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Bornash Prax, born Bornash Shelit was a joined Trill, and the first host of the Prax symbiont from 2235 to 2258.

Few official records are known to exist of Bornash's life after the joining, but as a youth he was known to be an incredibly intelligent individual, and was known best for being able to out-think many of his fellow students. He started learning the game strategema shortly before joining the Trill Initiate's program, though his style was unorthodox, and many believed him to be a cheat.

After receiving Prax as a host, Bornash disappeared from official records for over ten years, with sightings of him few and far between; usually at shady bars or run-down small craft hangars. Many locations he was reported as being seen in were known to be frequented by smugglers, gamblers and small-time criminals, and it was assumed that Bornash had taken the intelligence of his youth and plied it towards the smuggler's trade. Officials on Trill were unconcerned with the alleged choice in career; it was not uncommon for a symbiont and its first host - both young, often full of an innate desire to rebel with no prior wisdom to counsel them towards more prosperous careers - to experiment with the darker side of the galaxy.

Bornash first came to the attention of Starfleet Security towards the end of the 2240s. The Trill had heard of impressive technologies - mostly based around powerful computer processors - and serenity-inspiring cultural architecture on the planets of Eminiar VII and Vendikar, but knew that no exports or imports had crossed the system's borders since before the founding of the United Federation of Planets. Due to the nature of the war between these two planets and the timescales involved, it is unknown how Bornash came to be told this rumour, or where his source might have learnt of it. However, Bornash saw this, and the code 710 being broadcast from the system as a challenge, and attempted to barter for items to take back to Federation space for profit.

It is unknown what actually occurred on the planet's surface, but Starfleet records of the time indicate the ship registered under the name of one of Bornash's aliases illegally crossing into the Eminiar system without diplomatic approval to override the code 710 message in the year 2247, and the same ship departing the system 3.7 days later at speeds exceeding maximum warp tolerances for the vessel's design. Bornash was intercepted by the USS Constitution, but released two days later without charge, after repairs had been conducted on his vessel to ensure it was safe to travel. After Captain Kirk later discovered the reason for the code 710 broadcast from Eminiar, Bornash's file was ammended to add the belief that he was forced to escape the system in order to avoid becoming a 'casualty' in the Eminian's digital war.

By 2254, Bornash Prax had turned away from his life of smuggling, and was a junior politician on Trill.

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