enlisted in Starfleet at the age of 17. Passing the necessary background checks and completing the apprentice-level vocational training for a security crewman, Aisha joined the fleet as an inexperienced and naive red skirt. Starting out as a patrolman at the dock yards over Mars, Aisha later joined the Ambassador-class USS Adelphi as a new petty officer NCO.

After five years on the Adelphi, Petty Officer Marc was recommended for Starfleet Security's Criminal Investigative Service. She returned to Earth for advanced training in forensics, biometrics, and protective services. Excelling in her newly assigned duties, she was promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer and became an evidence custodian for the Starfleet Security forces at Starbase 375. A few years later, she led a crime scene investigation unit through the Cardassian Sector.

Earning the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer, Aisha returned again to Earth. This time, she was teaching biometrics to new Security agents and investigators.

Warrant Officer Career

In 2373, with 17 years in Starfleet, Senior Chief Marc was commissioned as a Chief Warrant Officer (CWO2) and selected for assignment as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer for the New Orleans-class USS Kyushu. That same year, the Dominion unleashed war upon the Alpha Quadrant. The ship would suffer heavy damages when the USS Kyushu engaged the Dominion as part of the Federation fleet at the Tyra Sector, and Aisha was ordered to abandon ship. As security responded to damaged sections to search for survivors, Aisha's security force suffered the heaviest losses of the USS Kyushu crew.

Seeking an escape from the leadership of a department aboard a Starfleet, Aisha returned to Starfleet's Criminal Investigative Service and resumed work as a criminal investigator. During the Dominion War, she was assigned undercover operations inside the Federation-Cardassian DMZ in order to investigate the sale of weapons to the terrorist organization known as the Maquis. Following the war, she was posted to Cardassia Prime in order to investigate the theft and fraud of humanitarian aid and resources given to the Cardassians.

Following Cardassia, Aisha once again took 'command;' this time of a criminal investigations field office on the Planet Risa. While there, she butted up against the Orion Syndicate when she exposed a racketeering scheme and several murders related to the Orion's mob-mentality trying to muscle its way into the local population. Following that assignment, she served on the protective services detail supporting the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Since 2388, she has been assigned as a special agent with the Starfleet Security Criminal Investigative Service.


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2356 Utopia Planitia Master-at-Arms
2357 Utopia Planitia Master-at-Arms
2358 USS Adelphi Master-at-Arms
2360 USS Adelphi Master-at-Arms
2363 Starfleet Security Criminal Investigative Service Master-at-Arms
2368 Starbase 235 Security Investigations Officer
2372 Starfleet Academy Adjunct Faculty; Forensics & Biometrics
2373 USS Kyushu Chief Security Officer
2374 Starbase 375 Security Investigations Officer
2376 Joint Criminal Investigations Task Force; Cardassian Sector Security Investigations Officer
2378 Starfleet Security Field Office Risa Security Investigations Officer
2385 Starfleet Security Protective Services Detail Security Officer
2388 Starfleet Security Criminal Investigative Service Security Investigations Officer