Allyson Isley Ph.D

Allyson Isley
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5' 8"


150 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Oberon Base


Commanding Officer


Civilian Director

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Ally Tends to think of herself as a level headed realist but deep down she knows that is not the case. Her Training tells her she needs to be distant while still showing compassion and sympathy. However, she has never been able to master the Distance part and as such finds herself attaching herself to those around her. This makes Isley a naturally compassionate and caring person.

That being said, years in the Diplomatic corps taught Dr. Isley a lot about the Nature of people. What it taught her most of was that people can be out for themselves and playing you. For this reason, Isley is cautious when dealing with new people that have the power to hurt her objectives. Although she likes to think she is trusting her mind is always at yellow alert

When dealing with her staff Ally believes that she is fair and respectful. She wants to hear what all have to say. She is a trained diplomat after all. Making a choice without hearing out all the options is not something she is not good at. Which may be one of her greatest challenges with command.


Ally was born to two loving parents and one loving older brother. For the first two years of her life the family of four was happy and ideal. Peter, her father, was stationed at a starbase working on warp core theory. When Kathleen, her mother, got pregnant with her sister right after Allys second birthday, all was joyous.

It is fair to say that the three Isley kids had a normal childhood. Their father was in Starfleet which meant they moved around a lot but that was ok. Ally had her brother and sister to play with and that constant held things together.

As the kids started to get older Ally found herself constantly being in the middle of her siblings. She had to be the reasonable one and the one to settle disputes when their mother was not around. Thier teens years created many of fights and although she would not admit it until she was much older, Ally loved being in the middle.

When Ally's brother went off to Starfleet to follow his father's footsteps, Ally felt like part of her went missing. It was at this point that Ally started to really find herself. And Realize what she wanted to do. It didn't take her long to know she wanted to help others.


This path lead Ally to obtain a Degree in Psychology. She figured she could become a counselor of some sort. She loved college and was fascinated by all of her classes. But after graduation,she realized that she wasn't able to do enough with her Bachelor's in Psychology and that the work she was doing, although good, wasn't what she wanted.

After taking some time she then went back to School to get her MSW, Masters in Social works and spent a good ten years running programs to help those who really needed it. After becoming a program director of a major Humanitarian Aid foundation Ally was very proud of herself. Her work however, shifted away from working with people to more of an administrator and Bureaucrat.

The work she was doing was not what she started off wanting to do but it was helping others, which is what mattered. Ally found herself in a good position. She had lost of Friends in high places she was very successful in her goals. It was at this point in her life that an opportunity presented itself which she could not refuse.

She was asked to serve as a Federation ambassador. It was a minor world that had only just made first contact but it was an amazing opportunity. She took it without a second thought and at the age of 43 she found herself on a new career path.

For the next 13 years, Ally found herself in the middle of negotiations and debates she never thought she would experiences. She helped negotiate peace treaties, trade agreements as well as serve as a Federation moderator between arch enemies. Her life was exciting and was able to help countless others. It was during these 13 years that Ally was able to obtain her Doctorate in interstellar relations as get married and divorced.

It was at this point when Dr. Isley was hand selected to command a new federation base. Although she was not sure she would be up for the job Ally said yes. She was starting to reach that age where she didn't want to risk regretting anything.


Bachelor's in Psychology

MSW, Masters In Social works

Doctorate in interstellar Relations

Notable Job History

Director, The First contact Education Foundation FCEF- 9 years

Lobbyist for the Education of None federations Planets - 3 years (While Director of FCEF)

Ambassador to Peruase - 3 years

Traveling Ambassador - 10 years.

Director Of Oberon Base- Present.