Ashley Williams

Williams was a Starfleet officer that served onboard the USS Washington. She has since receieved a medical discharge.

Ashley Williams, PC
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New York, Earth









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USS Washington


Assistant Chief Security Officer
Assistant Chief Tactical Officer



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Physical Description

Ashley has a very young complexion, hasn't seen much action so her young features haven't been destroyed by years of experience that others show. She has several tatoos but most are easily concealed beneath her uniform.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Ashley isnt the most social person, she is quiet and rarely speaks, being just out of the academy, she doesnt know a whole lot and will never speak her mind. She was a loner in the Academy which made her a ghost in many regards, but she didnt mind this. It means the bullies would leave her alone. Ashley can usually be found in the holodeck when off duty but otherwise she tries not to be around people because she is prone to anxiety attacks and on rare occassions panick attacks when brought on by stress.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Because of her training she has strong martial arts skills, hand to hand combat, pressure point take downs, she is very quiet which gives her a stealth unknown to most security officers, she enjoys sneaking around and being invisible, which is very unlike most security officers but it helped her survive the academy. As well as the natural Telepathy and empathic abilities of the Betazed's.

She hates being in crowds, prone to anxiety and panick attacks, minor claustiphobia which is why she stays away from crowds as much as possible, she will stick like glue to some people she trusts which helps her in crowd situations where more then 3 people are involved.


Hobbies & Interests

Cooking, Holodeck, Reading. Decent Chess player, she enjoys games where strategy is involved to better help her in her chosen duties




  • Deceased


  • Deceased


Ashley was a orphan girl, she didnt know who her parents were. She grew up on the streets, at a very young age, she was a prostitute, and she sold herself just to get by on a day to day basis. She didnt know any other life, except that, so she tried her best to make use of it. She was young and gullible and alot of people took advantage of this fact which she hated, because most of her clients were old men. When she was old enough, she ran away from that life and started another life in france, being a cook. She signed up for cooking classes and she did well. She cooked for alot of the Starfleet and marine people that came into the resteraunt she was working at, and she wished she was one of them in there uniforms.

After talking to the Starfleet and marine officers who just got out of the academy where as some were veterans of by gone battles, she liked what she heard and decided to join up. Using several of the marine officers as well as starfleet officers on her application with there permission's. She signed up and went into the Academy where she found several hidden skills she didnt know she had, as well as several flaws. Starfleet medical gave her a clear bill of health after some tests and eradicating a disease she carried from her prostitute days, she went into Security figuring it was going to be easy, oh was she mistaken. She had to learn alot, mostly about weapons and how to defend herself in hand to hand combat, as well as how to man, operate, repair, clean, and fire weapons she will be using or controling on the ship bridge she was assigned too. During her Academy days, the other cadets tried to get her to go out but she turned them down, wanting to be by herself, to get a break from being around all those people. Despite her anxiety attacks, many people questioned why someone with panick attacks would join a department where stress was part of the job and all she replied back with was 'I like protecting and helping people'. Despite her flaws she graduated at the top of her class despite her flaws. When she got out, she returned to France and while she waited to be assigned somewhere, she was busy cooking. A few weeks later, she received a message as to where she was going, she was quite pleased and found out she would be serving on the USS Washington.

Service Record

Academy (She stayed in the Academy for additional years for additional Training to become an Assist capable in her chosen Department) USS Highlander (Epsilon Force) USS Washington (Pegasus Fleet)