Aishel Enor

Aishel Enor
Commander Enor upon gaining her first Command
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Trill (Joined)




23 October, 2353

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149 lbs





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USS Washington


Commanding Officer

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Aishel Enor, born Aishel Karal is a Trill in the Eleventh Fleet, also known as Pegasus Fleet. She is the tenth host of the Enor symbiont. Former hosts of the Enor symbiont include architects, artists, and Trill Senate members.

Physical Description

Aishel is a beta Trill female with very dark spots that run down both sides of her body. She is very curvy yet muscular. Her long hair is an unremarkable brown in color, yet her skin is a natural tan. This, combined with her sharp features and unusual eyes, makes her a striking woman. Her eyes are perhaps her best feature: they look purple in bright light, dark green in shadow, and pale blue from the side. Her hands, while slender, usually have calluses and broken fingernails. She is often seen wearing very large hoop earrings.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Aishel has learned early the important lesson of being comfortable with who she is and where she is in her life and her attitude reflects this. She is normally seen smiling and humming some tune whether classical Trill or Betazoid music, or classic Country from Earth. She enjoys a good party but likes her work as an commanding officer. She is pretty easy going but will not allow people to step out of line. If you goof off, or act like a jerk, she will let you have it. At the same time, she will give much praise for good work. She also has a love of life seen in few people.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Reports
  • Command
  • Engineering
  • Tactical
  • Diplomatics
  • Patient Most of the Time
  • Friendly
  • Team Worker
  • Energetic
  • Fun Loving


  • First Aid
  • Piloting
  • Impatient with goofs or jerks
  • Bad dancer but loves to dance
  • Sings when she’s not aware of it
  • Becoming a holodeck addict
  • A lot of nervous energy


When Aishel was young, her two ambitions were to be joined and to become a Starfleet captain. After being joined she found that her ambitions have changed and that she now wants to be head of Starfleet Corps of Engineers and have a family.

Hobbies & Interests

Trill and Betazoid music, 21st Century Country music, holodecks, holonovels, holomovies, swimming laps, diving, singing, reading engineering journals, poker, pool, dabo, racquetball, positronics, painting


Federation Standard, Trill, Klingon, Andorian



  • Jolin Karal


  • Melene Karal


  • Ralen Karal


  • Elzea Rena


Aishel was born to a researcher and a Starfleet engineer on the USS Leo. Neither of her parents had been joined, but it was Aishel’s dream to be joined and be a starship captain. She wanted to be a Starfleet Captain and go into battle like Kirk and Picard. She entered the Daystrom Institute and received a degree in warp mechanics at age 19. That year she entered the Symbiosis Institute and was accepted as the new host to the Enor symbiont who was almost 450 years old. Once she was joined she had a hard time sorting her selves out. The strongest personality by far was her fifth host, Telkas. He had been eccentric, living on the edge, always going over the line. He was also a very celebrated artist and passed on his ability and creativity to the new hosts. Finally she learned to take his love of life and make it her own, but lessened. During the academy she had many friends. She tutored other cadets in engineering and explored Earth’s city of San Francisco. In her first year she was almost thrown out of the Academy when she went to an off-limits archeological site and broke one of their machines for a dare. Yet because of her good grades she graduated with honors and was assigned to the USS Hera. There she was overshadowed by the brilliance of one engineer, LtJG Sharan den-Selos. Den-Selos was a wizard at fixing anything mechanical and thrived on it. But he was a very likable guy and they became good friends, Sharan taking her under his wing and teaching her everything he knew. Soon she was just as good as he was and a friendly rivalry sprung up between them. Sharan was transferred to another ship but to this day they stayed in touch.

Aishel took a transfer to the USS Virgo, a Galaxy-class starship, where she was promoted to Lieutenant JG. She was an asset to the department and received a letter of commendation for her quick thinking during an attack on the ship. If she had not considered the possibility of rerouting commands through the ODN network instead of the EPS system, the ship would have been dead in the water and destroyed.

She was transferred two years later to the Sojourner, a Sovereign-class, and received a promotion to full Lieutenant and assistant chief engineer. Aishel was now the assistant to the person in charge of the entire department. LCdr Redding was a tremendous help teaching her what she needed to know to manage the department. Aishel was getting closer to her goal of becoming head of Starfleet’s Corps of Engineers, and she was getting excited. Finally, having had enough of her zealous attitude, Redding took her aside and told her to calm down. She was only a Lieutenant and lieutenants were a dime a dozen. Celebrate later down the line. She saw his logic and soon was her former cheery self. When the ship’s five year tour was over, she was assigned to the USS Blackhawk with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineer.

Aishel served here for a year before asking for a transfer. She would not give his name, but she and another officer were having “screaming matches”. She was transferred to the USS Palamedes, where she was soon reunited with Commander Faith Reed, the former first officer of the Blackhawk. When Reed was given her own command, Enor was given the position of Executive Officer of the Palamedes. Upon the completion of the mission to the Taurus sector, Aishel was given a promotion to commander.

Closer than ever to her dream of being an admiral in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, she still had no hope of a family though she was now 33. This is something she regrets as most Enor hosts hold family very close to their hearts. In another two years, she was given command of the USS Washington.

Note: Aishel received a large inheritance upon being joined to Enor. A past host was a wealthy business woman who didn’t want her greedy family taking her money.

Enor is a symbiont defined by its free thinking and creativity, thus all its hosts from the second one onward are people who must think or must get inspired such as architects, artists, engineers, and jewelry makers. Shortly after the first taste of chocolate, it was discovered that Enor now has an addiction to chocolate and due to the fifth host, Telkas, all hosts since have been bisexual. The complete list follows below.

Host History

  • Albrin Enor (1810-1885) - Politician
  • Tenai Enor (1885-1945) - Engineer
  • Emra Enor (1945-2027) - Politican
  • Jorias Enor (2027-2058) - University Professor
  • Ilsa Enor (2058-2144) - Jewelist and Business Owner and Emergency Host
  • Sobin Enor (2144-2208) - Architest
  • Telkas Enor (2208-2294) - Artist
  • Tolin Enor (2294-2342) - Starfleet Security and Command Officer
  • Nilani Enor(2342-2383) - Surfer
  • Aishel Enor (2383-Present) - Starfleet Engineer and Command Officer

Service Record

Y-o1.png Engineer, USS Hera

Y-o2.png Engineer, USS Virgo

Y-o3.png ACEO, USS Sojourner

Y-o4.png CEO, USS Blackhawk

Y-o4.png CEO/2O, USS Palamedes

R-o4.png XO, USS Palamedes

R-o5.png XO, USS Palamedes

R-o5.png CO, USS Washington

R-o6.png CO, USS Washington

The hosts of Enor
Albrin • Tenai • Emra • Jorias • Ilsa • Sobin • Telkas • Tolin • Nilani • Aishel