H'rranth Panthera
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Cait IV





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Political Information

Federation Starfleet


USS Glenn


Commanding Officer

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Physical Description

Built more for endurance than for power, Short black hair that has more than a little salt among the pepper covering his body and green eyes. Blackcat has been described by many as a grizzled veteran, someone that if in a fight, they would rather have them on their side.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Time and circumstance have taken their toll on Blackcat. While at times on R&R he still shows his fun-loving and wild side, the burdens on his shoulders have forced him to harden himself against the pains of loss. He still considers his crew to be his family, his cublings at heart and hurts whenever one of them is lost.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Keeps his cool under stressful situations
  • Very adaptable to new situations
  • Good team player
  • Leader
  • Tends to treat his crew as if they were family
  • Seems to be targeted by the forces of darkness


  • To lead a normal life
  • To find a way to stop the dark forces
  • To reconnect with his son

Hobbies & Interests

  • Enjoys music, though he can't sing or play a note himself
  • Theology, History and Lore
  • Likes to spend time with his friends



  • Father: Karanth (D), Former Director, Cait Academy of the Sciences
  • Mother: H'rala (D), Caregiver, Panthera Enclave, cait IV
  • Sibling(s):
    • Karala (f), Professor of Propulsion Theory, Cait Academy of the Sciences
    • Jaranth (m), Assistant Chief Science Office, USS Blanchard
    • Malgala (f), Archaeology Researcher, Cait Academy of the Sciences
    • Pintala (m), Construction Engineer, cait IV
    • Vintana (f), Caregiver, Panthera Enclave, cait IV
    • Jirala (m), Caregiver, Combined Enclave, cait IV
    • Pinasa (f)(D), Chief Tactical Officer, USS Stongbow, Lost at the battle for Risa
    • Dirasla (m), Trader Captain, SS Kretha
  • Former Spouse: Vice Admiral Alexis Dory, Star Fleet Command, Earth


Blackcat was born in the Panthera Enclave on Cait IV. A precocious youth, his curiousity and love of taking things apart to see how they worked often got him into trouble. His saving grace was perhaps the way he helped at the Enclave's Caregiving center, even into his early teens it was thought he would choose to take the life role of a Caregiver.

While he got to spend little time with his father, then an associate professor of power systems at the CAS, the idea of building things with his hands fascinated him, and when the time of choosing came for him, he decided that this was his life calling, and entered the CAS for training.

While in the CAS, he did well in his studies, not the top of his class with the book scores, but the practical applications testing almost always saw him near or at the top of the class.

Upon graduation from CAS, He, Pinasa, Jaranth and Dirasla all applied for and were accepted to Starfleet Academy. During their 2nd year at the Academy, Dirasla was drummed out over illegal substance trading charges. Blackcat himself managed to muddle through the exams, again doing better on applications than theory.

His first assignment was to the USS Essex as Assistant Chief Engineer, later working up to Chief and then transferring laterally to cover the Chief Science Officer position and 2nd Executive Officer.

His next Assignment was to the USS Cairo as Chief Engineer, where he served during the length of the Dominion War. During the fighting, he broke one of the fundamental rules of the Caitians, that of not using "tooth or claw" in battle, and as a result he was banished from Cait IV.

Shortly after the end of the war, he was diagnosed with Caitian Lukemia and spent 6 months on the mend at San Francisco's Star Fleet Medical. It was during this period that he met then Rear Admiral Alexi Dori. The two of them served together during the short lifetime of the 13th Fleet, and they were married for a brief period before personality conflicts drove them apart.

He requested Transfer and was moved to be a command course instructor at Star Fleet Academy for about 2 years. During his time there he threw himself into his work, trying to forget what had happened between himself and his former wife.

Eventually, he finished his recovery from his illness, and in light of the service he had provided, and the situation between himself and RAdm Dory constantly attempting to sabotage his career, he was transferred to the 9th Fleet and given command of the USS Tsunami, and eventually was promoted to the Task Group Commanding Officer of TG72B, the Black Ravens, where he served for over 5 years before the ship was retired to the Jovian scrapyards after a mission to Jarea Prime which left the ship heavily damaged.

Blackcat was moved into the JAG division, where he served as a Divisional JAG and later as a Deputy JAG for a year, until he retired.

Later, while enjoying his retirement, there were problems with crops on the planet he was on, and the USS Glenn was sent to investigate. Bored, he tried to help with the investigation. During the course of the next two days, the Glenn's CO at the time went missing, and the culprits escaped. At that time he was offered his commission back, with the rank of Captain as CO of the USS Glenn. Two days later he noticed the faulty repair of the claw marks at the head of his bed and realized... The Glenn was actually a recommissioned USS Tsunami, and the nightmare was continuing.