Aurora Foster

Aurora Samantha Foster
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5' 0"


115 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

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Lieutenant JG Aurora Samantha Foster was a Federation Starfleet officer who served the 11th Fleet. She was most noted for her service as assistant chief engineer of the USS Endeavour, a Sovereign-class vessel in 2386.

She has long waist length brown hair with bright green eyes and glasses. She has pale skin and easily seen freckles splashed on her cheeks. She has a small scar on her forehead. Aurora is pleasantly plump and not very athletic. She has short legs, but they are good enough for running when necessary. Her hands are small and feminine that has not seen hard work as a child, but has seen work.

Aurora's hair is sometimes in a ponytail, but it is usually down and flowing free. She does not have a pretty frame, but it is still good looking. Aurora makes up for her lack of height with agility and litheness. She is flat footed so she does not wear shoes that are arched. Her uniforms usually consist of a shirt with a skirt, but when needed she wears the normal uniform of a shirt and pants.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Aurora is considered loyal and friendly. She loves to be with friends, but she has been told that she gets angry too easily. Aurora tries to get her anger in control, but it is always there, waiting to attack. The young woman loves to walk in the sun to acquire a tan, but she is not always able to be in the sun. Aurora considers herself smart enough to be in Starfleet, but not smart enough to be a genius.

This young woman is a quick-thinker and loves to put forth ideas. She also loves challenges and thinks that being in Starfleet will be a good challenge for her. She likes to test her boundaries, but does not step over them and break the rules. Aurora rarely breaks the rules because that is not who she is. She loves to read and acquires books from the 20th century and before.

Old books are Aurora's passion and she rarely lends one out to other people unless one of the books teaches a lesson that the other person needs. Aurora also loves to write things and will write in her spare time. Besides being an avid reader and writer she loves to be around others when off-duty. On occasion she will join other officers to make their acquaintances and hopefully to befriend them.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Reading and writing

Weaknesses: Disorganization and anger issues


To control her anger better. She wants to be a better person with her emotions and she needs the help of others to help her control it.

Hobbies & Interests

She loves to collect old fashioned books and read them when she is off duty.


Federation Standard


Aurora was born on a dark stormy night. Her older siblings were in the next room, huddling together from the storm. They listened against the door in hopes to hear what their father would say. Would it be a boy or girl? Jacob and Moragn did not want to know the gender of their fourth child in case it was another boy. Finally towards midnight there was a cry from the newborn baby and two cries of joy.

"Kids! You have a sister!"

Arianna had tears of happiness in her eyes. The eight year old girl was proud to be an older sister. Her nine year old brother, John and her ten year old brother, Alex hugged their sister, excited that she was no longer the only girl child in the family. The children heard movement and the scrambled into their beds. Their father wouldn't be angry if they were listening in, but they did not want to block the door.

The door opened and Jacob entered with the newborn in his arms. Behind him was the exhausted, but ok mother. Jacob passed his baby daughter around for each of his children to see, but he did not let his sons hold the girl. It was always the duty of the youngest to hold the newborn for the first time. When it was Arianna's turn to see the child, she held out her arms to take her sister.

The tiny bundle was silent as she was transfered from father to daughter. Arianna looked into the green eyes of her sister. A smile played on to the baby's lips as she looked in her sister's blue eyes. Already a bond was forming between the two sisters. After a few minutes the baby squirmed. Jacob took his daughter and whispered, "Her name is Aurora."

Arianna was proud. It was an honor to hear the name of the newest family member before the other children.

Several years passed before the first tragedy struck. Aurora and her brothers and sister were playing by the pond near where they lived when there was a loud crack. Aurora bolted at the noise and ran for home. She heard the footsteps of people behind her, but she did not look behind her to see who it was. Aurora banged open the door and dived under the kitchen table where her mother and two of her friends were talking.

"Aurora! What's wrong?!"

Two more bangs sounded and Aurora saw the feet of her sister and oldest brother. She crawled out from under the table and croaked, "Where's John?!"

Her older siblings looked around in horror. The three children banged out the door with Morgan and her friends behind her. The six of them returned to the pond and looked for John. After a few hours the six searchers were about to give up when Aurora gave a shout.

"John! Wake up! WAKE UP!"

Morgan followed her daughter's voice and saw the wound on her son's head. She felt for a pulse, but found none. She ordered her daughter to return to their home to get a medical scanner. Aurora stood and started running towards her home when she tripped over her feet and cracked her head open. She gritted her teeth and ignored the pain as best as she could.

Upon entering the house she saw her father, but before he could ask anything Aurora snapped at him that there was no time. Aurora grabbed the scanner and did not bother to see if her father was following or not. Aurora returned her to her mother's side and handed her the scanner. Morgan swept the scanner over her son's still form before crying out in pain and anger.

Jacob held his wife close and Aurora understood what had happened. Her brother would no longer be able to play with his siblings. Aurora returned to her siblings' sides with tears in her eyes.

