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Captain Alan MonRoe is a noted Starfleet command officer, who served as the commanding officer of the Galaxy-class starship USS Antarctic during the mid-24th Century. He served as Benjamin Byrne's CO for the periods immediately preceding and succeeding the Dominion War.


Alan MonRoe was born in 2331 to parents Johnathan and Audrey MonRoe in a small town in the Rocky Mountains of North America. The following twenty years were relatively quiet times for both Starfleet and Earth, which allowed the family to focus solely on achieving the best quality of life for Alan, along with his sister Rebecca and his brother Owen, who both came to the family later.

The MonRoes' hometown was located in such a spot on the mountains that it snowed throughout a good portion of the year. With the rough terrain surrounding the town and the various wild animals serving as a danger to the town's inhabitants and visitors, the family all learnt how to survive in tough conditions very early in their lives. They also learnt how to pilot small craft in their teenage years, as the road leading into their town had been blocked by a large landslide in the 2290s, and rather than work against the elements to clear it, the township simply switched to the by-then very common forms of personal air transport. The MonRoes had an old shuttle pod, which had originally been the property of Starfleet, and since stripped of military equipment and sold onto the civilian market.

Starfleet Career

MonRoe joined Starfleet at the eager young age of 18, entering the Academy at a time of rapid change within the organisation. Everybody had seen the gradual changes in the uniforms, as they had first lost their belts, then their turtlenecks, and later the updated insignia badge - or 'combadge', as the Cadets would be taught. There was also a period of increased change within the Admiralty; the Academy received a new Commandant, the President appointed a new Commander-in-Chief, and various sector commanders were changed as a direct result. MonRoe has often commented that it felt like an exciting time for the Cadets who graduated into the 2350s.

Upon graduation, MonRoe was assigned as an operations officer onboard the USS Something. Later that year, Starfleet's uniforms went through another change; this one much more radical than the previous alterations to the uniform, as each officer was required to wear a much tighter-fitting uniform, with a large portion of it altering colour depending upon the officer's department. The rank insignias - which MonRoe had told his mother in 2346 that he found to be as much a design item as anything else, and something that he would be proud to receive and keep as he rose through them - were changed as well; rather than the unique devices used for much of the last century, they now consisted of a simple series of full and hollow pips. Though he openly professed to his fellow crewmen that he disliked the look of the new uniforms and rank pips, he later commented to his department head that the new design did feel less cumbersome than the more formal designs of previously. He told the ship's quatermaster upon being issued with the slightly redesigned uniform of the 2360s that he finally felt as if he was in a formal uniform again, even one that still provided ease of movement.

MonRoe moved through a small number of different postings, but served under a number of different personnel as he progressed up the ranks. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in 2361, and in 2365, after serving on board the USS Something 2 for 5 years, he was offered a switch to the command division with the appointment of first officer on board the USS Antarctic, under Captain Saros, with an increase in rank to full commander. When Saros was killed during a battle with the Borg in 2367, MonRoe assumed command of the Galaxy-class vessel. Starfleet Command later confirmed his command with a promotion to captain.

As commander of the Antarctic, MonRoe served in numerous roles and conflicts; as a peace-keeper along the Cardassian DMZ, as an explorer in the southern regions of the galaxy, and as a diplomat on various missions for Starfleet. Starting in 2371, with the threat of war with the Dominion seeming ever more likely, he recruits Lieutenant Benjamin Byrne to the Antarctic to serve as his first officer, with a promotion to lieutenant commander. The Antarctic was engaged in operations increasing the defences of one of Starfleet's key shipyard facilities when war was officially declared, and a number of her crew were transferred to the USS Hendrix as the vessel was rushed into service for war duties.

MonRoe received numerous battle commendations to his name during the Dominion War, and was able to successfully survive the war with his ship intact, after participating in a number of pivotal battles. In the war's aftermath, he took shoreleave in his hometown whilst the Antarctic received repair and refit works in orbit of Earth, before embarking on yet more missions for Starfleet; he assisted in providing aid to the Cardassians to help them rebuild after the Dominion's ravaging of their worlds, and later provided aid to the Romulans, after they were severely hampered by Shinzon's coup and assassination of the Romulan Senate. Most recently, he was assigned to the Tholian border regions. Offered the chance to become the senior coordinating captain for ships in that region of space, MonRoe declined, hoping that the assignment would soon lead to a more exploration-oriented mission, wishing to return the roots of the Antarctic's design brief.

Personal Life

Personal Relationships

Benjamin Byrne


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2349 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (First Year)
2350 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Second Year)
2351 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Third Year)
2352 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Fourth Year)
2353 - 2355 (22) USS Something Else
Operations Officer
2355 - 2357 (24) USS Something Else Assistant Chief Operations Officer
2357 - 2360 (26) USS Something Else Chief Operations Officer
2360 - 2361 (29) USS Something Chief Operations Officer
2361 - 2365 (30) USS Something Chief Operations Officer
2365 - 2367 (34) USS Antarctic Executive Officer
2367 - (36) USS Antarctic
Commanding Officer

Preceded by:
Captain Saros
Commanding Officer of USS Antarctic
2367 – Present
Succeeded by: