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B'Hava'el System, Alpha Quadrant


United Federation of Planets

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Capitol city of Ashalla
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Bajor is a lush, fertile world with many forests, mountain ranges, and rivers. Much of the land mass is good for farming. There are many cities in the temperate zones, and a system of islands in one of the oceans, which are green in color.


Bajor’s economy is closely tied to that of the space station Deep Space Nine, also known as DS9. DS9 is near the opening of the Bajoran wormhole which is located in the Bajoran system in an area known as the Denorios Belt. Visitors to the station often come to the planet for shoreleave. Bajor is also a key area for vacation spots as much of the planet has a very comfortable climate for most humanoids and the people are quite friendly. Archaeology is also a large part of Bajor’s economy. The recent discovery of B’Hala and other ancient cities have lured many scientists from all over the quadrant. Farming is another key industry for Bajor. Moba fruit and deka tea are enjoyed by many species, as well as kava in raktijino.

Geographical Data


Dakhur Province is mainly agricultural except for the Dakhur hills which are mountainous and not very good for farming. The Bajoran resistance during the Cardassian Occupation was able to hide in this mountainous region and therefore survive better than in other areas of the planet. Soil reclamators were invented by the Bajoran Agricultural Ministry and were first promised to Dakhur Province. However, the Kai at the time tried to forcibly remove them from Dakhur Province, thus almost leading to a civil war. In the end, Dakhur was able to keep them until their land was fertile again

Eastern Province
Eastern Province has been compared to the Garden of Eden with its lush green valleys and wildflowers and clear pools of water. The pools are interconnected by waterfalls

Hendrikspool Province
Hendrikspool is an area of flatlands that is a large producer of cash crops for Bajor. In the 2370s, it was placed under martial law due to a dispute over soil reclamators that had been promised to Dakhur Province. The then-Kai wanted to give them to Rekantha Province in order to make money for the planet. In the end, Dakhur was able to keep them until they finished detoxifying their soil

Hill Province
Hill Province is a mountainous yet fertile province that is home to many farms. In the 2370s, it was placed under martial law because of a dispute over soil reclamators that had been promised to Dakhur Province

Kendra Province
Kendra Province is the location of the Adarak Monastery. In the Kendra Valley where it is located, 42 people were killed in a massacre during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor. In 2374, instability in the Bajoran wormhole caused earthquakes in Kendra Province that left thousands homeless

Musilla Province
Location of the Holana River. It is also home to a university. Its engineering school is one of the best on the planet. Musilla is heavily forested with many streams and small rivers. A cottage in Musilla Province is considered one of the most romantic on the planet. It has two balconies, three fireplaces, and a view of the Holana River from every room

Rekantha Province
Rekantha Province is one of the most productive agricultural provinces on Bajor. Their soil was contaminated during the Occupation of Bajor. The then-Kai, who was acting First Minister, ordered that all soil reclamators go to Rekantha Province in hopes of producing cash crops for Bajor. In 2374, instability in the wormhole caused widespread flooding in Rekantha that destroyed a good portion of the wheat harvest

  • Additional Provinces include Lonar Province and Tozhat Province

Points of Interest

Bajoran Center for Science
The Bajoran Center for Science, also called the Bajoran Research Center, was a scientific research center during the Cardassian Occupation. The BCS found a young changeling during the Occupation and forced him to do tricks for their Cardassian Overlords. It was later changed to the Bajoran Institute of Science that is one of Bajor’s most prestigious schools of science, similar to the Vulcan Science Academy on Vulcan

Dakhur Hills
Also known as the Hills of Dakhur Province, it is a mountainous area in an otherwise agricultural province. People often went mountain climbing here. Sites of note within the Dakhur Hills include: Kola Mountain, Tanis Canyon, Ratosha Pass, and Serpent’s Ridge

Fire Caves
The Fire Caves are the prison where the Prophets placed the Pah-Wraiths after an attempt to take over the Celestial Temple. There was no fire in the caves until the Pah-Wraiths were released. The Cardassians thought the Bajorans’ fear of the caves humorous but no Cardassian actually explored them. People who entered the caves stood a chance of becoming hosts to Pah’Wraiths. In 2375, Kai Winn and Gul Dukat released the Pah-Wraiths until they were captured once again by Captain Benjamin Sisko

Ilvia Medical Complex
The Ilvia Medical Complex is one of the most prestigious hospitals and research centers on the planet Bajor. Since Bajor joined the Federation, they have expanded their knowledge base to include species outside their own. The IMC is perhaps the best hospital for disease control and emergency care on the planet. It is located in the city of Ilvia

Jalanda Forum
The Jalanda Forum was a renowned music hall on Bajor before the Occupation. It was destroyed by the Cardassians sometime therein. Bajorans wanted to rebuild the hall after the Occupation had ended and Bajor’s economy started becoming more stable. Since it has been rebuilt, several notable Federation musicians have performed on its stage. The Jalanda Forum has expanded its purview to include theatre, dance and other areas of art as well as music

Janitza Mountains
The Janitza Mountain Range had never been explored by Bajorans until 2370s when an agrobiological expedition went into the mountains. Two months into the expedition they discovered that the ecosystem had a wider range of life than orbital scans indicated. Every valley had its own ecosystem, creating a need for a two month extention to the six month expeditions. Some Bajorans did not want to go into the Janitza Mountains, as it is the location of the Fire Caves

Kran-Tobal Prison
The prison in the city of Kran-Tobal is considered by some to be the best prisons due to its large rehabilitation success rate. However, this is also considered by others to be a fault. The guards and administrators at Kran-Tobal try to teach behaviors that fix the problem, rather than just keeping people locked up for the rest of their lives.

Ancient Cities

B’Hala B’Hala is an ancient city on the planet Bajor that was lost to time some 20,000 years until its rediscovery in 2373. It was considered a holy city the way Jerusalem is a holy city to Jews and Christians in the 20th Century. Like many ancient cities on Bajor, it had a Batanca spire at the center of the city denoting its place in the cosmos. Until 2373, the only evidence that it existed was a painting created in the time it existed featuring its Batanca spire. Only two sides of the spire were depicted in the painting which was stolen during the Cardassian Occupation and returned in 2373.

Bajoran archaeologists searched for it for thousands of years without any progress. According to a Prophecy, it would be found by someone touched by the Prophets. When the painting was returned to the Bajorans, Captain Benjamin Sisko scanned it into the computer and created the Batanca spire on the holodeck to study it. He succeeded in creating a third side by studying the reflection in a waterfall depicted by the painting. After being injured by a plasma blast on the holodeck, he had a vision of B’Hala and saw the last side for himself. Thus, he was able to find it in an underground cavern on Bajor.

It was discovered that the city of B’Hala was built on an even more ancient city that was abandoned 25,000 years ago. In a dig in this city, a table was found that said, “Welcome Emissary” and described a battle between a Prophet and a Pah-Wraith. This tablet was broken by Sisko, releasing the entities

The names of other ancient cities are unknown.