"He's dead," was all Aurora said.

Arianna and Alex bit their lips sadly and were led away by Morgan's friends. Aurora returned to her parents' sides and waited to be seen. Morgan led her daughter home while Jacob carried his dead son home in his arms. The children were sent to a friend's house while plans for the funeral were being made. Aurora and her siblings refused to play with their mother's friend's children when they asked.

The cut on Aurora's head healed well, but there would still be a small scar on her forehead. One of Morgan's friend's children fell down and started crying. His parents came running in and asked what happened. Before Arianna or Alex could answer however the boy said that Aurora shoved him to the ground when he asked her to play. Alex burst out angrily.

"That is a lie! You fell down and you know it you spoiled brat!"

Alex was slapped for his rude behavior. The young teenager glared at the adults and the crying child before picking up his youngest sister and saying, "Come on Arianna. We're going home."

The three children ignored the orders of the adults and returned home. Upon entering their home they saw their mother and father sitting on the couch with someone in a blue uniform. When Jacob saw his son and daughter's he shouted angrily at them.

"What the hell are you doing here? You are suppose to be at Cathrine's house!"

Alex looked his father in the eye and said, "That family are not good role models for Aurora. Their son fell to the ground and accused Aurora of pushing him. When I tried to defend her I was slapped for telling the truth. I called the boy a spoiled brat."

Morgan and Jacob were shocked that their children were accused of something so mean and were even more furious to find out that their son was physically hurt for defending his sister. Jacob sent his son to his room for the rest of the day for the mean remark he said about the other boy, but he didn't have to stay long in his room.

Aurora began asking the person in the blue uniform what they were doing and what they did. The woman replied, "I am a Chief Counselor on the USS Crossbow. I was requested to be here because I am one of the best in Starfleet." As the woman explained the basic concepts of each department, young Aurora listened intently. When the woman in the blue uniform was finished she turned to her parents.

"I know it's a lot of hardwork and effort, but I think I want to be in Starfleet." She turned to the woman, "From what your saying Starfleet isn't for everyone right?"

The woman nodded and Aurora turned to her parents, "I didn't know what a medical scanner was and I just magically grabbed the right one? Mother, father I think my future lies with Starfleet."

Aurora's parents were quiet for a moment and then Jacob said, "Aurora if that is what you want then that is what you will get. Start training hard girl so you can make it to the top."

Aurora's eyes shone as she was given permission. The woman stood and said, "I must take my leave now. I need to inform Starfleet that we will be expecting a, hopfully, new officer in a few years. How are you Aurora?"

"I am six years old. I have ten years to study for that entrance exam," Aurora said proudly.

The woman smiled and left. Aurora quickly accessed the main terminal and began reading through everything that pertained to Starfleet. Every day for two hours Aurora would study for her exam in ten years. While doing that she went to elementary school. There she quickly acquired her dominance. The other kids were terrified of her, but she had no idea why. Was she doing something wrong?

One day Aurora was walking home from school when a group of older boys appeared out of nowhere.

"Where you going girly? Why are you ignoring us? Come on we just want to talk."

Aurora judged that these boys were almost in middle school and that she had no experience in dealing with older students so she just ignored them and it angered the leader. He pushed Aurora, but she regained her footing and continued on, ignoring them. Suddenly a memory flashed back at her of the boy who accused her of pushing him. Why had this memory popped up? Then Aurora realized that the ringleader was that boy himself. She picked up the pace, but the boys matched her pace for pace. Aurora then tried to run, but the ringleader caught up with her quickly and grabbed her. Aurora screamed out for help, but no one came to her rescue.

The boys shoved Aurora to the ground and started beating her. Before they could beat her too badly there two shouts of anger and blood flew. The gang of boys minus their ringleader split. The remaining boy snarled at his attackers, "Take her then. She's just a stupid baby anyway!"

"Our sister is not a baby. She's going to join Starfleet in eight years!"

"Starfleet? HAH! She doesn't have the guts! Ok then let me give her five questions and if she answers 4 or more right then I will leave her alone. If not then I will go to my father and tell him to refuse her application."

Aurora leapt to her feet, angry, "DEAL!"

The boy looked at her startled, but quickly gained his compsure. "First question. What scanner do you use to look over an injured person?"

"Any scanner if you don't have a medical officer, but a medical scanner works the best."

"Second question. Name the three top ranks on a ship, in order, from most important to least important."

"Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, and Second Officer."

The boy grew angrier with each correct answer.

"Here's a doozy. Which is more important? A Chief Engineering Officer or a Chief Science Officer?"

"Both are equally important. If a ship leaves spacedock it had better have one of each so the ship can have someone to take care of the engine and one to make sure that things planetside are safe for their shipmates."

"Next. What are the three colors and what are their meanings?"

"Red is for command and communications. Blue is for science and medical. Yellow is for engineering and security. When Starfleet was new though the red was security and engineering while yellow was command."

