Approved Tech:Project Shadow

Project Shadow

Combination of Hull Treatment and Unique Design to scatter or absorb sensor particles, along with a unique shield setting that further muffles the profile. Operating on full stealth consumes a large amount of energy. While utilizing the stealth settings, special power considerations must be made.

Specialized storage buffers are placed internally next to the exhaust ports of the ship to hold all exhaust, typically released externally that isn’t recycled. This waste energy is stored during Stealth Mode. Stealth mode is dependent on multiple systems working as one, but this buffering system is the primary factor in length of time the spacecraft can stay under the radar with minimal detection.

While running in Stealth Mode, a special alert called 'Condition Black' will broadcast throughout the ship. Under Condition Black, all non-essential systems will either be denied power or must operate in extreme low-power mode.

Stealth Mode Run Time and capabilities for Sentinel Class: Run Time: 6 to 24 Hours Average Run time (All depends on the mobility and additional power consumption that is used for the duration of Stealth Mode)

Sensor/Decoy Drones

While the ship is in Stealth Mode, the ship is only able to use minimal use of its sensors, primarily its long range sensors. This is where the Sensor/Decoy Drones were created. Specifically made for Project Shadow, they are the most advanced probes created by the Engineer and Intelligence Agencies. What’s so special about these drones is that they are, in simple terms, autopiloted on their own with a preprogrammed scatter and scan setup. If the proper command code is sent to them, they all quickly output signals just strong enough to come off as sensor ghosts to act like possible cloaked ships. That way they are hunted down first or increase the stealth ship's chance of not being found. All Drones have a safety system that auto self-destructs if they are not returned to their own assigned ship within 24 hours or if they pick up the possibility of enemy capture. The Drone is vaporized to the point of no evidence is left behind to collect.

The Drones are stored and maintained in the Main shuttle bay of the assigned Starship attached to arms that are attached to the ceiling of the shuttlebay. The storage arms retract up in storage position with one drone per arm. When a specialist or technician is assigned to do scheduled operational checks, maintenance, and service inspections or unscheduled repairs, the arms lower the drone down and detach if require. Once completed, they are reattached to the arms and returned to storing position.

During Stealth Mode, the shuttlebays are depressurized as part of the Condition Black requirements. During this time, if and when the Drones are required, the Drone Storage Arms lower each drone as required and the Drones launch out and return as normal flight operations of shuttles/runabouts and fighters would.

Current List of Ships with access to Project Shadow technology

  • USS Guardman