Charlie Hamilton

Charlie Hamilton
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Physical Description

6' 0"


184 lbs


Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Chief Security & Tactical Officer

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Lieutenant JG Charlie Hamilton was a Federation Starfleet officer who served the 11th Fleet. He was most noted for his service as chief of security of the USS Endeavour, a Sovereign-class vessel in 2386.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Brought up to respect his parents and those adults around him, gave Charlie the perfect start in life for disciplining himself. Schooling was not easy for Charlie, but he made the best of what he had. Over time he has acquired skills on just about anything you can turn you're hand to. His way with people is very simple...they're nice and courteous to him, he is nice and courteous back. They're nasty to him...he nice and courteous back.

He refuses to be rankled by anyone who thinks they are his better. He let's them go on till they make a mistake, then steps in to help them out. Makes friends with ease, and is never frightened to go to any of his friends with his problems and to ask their advice. In his time with Starfleet, from his first class to his current assignment, one philosophy has always stuck with Charlie. "If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right..." He will always, always try to do it right, no matter what.

Strengths & Weaknesses

You need it, he can get it. You want it done, he can do it or get it done for you. One of the last of the old fashioned 'scroungers'. This is only in the needy sense of the good of his friends and crew mates.

Can turn his hand to most jobs. Once shown, he never forgets.

Service Record

Starfleet Academy:

Year 1: Studied as Security Cadet and seconded in Communications. Also did triage course work, weapons (basic).
Second year: Advanced Security and Communications study, weapons (standard) and basic medical background study.
Year three: Completed Advanced Security degree (with one year to spare)so set himself the target of getting pilots license (shuttle only). Secondary medical study and weapons (Federation Security level)
Year four: Completed shuttle pilots license and also secondary medical studies (minimal pass). Advanced weapons course and Communications degree both passed. Graduated from Starfleet Academy and brought into service.

Starfleet Assignments:

Cadet training cruise on board USS Gillimot First Starfleet assignment,
Security Ensign on board USS Frannery,
Made Security team leader (USS Frannery)


Bronze Star and Cluster for gallentry. Saved the shuttle (from USS Frannery) he was on from crashing by shorting out the primary circuits and crossing them with purely flight controls. Power was cut but the shuttle was easily glided down to make a 'soft crash landing', saving the lives of the six crew on board.

Silver Star and Cluster. Was Security team leader on an away team to Ceti Turni III which rescued the Juris Lett (President or equivalent) from a prison camp. The Federation/Ceti Turni III negotiations had been interrupted when the Juris Lett has been kidnapped and held to ransom to stop the negotiations from taking place. Charlie and his team were one of three specialised teams sent into try to rescue him.