Bo Manning

Robert Manning, or Bo, is a Starfleet Marine serving onboard the USS Washington.

Robert "Bo" Manning, PC
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150 lbs





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USS Washington


First Sergeant

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Physical Description

He stands 5”9 with very short blond hair. When he’s in full uniform he looks small and weak and when the rare chance others see him in shorts and a wife beater they find him very muscular and cut. He has scares on every inch of his body that can be covered by clothing from his family which he hides with his full body tattoo minus his head. The one scar that can be seen is the upside down cross on his Face that run’s across his lower jaw and up from his Adams apple up to his forehead covering his nose and half of each of his eyes.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Easy going, and always performs his duties to the best of her ability. Strengths & Weaknesses Very honor bound and has a short fuse when it comes and family and friends and will jump straight from calm to a fighting rage, if he feels his honor has been slighted. he is also very flat headed and understanding of others

he was born esper blind


none at the current moment

Hobbies & Interests

Drawing, collecting weapons and hand to hand combat


Japanese, German, Fed Standard, Klingon



  • disowned


  • disowned


Before joining the marines he was a hacker and a trouble shooter for hire known for killing any thing he aimed at as well as her mastery over many different weapons, demolitions, Computer hacking radio and transmission coding and decoding as well as tactics He is even well known for his ability to get in and out places to collect Intel as a scout. He was known as Blackheart after doing a few missions for the Federation. He then thought he might be of help to others with his ability so he joined the marines


Radio and transmission coding and decoding all know radios for the past 50 years Military tactics for over most known military arms to date as well as older army like the Romans.he learned demolitions by his father who was a black op's captain as well as shooting different weapons and as well as his ability to collect Intel as a scout

Encountered a young wolf about size as him with no pack to seen or heard of. As looked at each other’s eyes Bo noticed her left eye was hazel and the right was piercing blue it must have been 10-20 minutes of just staring at each other before the wolf suddenly lunged forwarded rolling bo on his back and started to lick him profusely. Ever since then they were never separated at his side always seeming to understand what ever he said. They even did missions together The wolf has been trained by the marines to be asset to me after a mouth of trying to chase him off base because she some how found a way to get to my room

He has been trained in sniffing out drugs explosives .how to kill what he see’s to be an enemy threats to me or him and even how to scout out places for me. He can only do this due to his high intelligence

Service Record

  • 2381 - Enters the Marine Basic Courses, and then goes into the Marine Advanced Marksmanship Course. Graduates at the top of her class
  • 2381 - 2382 - Serves on board the USS Hokkaido as a Marine. (Private)
  • 2382 - 2386 - Serves aboard the USS Honshu as a Marine Sniper. (Private First Class)

Moreover, became a corporal quickly because of his skills and his help on every mission that he thought he could help on as such was found to be used often

  • 2386 - 2387 - Serves aboard the USS Eclipse as a Marine Sniper/Squad Leader. (Corporal)
  • 2387 - Present - Transferred aboard the USS Washington