Alex Andrews

Alex Andrews
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May 20th, 2352

Physical Description

5' 11"


190 lbs





Political Information



USS Powell


Executive Officer

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Character Information

Name: Alex Donald Andrews

Rank: Commander

Position: Executive Officer

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 35

Physical Description

A tall and relatively lanky figure, He has relatively short, strait hair, and generally wears a beard. He has a scar running along his left jaw, although this is generally covered by the beard. He has a neat appearance, although sometimes can appear a bit shabby if having to pull the night shift.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

A bright personality who is always ready to make a joke with many of his fellow officers, he has also been known as a staunch follower of the rules, although he has been known for his sometimes unique interpretation of said rules. He has a reputation for being harsh with those who break the rules, and so many view him of almost having a split relationship with others, both humorous and Hard.

He has always had an active ambition, and has never compromised his career. This had led to some calling him ruthless, although many of his close personal friends would not believe it. As a life long resident of Earth before joining Starfleet he had trouble adapting to ship board life but today it is second nature to him.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Dedicated, Insightful, Tactically sound and resourceful.

Weaknesses: Overbearing, Ruthless, A-moral at times.


To command a starship.

Hobbies & Interests

Classical Music, Painting, Ballroom Dancing, Fencing, Astrophysics and Piloting


English, Romulan and Klingon


Father: Robert Andrews(Deceased)

Mother: Arianna Andrews(Deceased)

Brother(s): N/A

Sister(s): Mary

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Other Family: N/A


Alex was born on Earth son of a scientist and a painter. He was born in a small community which prided itself in genetic perfection, and Alex was genetically screened on conception for any genetic abnormalities. He was also improved slightly, increasing his overall intelligence level and giving him a very high level of hand eye co-ordination. This community did not last long, and was legally dissolved by the Federation soon after Alex’s birth. (Note that the community kept within the confines of eugenics law, even in their quest for genetic purity).

Alex spent much of his life in education. At the age of 3 he was enrolled in the early education problem and schooled in many different topics, from physics to art to engineering.

Even at this early age his parents had high hopes for him. However, they both had different hopes for him. His mother sent him to many scientific colleges for his formal education where he achieved high grades, but never excelled in the way which his mother hoped. His farther, on the other hand, spent much of his time educating the boy out of school in the many art forms available, from music to painting, even spending time teaching him to dance. Again he achieved much, but he still fell short of his father’s expectations.

Whilst all this education gave him a board spectrum of knowledge, he grew up a very insular life with few friends. He also felt that he never mesured up to his parents expectations, something he never forgot.

However, when he had some spare time he enjoyed many of the benefits of living on Earth. It was a paradise, and as he spent much time moving around he experienced a board range of environments. He spent his free time fencing and piloting light aircraft. He spent very little time with his only sibling, as where Alex resisted his parents influence, Mary embraced it. This meant they barely spent any time together that was not forced. This rift remains to this day.

After many years of resistance, the constant feelings of rejection and not living up to his parents expectations, Alex decided that he would never want to follow any of the professions they had chosen for him. At the age of 17 he ran away to join Starfleet. He never spoke to his parents again.

His entrance was inspired by tales of a great-uncle several times removed who served upon the USS Missouri, a pre-federation Starfleet vessel. It was the epic stories of his ancestor’s actions onboard the Missouri that enthralled Alex, and led him to the academy.

After entering his broad range education helped him in a way a specifically focused education never could have. He spent the next 4 years working as hard as he could, showing a dedication he had never shown before in his precious studies. He specialised in Flight control, and was renowned for the finesse in which he piloted his ships, especially larger classes of vessel.

After graduating the academy he spent the next years moving from assignment to assignment. He enjoyed many of them, but never found anything where he really gelled with the other crew members.

One of his most notable actions was aboard the Oregon. It was in the closing days of the Dominion war, when the Oregon was ambushed by a Heavy cruiser belonging to a warband of Jem'Hadar hiding in the rings of Kinhara IX. After a 5 day running battle with both warp and impulse engines had been damaged beyond repair and both ships were at the limits of their endurance. Left only with thrusters, Alex's piloting skills were put to the test,avoiding asteroids and debits twice the size of the Starfleet vessel, not to mention the Jem’Hadar ship.

In the final confrontation Alex showed true skill by leading the Jem’Hadar into a large honeycombed asteroid the size of a small moon. There they ducked and weaved for hours before the crew were able to use a mixture of Photon torpedoes and the tractor beam to collapse the asteroid on the Jem’Hadar ship, destroying it utterly.

However, the Oregon was beyond repair, with Alex and the remaining crew surviving for two weeks before they were able to construct a crude subspace transmitter canabalised from the ship itself. With this they were eventually rescued, but the Oregon was left to drift amongst the asteroids as a wreck.

Afterwards the crew was given a full medical, and Alex's genetic history was discovered in a evaluation implemented after the Bashir case on DS 9. This ostracised him, Although legal precedent allowed him to remain in Starfleet, although it severely hampered his career.

After the destruction of the Oregon he was assigned to the USS Marshal, a small Nova-class vessel. Although his piloting skills were very advanced, Starfleet wanted to sweep Alex under the mat, a dirty secret they kept from the general public. The Marshall's tour was very simple, with very few challenges for Alex to overcome. Although he resented the assignment, Alex took whatever he could, and threw himself into his work. Although he socialised little, he was able to build a very close working relationship with the crew, and many crew to like him.

After 5 years many of the crew had come to accept Alex, forgetting much of the stigma which he had to endure at the beginning. The Marshal had been sent to a mission to a Dwarf star in the Ric'tok System, investigating some strange readings. However, when they arrived they found the system to be full of intense gravitational eddies, preventing the ship from warping out. With destruction imminent, Alex was able to calculate a route out of the system before the ship was ripped apart.

Alex's quick action saved the ship and the crew, and the Marshal's CO was glad for it. Although sorry to see him go, the Captain was very grateful for Alex's dedicated service, despite the conditions of his assignment. He pulled many strings at Starfleet HQ to get Alex the transfer he had always wanted.

Although he was still considered bad blood by Starfleet, so to speak, Alex was transferred to the USS Portsmouth, an old but tough Nebula-class ship. The Portsmouth's CO was an old flight instructor from Starfleet Academy known as Captain Gillman. He remembered Alex from the academy, and regardless of Alex's genetic history, decided he was fit to become the ships new CFO. With a confident Captain and crew, the Portsmouth partook in many missions, both combat and humanitarian, before it was decommissioned in 2386 due to its failing systems.

He has now been appointed as the XO aboard the USS Powell.

Service Record

2368- Accepted into Starfleet academy

2371- Graduated Starfleet academy top 10 in his class

2371- Assigned to the USS Archon as a Flight officer, Rank Ensign

2374- Transferred to the USS Oregon, promoted to Lieutenant (JG)

2375- Transferred to the USS Marshal after the destruction of the Oregon

2379- Transferred to the USS Portsmouth, Promoted to full Lieutenant

2386- Transferred to the USS Powell after the USS Portsmouth is decommissioned