Bug-Eyed Bogies (USS Endeavour Mission)

"Bug-Eyed Bogies"
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  • Bug Queen killed
  • Remaining Bugs dormant
  • USS Endeavour re-taken, but damaged internally
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As the USS Endeavour departs Starbase 332, the ship's senior staff are invited to a function on the planet of Calvera, near the edge of the Federation's political sphere of influence. As representatives of the Federation, the Starfleet officers don't have much reason to refuse, and so leave the ship to attend the function. Confident in his crew, when a scientific anomaly appears on ship sensors, Captain Byrne instructs Lieutenant Vanders, the senior officer still on board to check it out, leaving the senior staff a shuttle to use to return to the ship at the end of the function. However, when the crew finally do return, they find the Endeavour is not at the rendezvous coordinates, and is actually adrift some fifty thousand Megametres distant, and is unresponsive to hails.


When the Captain and crew aboard the shuttle discover the ship, it is floating adrift with main power completely offline; life support is about the only major system operational, but the warp core is still producing large energy readings. As the crew spread out throughout the ship with the intent to discover what exactly happened, they split up; Lieutenant Ogino and Ensign Jenarian head in the direction of sickbay and the science labs, whilst Captain Byrne and Chief Ballard head in the direction of the bridge, encountering Lieutenant Vanders as they go, as well as an enormous insect-like being that had to be shot with a phaser blast from the Lieutenant to keep the three Starfleet crew safe. Lieutenant Vanders explains that the ship that was the source of the distress call had turned out to be overrun with these creatures, and though they were able to pull back and move away, one had managed to get onboard, and an infestation had grown from there. En-route to sickbay, Ensign Jenarian also encounters one of the bugs, and gets partially impaled in the leg.

"The android at the bar said you could show me my old ship. Let me see it."
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  • This mission is reminiscent of the Star Trek: Voyager episode Macrocosm, and was intentionally planned to be as such.

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