Angie Hathaway

Angie Natalie Hathaway
Biographical Information








Physical Description

5' 5"


138 lbs


Strawberry Blonde


Light Blue

Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Head Nurse

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Warrant Officer Angie Natalie Hathaway was a Federation Starfleet warrant officer who served the 11th Fleet. She was most noted for her service as head nurse of the USS Endeavour, a Sovereign-class vessel in 2388.

A noticeably attractive woman, Angie reaches a height of five feet, five inches and weighs approximately one-hundred and thirty-eight pounds. Her physique is of a lighter build, yet well-toned and defined. Her curly hair is maintained at a relatively longer length, generally reaching mid-back in length and is strawberry blond in color. Her eyes are a uniquely radiant light blue in color.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

A veraciously focussed individual, Angie is detail and task oriented. Occasionally prone to sarcasm and cynicism, Angie is an idealist with strong moral convictions about "right" and "wrong," "good" and "evil," and she is courageous about these ideals. Among these are the sanctity of life, galactic peace, universal education, elimination of poverty and the unifying principles of the Federation. Her behavior and mannerisms are affable but they can be conservative and heavily influenced by the traditions and culture that have been preserved within her family. She places a high premium on good manners and does her best to avoid confrontations. In private, she is pleasant, articulate and compassionate. Angie quietly pursues perfection in her duties and her personal life while actively avoiding the frustration that often leads to the downfall of perfectionists. Surprising to many people, she has a need for recognition of her efforts and to be well-liked amongst her peers.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Angie's primary strength is oriented to her skillfully trained discipline, both in speech and action. She strives to be categorically diplomatic and urbane in dealing with other people but occasionally her quick temper -- the cause of a constant internal battle -- bests her. HisHer weaknesses center around being inherently stubborn and briskly temperamental. Although she strives to be calm, collected and detached from the outcome of things, she is often adamant in maintaining her principles and moral convictions. Her feelings can easily be hurt when she perceives that someone has crossed a line and will hold a grudge for some time. She is driven by curiosity, sometimes leading her into situations where she'd rather not be (despite the fact that her own compulsion brought her there).

Hobbies & Interests

Angie has a keen appreciation for the arts, but prefers photography above other media, and considers herself to be an amateur photographer. She is an avid reader and writer, while also honing a developing appreciation for music, which is slightly more limited, confined mostly to music from Earth, including jazz, bossa nova, classical, gospel and the traditional music of the Middle East and India. Angie generally enjoys games of chance and forms of recreation requiring an above-average amount of physical exertion (e.g.: water polo, horseback riding, field hockey, baseball, softball, soccer, rock climbing, hiking, etc...); she has been known to engage in those activities on a purely social level yet enjoys those of solitude, as well. She is an avid player of cribbage and solitaire and she participates in a daily exercise program to stay in good physical condition.


Standard Federation Dialect/Accent.

Service Record

Education History:
2374-2376: Starfleet Academy Preparatory School; Paris, France -- Earth.

2376-2380: Starfleet Academy; San Francisco, California -- Earth. Science Division, Nursing Cadet in Training Program with a minor in Pharmacological Sciences.

Service Record:
2380-2383: Starfleet's Science Division, Starfleet Medical; USS Nightingale's Medical Department, Staff Nurse for the Pharmacology Sub-department.

2383-2384: Starfleet's Science Division, Starfleet Medical; USS Nightingale's Medical Department, Staff Nurse for the Intensive Care Unit.

2384-2387: Starfleet's Science Division, Starfleet Medical; USS Nightingale's Medical Department, Charge Nurse.

2387-PRES: Starfleet's Science Division, Starfleet Medical; USS Endeavour's Medical Department, Charge Nurse.