Belén Mahoe

Belén Mahoe
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Physical Description

5' 4"


127 lbs





Political Information



Velara Colony


Commanding officer

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Character Information

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 30


To grow individually and to learn more about science, life, and culture.

Hobbies & Interests

Loves flowers and candy. Although she completely abhors roses, reason being that they are so over dramatized in her culture's history. She loves Stargazer lilies (symbolic of ambition), Alstroemeria (symbolic of anticipation), and cherry blossoms (by far her favorite scent).

Personal History

Belén Mahoe was raised on the shores of California amongst many of the assorted child services as her mother had given her up at birth. Not knowing any blood relatives, Belén was a child of the system. However, growing up, through her schooling, she proved to be just more than the average system child. Excelling in almost every one of her classes, several teachers had to pause and take notice. She did not make friends easily and dedicated herself to the world of books, information and learning. Foster families soon learned that some bribery was necessary to pull Belén out of her own world to join in on activities with promises of new reading and learning materials.

At the age of 17, Belén's political theories teacher encouraged her to take the aptitude exams for Star Fleet Academy. For some, more than unexpected for a child of her background, she surpassed many of the other students her age that took the test. Earning a full scholarship, she moved onto the Star Fleet Academy specializing in the science program, with a minor in command as a backup. She had learned at a young age that not everything could ever be set in stone and no matter how much she would love to have a full long career in science, it would only take her so far.

Four years later, Belén Mahoe went onto her first assignment as a science officer aboard the USS Chance. Spending 18 months aboard, she was responsible for assisting biologists in their work to broaden her skills. The work there focused on the species of fauna that grew in the Akane System. The lead biologist who studied for Starfleet, as well as individual sources, discovered a new species that was unfamiliar to the databases and the natives. He later named it after one of the young new bright minds during the tour as he often does with his discoveries, Mariko. Mariko means true village child in his own native tongue and a name of affection he called Belén.

As she moved on through assignments, aboard the USS Montana, she was reassigned within the science department to handle oversight of specialized services such as stellar cartography and linguistics. In this position and work, Belén was not happy and did not flourish well as an officer and individual. She knew how stars developed and found the duty of creating star maps tedious.

When Belén moved to the Starbase Asia, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant JG based on reviews and recommendations of department heads and commanding officers of her previous assignments. The department was studying samples of unstable materials that won. The disaster to the area on the station was significant and while casualties were low, it took time before help could reach the science staff. The explosion caused a short in the controls locking the injured in and rescue teams out. The chief science officer, Lieutenant Morris, and her were in a meeting in his office in the rear of the laboratory area. This helped them as it provided extra protection and minimized their own injuries to minor contusions and lacerations. Hurrying to their aid, there was a secondary explosion that severely injured Lieutenant Morris. With no time to truly think, Belén broke out of that invisible shell that kept her in the science mindset and took hold of the situation by having the walking wounded help those that couldn't move on their own to the furthest point away from still violatile damaged consoles, and moved any unsecured solid structures into a position to provide protective barriers.

While Lieutenant Morris later succumbed to his injuries, the reports from those that were with the young officer were enough to convince Starfleet to move Belén from science and into command where she appeared to have been surprisingly comfortable in. She served as second officer under the joint command team of Captain Astrid and Commander Davies. This provided her with one of her true loves of continuing her own learning, no matter what the subject content. The position also helped in keeping that hidden talent open as she displayed great skills in organization and direction. Truly happy in this new area, that also kept her active as well in the science division with her involvement.

Belén Mahoe spent the next two years working and learning more in the area of command. She eventually got promoted to the rank of Commander and accepted the position of executive officer. Her skills and science knowledge helped her ship and crew through many events that could have had possibly disasters consequences but she successfully avoided crisis and major casualties. For her successes, Starfleet decided to truly challenge Belén and assigned her command of a new science project, a resort colony for discovery, exploration, and relaxation on the border of Federation space and the Exploratory Frontier