Axo Minu

Axo Minu
Biographical Information

Tyran IX





Physical Description

5' 7"


121 lbs


Dark Brown


Deep Black

Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Relentless


Chief Medical Officer

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Axo Minu is a 24th Century Starfleet officer, serving as the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Relentless.


Axo is a Tyran, a species not all that disimilair to the Betazoids and with Tyran IX's closeness to Betazed, makes Scientists wonder if they are indeed the same species. Tyrans have empathic abilites that are slightly amplified and lesser telepathic abilities, entirely black eyes and almost the same internal physiology as the Betazoids, but have larger lungs and smaller stomachs and life spans of about 600 years. Axo is a beautiful woman with deep black eyes that are expresive and seductive, her dark brown hair is long and glosy smooth usually in a tight pony tail. She has a tall, lithe figure and has very little muscle tone and about 94% the strength of a Human woman. She has pale skin that esentially amplifies the intesniity of her dark eyes and hair.


Like most Tyrans, Axo is calm and shy, not very outgoing and assertive but still very intelligent. She claims not to see the beauty that men often compliment her on because of her reclusive and shy nature. She is a very capable doctor though, and loves medicine and her sickbay over all else. She is also a very kind woman and her patients have often complimented her on her excellent bedside manner.

Axo is also a very intelligent woman, and everyone knows it even though Axo doesnt boast about it.

Strengths & Weaknesses

(+) Capable doctor (+) Very intelligent and knows a great deal about a wide varriety of subjects (+) Great bedside manner (-) Not a very social person

Hobbies & Interests

Gardening, medicine, and staying quiet.


Father Gorvon Minu
Mother Ion Minu
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Spouse Single
Other Family Members of the Inu clan/tribe, Vice Admiral Rxo Cinu-Uncle, Rear Admiral Nxo Minu-Grandmother, Captain Yadalla Minu-CO USS Intrepid-Aunt, Commodore Maxo Minu-Uncle,


Axo was born on {{memoryaalpha:Tyran IX|Tyran IX]], a prestine and beautiful planet, galaxy renouned as a world filled with natural beauty. Axo was born to the native Tyrans, a race that never invented warp travel but stole the technology from their Niton oppresors 150 years ago. While the occupation of Tyran IX wasnt acctcually an occupation because of the Niton were too busy manufacturing weapons to notice the reclusive and primitive Tyrans, the Tyrans didnt like the way the Niton were using the Galbacha ore to manufacture weapons. After a swift rebellion, the Tyrans won their planet back and stole the Niton's warp technology. After a two year period of exploration, they came accross a Federation Scout ship in the Arkanis Cluster where Tyran is located. After stiking a deal with the Tyrans, the Federation was allowed to settle the planet and make a small settlement.

It was on this world of neutrality and serenity that Axo Minu was born. She would often visit the co founded city of Alderion which her tribe lived near. Axo was fascinated by the Federation citizens and once ventured too far into the city where she stumbled into a group of Starfleet Medical Officers on shore leave. After spending time with them waiting for her parents to find her, Axo discovered what she wanted to do when she grew up. She wanted to be a Starfleet Medical Officer.

She regularly consulted the elders if the Gods had really aproved of this path and as usual, the answer was yes. After being swiftly accepted into Starfleet Academy, Axo excelled in her studies, but not in social matters. Axo graudated and applied to Starfleet Medical school where she graduated top of her class and was named "Most likely to head Starfleet Medical".

She was then promoted to LT JG and assigned to the USS Ganymede where she meet Dr. Winter Balmorra, a fellow resident of Tyran IX but a Federation Colonist. She was then transfered to the USS Relentless as CMO and Winter was assigned to the Iapetus as CMO.

Service Record

Starfleet Academy, 2374-2378, (18-22) Student, Cadet Starfleet Medical Academy, 2378-2382, (22-26) Student, Cadet Starfleet Medical, 2382-2383, (26-27) Medical Instructor, Ensign USS Ganymede, 2383-2385, (27-28) Assistant Medical Officer, LT JG USS Relentless, 2385-Present, (29-) CMO, Rank Pending <math>Insert formula here</math>