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A catoian male
Survey Data
Star System:

Pioneer system


Federation-Cardassian Border


Alpha Quadrant



First Contact:

2371 (USS Adrianople)

Political Information


Political System:

Individual Nation-States


4 billion

Biological Information


Atmosphere type:


Development Stage:

Pre-Warp, Industrial

Number of Eyes:


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The Catoians are a pre-warp species, whose appearance is similar to humans, however their eyes appear to glow and luminesce in low light. Originally the Catoians came from the oceans and as such their necks still have marks of gills from an earlier evolutionary period however they are non-functional. The Catoians have several skin tones with preference towards the lighter shades. Most Catoians have blonde or fair hair, however darker coloured hair is not unheard of.

Generally the Catoians are reasonable peaceful people. The Adari Republic will only use war as a last resort, however the Hicar Regime is constantly expanding its territory through military expansion. Generally the average Catoian is pleasant and courteous and has a love for things unknown or things that they do not understand. As a people they have great curiosity for the unknown.

The Catoians speak in various languages, but there has been a growing movement towards speaking Adari, the primary language of the northern continent.


The recorded history of the Catoians starts approximately 2300 B.A. (Before Arrival. Approximately 3100 B.C. Earth Year) with the early tribes of the Idori and the Akari; two races that existed separated from each other by a large ocean. Not much is known about the two tribes other than that they were both theocratic and that their daily life was centred on the worship of their sun. The cultures stagnated for the next thousand years as the planet was ravaged with instability as it entered a turbulent era riddled with global temperature shifts.

The two tribes eventually met and formed an alliance together after a long war sometime in 1563 B.A. They bound themselves for mutual protection as the continent which they lived on was swallowed by the ocean. The new civilisation migrated to the northern continent after the destruction of their home (most of early Catoian history is made up of speculation and from the Catoian ancient texts).

It wasn’t until the year one A.A. that the first major change occurred in the Catoian society, for that year marked the arrival of the people the Catoians call “The Guardians.” Overnight the Catoian civilisation began to develop and a new order and new religion sprang from the event. The name Catoian stems from the phrase “Children of Cato,” Cato being the city of the Guardians. For the next thousand years, the Guardians guided the Catoian civilisation until they became ravaged by civil war, nearly annihilating their entire race. Since then the Guardians have retreated to their city which has been sealed off from the world. On the rare occasion is occurs, the appearance of a Guardian is met with respect and awe.

Over the next two millennia the Catoian civilisation split itself into countless nations. The civilisation has been riddled with periods of war and peace. It wasn’t until the year 3112 A.A. that the Atarians and Hicarians developed nuclear technology. For the next hundred years a series of atomic wars plagued the planet but were brought to a halt in 3215 A.A. when the Guardians appeared to the Catoians for the first time in nearly two thousand years. That same year the Guardians created the Catoian Confederacy which forced the nation states to sit down and hash out their disagreements. So far it is unclear if this new confederacy has had any effect on the Catoians. The Guardians have used various methods described as miracles by the Catoians to heal the planet. Currently the planet politically, economically and environmentally is in a state of turmoil as the old governments fail to meet the demands of its citizens. The year is currently 3240 which corresponds to the Earth Year 2388.

External Contact

The Catoians have not been contacted by the Federation nor by any other major spacefaring race, as they are a pre-warp civilisation. Only the basic environmental, political, economic and technological status was recorded by the brief flyby by the Adrianople in 2371. However according to the Cardassian database on Starbase 519, the Cardassians attempted several landings in the mid 2370’s

Planetary Information

Pioneer II is an M class planet with a climate varying from tropical to tundra and is similar to Earth in composition. From space, the planet looks blue from the vast oceans on the planet however from a distance the planet may look yellow due to its close proximity to the gas giant Pioneer III. The planet has no natural satellites, and has no artificial ones at the current time. Currently there are no man-made satellites. The Atmosphere is made primary of Nitrogen (73%), Oxygen (20%), Helium (4%) and Argon (1%). The high Helium count is from the gas giant Pioneer III as it was captured by Pioneer II’s gravity.

The capital of the world government is Cator located in the Northern continent. However the planet is primarily ruled by ten individual nations.

Political Entities

Major Nations:

  • Adari Republic – Republican government.
  • Hicar Regime – Dictatorship.
  • J’Akr Territories – Anarchy
  • United Hitorian Republics – Constitutional Technocracy

The fledgling Catoian Confederacy created in 3215 A.A. (2363 Earth Year) by a treaty forged by the Adari Republic and the Hicar Regime under the supervision of the Guardians after the end of the Atomic War which completely destroyed the sixth continent the year prior. The confederacy is designed to end the era of Nationalism that has been sweeping the planet and steer the Catoian people to a new era of peace and understanding.


Currently the Catoian Civilization is pre-warp as none of the major nations has developed the warp drive. Currently the primary source of power across the globe is atomic energy which has been developed by the Adari Republic and the UHR, and the Hicar Regime is in the process of attaining it. So far none of the nations have been able to successfully launch a spacecraft or manmade satellite into orbit and as the global economy is in ruin it is unknown when it will occur. The most technologically advanced nation is the UHR who have access to crashed Cardassian shuttle. Not much is known about the technological sophistication of the Guardians who are worshipped by the Catoians as they rarely come out of their city of Cato.


The Catoian religion is centered on the worship of the group of beings known as “The Guardians,” who appeared to the Catoians in one A.A. As the Catoian Civilization developed, the Catoians have began to become less religious and more ruled by reason, the prime example of this is the United Hitorian Republics which is ruled by a Constitutional Technocracy. Much of their religion and culture has also been heavily influenced by the vast oceans which encompasses much of the planet.