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Survey Data
Star System:



Near Klingon Border


Beta Quadrant



First Contact:

2303 (USS Wolfheart)

Political Information



Aniri Prime

Political System:


Biological Information


Atmosphere type:


Development Stage:

Warp Capable (2236)



Number of Eyes:


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The Anirians are humanoid but with reddish skin and black eyes, darker red spots where their hair would be that get larger towards the middle. The eyes are completely black with no identifiable irises or pupils. They can either be male or females. Anirians hand a strong sense of smell. Its very sensitive to certain scents. The females’ mammary glands are in a sack on their stomachs similar to a Terran kangaroo or koala


The Anirians were always a violent race. They hated peace, revelled in war, and loved with passion. They considered their beginning, the time of the nation-states and kingdoms, their golden age. The only reason they banded together was out of necessity for the terrors that the stars held.

Around 1000 years ago, the Kergack taught them that they were not alone in the universe. The word ‘kergack’ means alien as in foreigner. Some historians theorize that the same race that visited the Klingons could have visited the Anirians.

It took a long time to eventually work together long enough to build warp capable ships, and they succeeded around 2236. The old factions, the descendants of the nation-states that were alive and well, are still fighting amongst themselves in the Parliament. Even though the Emperor exists, he cannot make them agree on anything.

External Contact

First contact was with the Kergack 1,000 years ago. First contact with the Federation was in 2303 by Captain Hunt of the USS Wolfheart. They attacked the Wolfheart, which escaped due mainly to its superior firepower. After extensive repairs and a debriefing, Starfleet decided it would be better to let the Anirians be. When the Dominion threatened the Beta Quadrant, the Anirians answered the call with their small fleet, with armour on their ships made out of their unique metal. The Klingons are in the middle of negotiations for this material.


Upon birth of any child in Aniri Prime, each child is immediately examines for any signs of health problems or deformities by an Anirian Priest or Priestess. If no deformities or problems are found, then are given the blessing of the gods and names by their parents. If there is something wrong with the child, they are discarded and destroyed in a ceremonial fashion.

Male names tend to start with A and end with R, but don't always. As a rule, though, they start with A or a consonant and end in a consonant. Female names end in A or I and start with a vowel-except A-as a rule. Some examples are: (male): Kojal, Amir, Amur and (female) Ishara, Ula, Orana. Family names usually have "zh" or "jh" or "th". Some sample Family Names are Ajhad, Kozhar, Ithim. Clan names are usually no more than three syllables, ending in I. Examples: Jamari, Kiloni, Moreni. Clan names are also divided into status. I stands for high nobility or the Emperor's family. A stands for lower nobility, E for commoners, and O for slaves. A man named Amir Ajhad in the clan Kiloni as a noble could be Amir Ajhad ir-Kiloni, Amir Ajhad id-Kiloni, or Amir Ajhad il-Kiloni. The same man, same clan, if he was a lower noble, could be Amir Ajhad av-Kiloni, Amir Ajhad az-Kiloni, or Amir Ajhad aj-Kiloni. The same man, same clan, if he was a commoner, could be Amir Ajhad ek-Kiloni, Amir Ajhad ey-Kilioni, or Amir Ajhad en-Kiloni. If he was a slave, he would have no family but rather be Amir od-Kiloni, Amir og-Kiloni, or Amir ol-Kiloni.


Their government is similar to that of ancient Rome or Greece, with an Emperor. The Emperor assigns certain people from each town and city as representatives. These representatives gather in Parliament on assigned dates to discuss problems and situations which acquires the judgement and opinion of the Emperor. To become emperor, one must either be born into the line or, if there is no hire, must compete in a set of challenges and games which shows the dominant Anirian. During the reign of the Emperor he is in constant danger of losing his place as the means of succession in any rank, whether military or royalty can easily be achieved by defeating or killing the high ranking officer in combat. There are certain rules of engagement that much be followed in such a challenge.

Science and Technology

Technologically similar to Federation in 2369, except their weapons and strategic operations are similar to the ancient Spartans on Earth. Their energy weapons are simpler to build and in dynamics, but far more powerful than even the Klingons. They use swords as well as a form of hand held disruptor. Their swords and armor are made with a kind of metal that can absorb phaser blasts and still maintain its hard, durable appearance. Their armor is gold and made of the same metal and is placed in various areas on their body, over a layer of black material similar to Kevlar. This metal is unique to Aniri Prime and Aniri IV. Their helmets are in the same way as Spartans, with the metal fall to the side of their face, leaving their eyes and mouths exposed and protecting part of their necks. Their medical technology still incorporates primitive means of herbs and chemicals, combined with their technology, so one won’t work without the other. Their engineering skills are 100 years behind the major powers in the quadrant, leaving them only capable of travelling at warp 6. They have stayed alive using their strategic skills and their determination to stay alive.


They still believe that all elements are controlled by high beings, like gods. They believe that their gods communicate through priests and priestesses. Using a method of chemicals that emit and odour that effects the mind, sending them into a trance like state. Their gods are as follows:

  • Amin: King of the Gods and God of War and Male Beauty Husband to Ana
  • Ana: Queen of the Gods and Goddess of Harvest and Female Beauty Wife to Amin
  • Jonik: Twin of Jorik God of the Sky Husband of Lara
  • Jorik: Twin of Jonik and God of the Sea Husband of Lora
  • Jolak: Younger brother of Jonik and Jorik and God of the Earth and the Stars. All things in the soil are his domain and his eyes always have stars in them
  • Lara: Sister Goddess of the Wild, the Hunt and the Moon Wife of Jonik
  • Lora: Sister of Lara and Goddess of all Arts, Medicine, and the Sun Wife of Jorik
  • Hona: Goddess of the Final Judgment and the Afterlife. Wife to Jolak
  • Kirik: God of Time and Prophecy. Husband to Reija
  • Reija: Goddess of the Home, Marriage, and Childbirth. Wife to Kirik


At age eight, every Anirian boy is taken from his mother and thrust into a world of violence that makes them into the best warriors possible. They are taught to survive by any means necessary in any condition that they could encounter. At the age of 12 they are sent out into the wilderness of Aniri Prime and expected to come back with a prized kill, only allowed to return after a month. This is a means of teaching them how to survive and how to hunt and kill. Once returned they said to have honour within their family, represented by a crest they wear on their chest placed on their armor, which they are given upon joining the Anirian Army or the Anirian Navy. Anirian men are considered their primary occupation is warrior. Anything they do after that is considered their second occupation.