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USS Washington


Chief Operations Officer

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Arlen Opran is a Trill in the Eleventh Fleet, also known as Pegasus Fleet.

Physical Description

Like most Trill, Arlen is fairly slender and well-built, with spots going all the way down from the sides of his head down his back, extending to his feet. A little-noted point about Trill biology is that the spots do actually change color more than the skin when it comes to emotion. Being an unjoined Trill means that he sometimes given to higher emotional states, and as such these changes are more noticeable in him.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Arlen is an individualist. That's part of his problem with a large part of Trill society. He never wanted to be joined to a symbiont, but was forced into the Symbiosis Commission by his mother - who was actively on the committe. He was given a great deal of training to preserve his mind amongst others, which only bolstered his rebellious and individualist streak. Unfortunately, he was too stubborn, and the field docents gave him a list of demerits. As such, he was never joined - which was his plan in the first place. In a way, it gives him a sense of self and a chip on his shoulder at the same time.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths Strengths: Uncommon determination; Dedication to Starfleet; Trained in multiple languages and disciplines as preparation for becoming a joined Trill. A firm sense of pride and honor.

Weaknesses: His sense of honor sometimes comes out to be too strong, and he only recently has gotten over a few counts of insubordination. Also, his desire to be an individual amongst a species of composite beings has caused him to develop a few rough edges. In addition, by being an unjoined Trill, he does not have lifetimes of experiences imprinted upon him, so he is far more human - and less experienced, than others have come to expect of his race. Others have found that while he is a fast learner, treating him like a standard humanoid is still the best way to go.


To join that list of illustrious figures who are almost a race of their own: Starship Captain.

Hobbies & Interests

Holodeck Simulations, especially ones about the past. Chess, both 2- and 3-d. It's a hobby of his, though he's at a beginning intermediate level.


Federation Standard, Trill, smattering of others from Romulan to Breen



  • Joren Opran


  • Polara Opran


As described above, Arlen was born on the Trill homeworld to a fairly upstanding family. His mother was a member of the Symbiosis Commission, which meant that his lack of desire to be joined was viewed as a "phase". It didn't seem that way though, as he intentionally flunked out. He left his parents, his homeworld, and his past to join Starfleet Academy. In doing this, he burned many bridges at home, and feels that he will never go back there except on duty. He seriously debated changing his name, but at the end of the day, he is who he is, and if his parents cannot accept his choices in life, they don't need to involve themselves with him.

He has been looked at with a raised eyebrow as an unjoined Trill - most Trill in Starfleet are, after all, joined to a symbiont - and given great respect because of it. They have a great deal of experience and knowledge that, frankly, Arlen simply does not have, and will never have. What he knows is what he has learned in 30 years. What he has experienced is his own life. It makes him seem unwise compared to other Trill, though he is on par with other races.

Operations was not an obvious choice at first, but he learned quickly and took to it with a passion most others could not. Even in competition against symbiont-bearing Trills who looked down on him, he was remarkable, as he actually had to learn everything that was being taught, rather than try and bring non-Starfleet experience into the equation. He will try by-the-book solutions before going to anything unorthodox, but he accepts that the book is not perfect and that creativity is a Starfleet Officer's greatest strength.

Service Record

Y-o1.png Operations Officer, USS Concorde

Y-o2.png Chief Operations Officer, USS Zeus

Y-o2.png Chief Operations Officer, USS Washington