Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott
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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Engineering Officer

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Lieutenant Andrew Scott is a Federation Starfleet engineering officer serving the Eleventh Fleet. He is currently assigned to the Sovereign-class vessel USS Endeavour.


He was born on Earth and raised on the USS Bastogne, an Excelsior-class starship. Fascinated by the sea, he could frequently be found on the Holodeck in a recreation of Pre-European Florida with a dock and several boats. It was here he was exposed to engines and swimming, spending hours learning about simple boat engines and practising the fundamental strokes.

At 18, Andrew would be accepted into the Starfleet Academy and leave his home of many years behind. Having been accepted into the Engineering track at the Academy, he excelled in his courses, having a natural intuition in mechanics. During his time at the Academy, he was a member of the swim team and placed in several competitions.

Shortly before his graduation, his mother was killed in action in the Tyra System. At her memorial, he met Adm. James Welker, who was the first of the Captains his mother served with on the Bastogne. He requested an assignment on a ship headed to war, which was granted.

Starfleet Career

Early Career

Commissioned an Ensign, his first duty assignment was the USS St. Paul, one of the earliest Akira-class starships built. His first experience in combat would be later that year during Operation Return, which the crew performed excellently and were commended for their bravery.

However, the good days of the USS St. Paul were coming to an end. Several weeks later, they would be involved in the First Battle of Chin'toka, where things would go horribly wrong. Shortly after engaging the enemy, the Chief Engineer was killed by a console overload exploding in his face. The ship would take heavy fire from the orbital platforms, leading to the loss of engines, shields, and the destruction of the bridge due to an unlucky plasma torpedo.

Ensign Scott found himself in command of the USS St. Paul with the death of the Command Staff, including the CMO who was killed by falling debris in Sickbay. The ship was dying, but it wasn't over. With some help from the other ships in the fleet who shielded the St. Paul from anymore fire, the Engineering Team was able to get the engines running again and the shields up. The St. Paul would limp home under its rookie Captain and a demoralized crew.

Upon returning home, Ensign Scott was given a battlefield promotion to Lieutenant JG for his efforts during the engagement. With the St. Paul undergoing a long rebuild at the shipyard and the war coming to an end with the Treaty of Bajor, LtJG Scott was assigned to one of the first Engineering Teams sent to Betazed to assist in the rebuilding necessarily after the destruction associated with the Dominion invasion in 2374.

Later Postings

The tour on Betazed would last 6 years and was considered to him as some of the best years of his life. He got to see how his efforts effected the local population and he worked with some of the best engineers in Starfleet to rebuild the planet's surface, which had been scorched by the Dominion during the war. During this time, LtJG Scott was promoted to Lt.

Starfleet had decided that Lt Scott was needed elsewhere as an Engineer on-board the USS Heracles under a former classmate. He spent the next three years on the USS Heracles maintaining the engines, day in and day out. He excelled at his position, receiving high marks in his evaluation.

The next four years would be spent at the Academy, instructing midshipmen in Warp Theory and Construction. While it was satisfying, he was envious of these midshipmen, who would be commissioned and sent to their first starship, something he experienced not quite 15 years earlier. Lt. Scott craved for ship life again and requested another fleet assignment. He was assigned to the USS Endeavour as an Engineering Officer.

Personal Relationships


Adm. Micheal Irby

Andrew Scott never knew his father, who had died shortly before his birth during the Federation-Cardassian War. Growing up, a picture of Adm. Irby was on a wall in Andrew's bedroom. The two looked exactly alike, something that Boothby would comment on during his first week at the Academy.

Cmdr. Ashley Scott

His mother was a working mother as he was growing up. Posted as the XO of the USS Bastogne shortly after his birth, she would remain in this capacity under three Captain until her death in the Tyra System during the Dominion War. His relationship with his mother was often times tense as he entered young adulthood. As the son of the XO, he was disciplined more often then his partners in crime. He disliked his mother tremendously when she was alive, but only realized how much she shaped him in preparation of becoming a Starfleet officer after her death.


Year Placement Rank Assignment
2374-2375 USS St. Paul
Engineering Officer
2375-2381 Betazed
Y-o2.png Y-o3.png
Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant
Engineering Officer
2381-2384 USS Heracles
Engineering Officer
2384-2388 Starfleet Academy
Warp Theory and Construction Instructor
2388- USS Endeavour
Engineering Officer