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  • Avendar
  • Merandar
  • Keylandar
Native Species:

Beta Zeta System, Alpha Quadrant


United Federation of Planets

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A town on Betazed
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Betazed is a semi-tropical, swampy planet with lush forests which are home to the animals whose meat is the type of food that Betazoids prefer to consume. The continents are dotted with many lakes and rivers. From orbit, it appears as many class-M planets do, with continents and oceans under a splatter of clouds. Because of its semi-tropical climate, Betazed is more prone to hurricanes than most other class-M planets. However, this is curbed by a controlled weather system. The clouds appear pink from the surface and it has three moons: Avandar, Keylandar, Merandar. The capitol is the city of Rixx, where many of the Great Houses are located.


Betazed’s economy is made up largely of art and counseling although it is also home to the very prestigious University of Betazed. Its cities are sites of philosophy and learning and the Betazed School of Art is one of the best in the Federation, making Betazoids some of their best artists. Because of their telepathy, Betazoids are natural counselors and the planet also has many farms, which produce about 34% of Betazed’s income.

Geographical Data

Janaran Falls and Betazed
Janaran Falls

The Janaran Falls were considered by many to be one of the most romantic spots on the planet. The Falls were on the edge of a sea so clear, one could see the bottom.

Opal Sea
This sea is so named due to the stones found in and around the water. They are not opals like on Earth, but rather Betazoid opals and are not as valuable.

Valley of Song
The Valley of Song is a valley in the Loneel Mountains that produces natural songs from the rock formations in the valley. It is a popular place to spread the ashes of dead loved ones.

Other Geographic Locations include:

  • Lake Cataria
  • Lake El’nar
  • Thalaxan Ocean
  • Alamante Sea
  • Indar Ocean
  • Bacarba Lake
  • Jalaran Jungle
  • Hedayan Archipelago
  • Khara Archipelago
  • Loneel Valley
  • Loneel Mountains

Points of Interest

University of Betazed
The University of Betazed is a higher learning in the city of Donarna and is famous for producing some of the best scientists and doctors in three sectors. However, their engineering program is not as advanced as that of the Vulcan Science Academy or the Trill Institute of Science.

Betazed Academy of Art
The Betazed Academy of Art is a prestigious art school known for turning out some very fine painters and sculptors. Recently, they have started to teach holopainting in the 2370s and also teach some very good philosophers.


Because of the Betazoids’ telepathy, honesty and compassion were paramount on Betazed and warfare was a largely foreign concept. They had a spiritual conflict with non-corporeal entities in the past that were driven away by the Betazoids through their telepathy however, this unified the people of Betazed and their values of honesty and compassion became even more important. They broke the warp barrier in the year 2137. The Vulcans did not contact them at first, due to limited sensor technology but Betazed did, however, keep relations with several neighboring worlds. They were contacted by the Federation soon after its founding. However, because the Betazoids were happy not being part of this group, they did not apply. It became a full member in 2273 and by the 2280s, it was important part of the Federation.

In 2374, the Jem'Hadar invaded Betazed. These Jem'Hadar had been given telepathy by the Dominion, however this backfired. The Betazoids used the Jem'Hadar's new telepathy against them, bombarding them with images that drove them to kill each other. Many Betazoids died in the attempt, but under the combined assault of Starfleet and the Betazoids' retaliation, the Dominion was forced to leave the planet.

In 2375, at the end of the war with the Dominion, Betazed was one of the biggest supporters of the admission of Bajor into the Federation.