Brian Jackson

Brian Jackson, or Jax, is a human engineer in Starfleet serving onboard the USS Eisenhower.

Brian "Jax" Matthew Jackson
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June 16, 2361

Physical Description



201 lbs


Dark Blond, Messy


Hazel, Changes

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USS Eisenhower


Chief Engineering Officer

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Physical Description

Brian, or Jax as people call him, is a human male of average height with an athletic build, hazel eyes that change color and dark blonde hair that always seems to get messed up somehow. No matter what he does to it, it always gets messed up ten minutes later. But somehow, he always manages to make it look good. He has a wide, friendly face, and a scar on his left knee. His eyes are his best feature; they look purple in shadow, olive green in bright light, and blue from the side. They are perhaps the most captivating thing about him, although he doesn’t need it; he seems to exude a carefree charm, drawing people to him.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Jax is a jokester, a prankster, and an idiot. He loves to have fun and will do it on duty but won't let it get in the way of his job. He will sleep with anything that walks, although he does have SOME standards. He takes his job seriously and will do it to the best of his ability. He has some hard feelings from the Dominion War and is prejudiced against Cardassians. He has always loved having a good time, a very good trait to have in a recreations officer. He knows what people will like and how to make them enjoy themselves. He is also bisexual and is very caring and kind with a female partner, and dominant with a male one. Either way, he is a caring and romantic partner and he loves kids. He just isn’t ready to get married yet.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Jax's greatest strength and weakness is his sense of humor. He likes to have a good laugh and will tease people at the wrong time about the wrong things. Other than that, he is very fun to be around and a great person to have as a coworker. He makes friends easily and will do anything for anyone he considers a friend. He knows several cultures that he can easily work with. He does have a tendency to take his pranks too far, however, and will not stop 'once it's on' and has been known to do the occasional strip dance for a bridal shower.


Right now, Jax's ambitions are to have fun and to go as far as he can in Starfleet. He does eventually want a family.

Hobbies & Interests

Boxing, Holodecks, Dom-Jot, Dabo, Tongo, Poker, Playing the Guitar and Drums, Rock and Roll and Country Music from the 20th and 21st Centuries, Singing along, Pool, Darts, Dirt Biking, Surfing, going to the beach, Beach Volleyball, Holodeck, Reading, Partying, Dancing, Snowboard, Wind Surfing, and Dating (men and women).


Federation Standard with Southern Accent



  • James 'Mack' Matthew Jackson


  • Lisa Jackson



  • Cdt Hallie Anne Jackson (Twins), 22
  • Jamie Lisa Jackson (Twins), 22


Brian Jackson grew up as the oldest of five children in Jacksonville in the Florida region of Earth. He loved to go surfing on the beach near his home. He knew as soon as he entered puberty that he was bisexual. His first love was a boy named Rico. The two boys did everything together: surfing, dirtbiking, dom-jot, dancing, everything. Rico moved with his father to Betazed and Brian was heartbroken; but ever since he has gone by the nickname Rico had given him: Jax.

Jax entered high school known as a party animal that would flirt with anything and play a prank on anyone. He didn’t bother to contradict them because they were right and he reveled in it. He didn’t have the greatest grades in school, but he did okay. He met a girl named Jayna and they dated for a while, but eventually she got tired of him flirting with everyone in sight. This was how his love life passed through the rest of his high school career.

He was not accepted on his first attempt at Starfleet Academy, but he was the second time. Jax had to study his butt off, but he made it through. Because of his flamboyant personality and his ability to have a good time no matter what he was doing but also willingness to help anyone, they wanted to make him a doctor, but he loved meeting new peoples and learning about their cultures. In this he thrived. He was taught about different species and their cultures, and enjoyed the idea of learning their languages, rituals, religions, and social customs. He liked the idea of his job and did his utmost to be the best at it. His personality only helped him in that.

Jax was assigned to the USS Valdemar where he made friends, but again was labeled as a party animal. He didn’t pick up a reputation as a playboy. Jax was happy here; it ended too soon and he was transferred off to another ship, the USS Eisenhower.