"Final question. What was the name of one of the greatest ships known to Starfleet officers."

Aurora hesitated. There had been many of them, but only one came to her mind many times over. She grinned and replied, "The USS Enterprise! It was captain first by Christepher Pike, then James Kirk, and then Jean-Luc Picard."

The boy snarled and said, "I keep my word. You got more than four right." The boy turned and stalked away. Aurora was glad that she had studied. She turned to look at her brother and sister, "Thank you for showing up when you did. I was unsure if I was going to get out of that one."

"We thought you had lost it when you agreed to his terms, but we see now that you can handle yourself." Arianna and Alex grinned at their little sister.

The years passed and Aurora got surlier and surlier. She did not know why she was getting so angry, but it was definately her normal monthly time, but something different. Something dark was festering inside Aurora's heart. One day while she was in high school a kid copped an attitude with Aurora and Aurora punched the kid. The two got into a fight and were both suspended. Jacob was furious with his daughter.

"This is not how Starfleet officers behave! If this is how you're going to act then you can forget Starfleet permanately!"

Aurora glared at her father and said, "I have no idea what is wrong. It is not the monthly thing. That's for sure. May I talk to that one woman I met when I said I wanted to join Starfleet?"

Jacob and Morgan looked at each other with concerned looks on their faces.

Aurora's face saddened, "She was to be my mentor. She told me in one of the updates she sent me.... she's dead isn't she? What happened to the Crossbow?"

"The Crossbow was attacked during one of it's scout runs. No one knows what really happened. 1/3 of the crew was killed, Counselor Roshaw was killed in that attack."

Aurora broke down crying at the news. Her mentor had been killed and now no one was there to help her. Aurora then vowed to walk her path alone. Days rolled into two years until finally it was the big day. Aurora had gotten into three more fights since that day she had made her choice and the anger kept growing.

Aurora packed her bags and went to the Academy. She entered and sat down at her station and waited for the other candidates. Finally they showed up and the practical began. Some of the students called out the answers to the others, but in the end only one had the fastest score... Aurora. The 16 year old's heart lightened for a few heartbeats as the news sank in. She had been accepted into the Academy! Aurora then found out she had one last test to take... the Kobyashi Maru. Aurora's heart fell. It was an unwinable test! That was unfair of them to spring this on her. Aurora put on a straight face and took the test.

When it was over she felt like she was going to be sick. Out of all that she had only managed to "save" exactly..... zero people from the simulated ship. Aurora had indeed felt fear in the test. She had "died" twice in the two times she took the test.

Aurora entered her new room at the end of the day, exhausted. Her roommate was an Andorian female by the name of Torlla. The two became fast friends. Aurora and Torlla studied together and they found out that they both was to be been mentored by Roshaw. Aurora found the person she would walk with as far as the path would let them, but they did not get to be best friends. They tolerated each other to a degree and had fun together, but beyond that there was not much friendship between the two.

Aurora studied science and command for these were the two areas she had been interested in the most. Aurora and her roommate studied hard for their exams. The big day arrived when Aurora was to graduate. The young woman was excited when she found out that she had passed with high marks. Aurora received her assignment of the USS Crossbow, her would be mentor's former ship! Aurora felt her heart rise a little and the darkness in heart lift for a short time.

When Aurora joined the Crossbow she had achieved the rank of Ensign. She started off as a Yeoman to the captain on the ship. He had been pleased to meet Aurora after so many years. He had promised Roshaw that he would train Aurora himself if anything happened to her. Aurora was pleased to meet Counselor Roshaw's captain. Aurora stayed on the Crossbow for a year before transferring to the Pioneer. There she stayed for four years before requesting a transfer to the new ship called the USS Endeavour. Just as she turned 26 her request was granted. Aurora packed and transfered to the Endeavour. By the time she had gotten there she was a Lieutenant JG. By the time she had acquired this rank she had risen up to second officer aboard the Pioneer. Now she hopes to be Executive Officer.

Service Record

October 3, 2360 - Birthday

March 20, 2366 - Death of her brother
--Met her mother's friend and her children
--Was accused by the boy
--Met Counslor Roshaw
--Vowed to join Starfleet

2366 - Started elementary school

2368 - Ganged up by the boy from her childhood
--Made a deal with the boy and won

2374 - Junior in high school
--Got into a fight
--Threatened in being held from going to Starfleet Academy
--Found out that Counslor Roshaw was dead

2376 - Graduated from high school
--Entered Starfleet Academy
--Passed entrance exam
--Passed Kobyashi Maru test
--Meet her roommate Torlla
--Took command and science courses(they interested her the most)

2380 - Graduated from SA
--Assigned to USS Crossbow (Captain's Yeoman, Ensign)

2382 - Reassigned to USS Pioneer
--Captain's Yeoman (Lieutenant JG)

2386 - Requested to join the new ship USS Endeavour as it's assistant chief engineer