Chihiro Ogino

Chihiro Ogino
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Physical Description

5' 6"


125 lbs


Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Chief Medical Officer

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Lieutenant Chihiro Ogino MD is a Federation Starfleet officer serving the 11th Fleet. She is most noted for her service as chief medical officer of the USS Endeavour, a Sovereign-class vessel.

Chihiro is of traditional Japanese origin, she has all the features of a traditional Japanese face and build. Her brown eyes shine in the light below her soft cheeks and her medium cut hair is straight and silky. She has a medium build but is fairly small for her age and she keeps slim and athletic. She always dresses smartly when on duty and believes in looking tidy and elegant, her hair is usually down to her shoulders when on duty in sickbay. However during surgery or complicated procedures she ties her hair back in a ponytail. Off duty she likes to wear it down and dresses in her normal casual clothing.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Chihiro is a caring woman, she is gentle and kind and likes to be friendly and open. On duty she is very determined and strict with her department. She likes to make sure things get done and has a personal motto of 'Why do it tomorrow when it can be done today?'. Chihiro is also very quiet sometimes, especially in first contact situations, but doesn't hesitate to voice her concerns on a subject that she doesn't agree with. Off duty she is more relaxed and less strict, she likes to socialise with friends and lets her hair down. She isn't one for large parties but will attend if she is asked, she is mainly one for talking and playing cards. Also off duty she has to care for her ten year old Daughter Hikari who likes to grab attention regularly.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Chihiro's main strength is her knowledge in medicine. She is a natural at diagnosing a patient and coming up with a quick cure. She also has a strength in her thinking skills, she can think quick in a difficult or pressuring situation. She also can work under stress and still manage to get a job done efficiently or to her best standard. Another strength she has is her mothering side, she knows how children react and how they behave. She discovered this when raising her daughter alone on the USS Prineas. Her main weaknesses are that she can sometimes get upset over losing a patient and take it personally. She also has a fear of heights which is a dis advantage in shuttle missions or training. Another weakness is that she can sometimes be clumsy in a tactical situation, so her phaser firing accuracy isn't the best in the universe but its not too low so that she can't be trusted with one.


Chihiro's main ambitions are to raise her daughter to become a beautiful young woman one day and to help people who are sick. This is because she likes her job as both a mother and a doctor and she sees these more important than ranks or command positions. She joined Starfleet to better herself and broaden her horizons, not to becomes the captain of a ship. Her next ambition is to live life to the full and see as many worlds as she can and help as many people as she can. Chihiro believes that one day she will find a medical procedure that will help billions of people somewhere.

Hobbies & Interests

Chihiro has a main hobby of reading and writing. She likes to sit down with a book late at night when its peaceful and quiet and get stuck into a good story. She has been known to read till she falls asleep and waken up by someone in the morning. Chihiro also has a hobby of swimming and practising new sports on the holodeck so she can keep herself physically fit. Chihiro also has a hobby of playing the electric guitar which she has been playing since she was ten years old.

Her main interests include her medical interests and her personal interests. Her medical side she sees as her job and she believes that you have to have an interest in your job area or there is no use being in that field. She likes to read up about new cures and procedures that have been invented or discovered. She also likes to make sure she is doing something right and will often read up about a difficult or dangerous procedure before conducting it. Her personal interests include raising her daughter which she knows can be a challenge and she sees this as a big part of her life. Another personal interest she has is in psychology, especially child psychology as she likes to learn how children think, play and learn hoping that it will make her understand them better both as a mother and a chief medical officer.


English, Japanese


Chihiro was born to Satoshi and Haruka Ogino is the busy city of Tokyo in Japan on Earth. Her father was a Lieutenant Commander on the USS Matsui serving as their Chief Security/Tactical officer when Chihiro was born. Her mother was a school teacher and a specialist in languages in Tokyo at the time. This meant that Chihiro hardly ever got to see her father who was often on deep space missions and she was closer to her mother due to this. Chihiro had no brothers or sisters to play with so she was a very lonely child. Her mother was often working when she got home and Chihiro was often left alone to occupy herself, because of this Chihiro became more self reliant and started to develop skills that children of her age wouldn't be able to. An Example of this is that at six months old she was able to hold her bottle of milk and feed herself.

When she was old enough Chihiro was sent to a primary school in the City Centre which her mother used to attend. It took her an hour to reach the school every morning on an air tram through Tokyo's small and cramped streets. However she liked to go to school and she became more socially aware of the people around her. After a few weeks she became best friends with a Bolian called Ghell and she used to stick around with him a lot in the playground.

It was in her second year in primary education that Chihiro started to have problems. Her friend Ghell moved away to live with his parents on a Federation colony and this made her feel lonely without any friends. She found it difficult as she was often bullied and picked on which once led her to believe that she wanted to skip off school. However she overcame the bullies and soon took a interest in science and music. In her last year at the primary school she decided to start to play a musical instrument. She decided on an old instrument that was a challenge but she could play a variety on. This meant she chose the Electric Guitar which she loved the design of it and spent her pocket money on a brand new pink and white one. As an only child she had lots of spare time that she dedicated to her guitar, and she continued to learn how to play it through her secondary school education.

Because of her interest in science she liked to find out how things worked. She especially likes biology and soon decided that she would like to go into the medical field and at the age of thirteen started to see this as her main ambition. After several more years at High school and at the age of sixteen Chihiro applied for a position at Starfleet Medical School which was located inside Starfleet Academy.

She was accepted and she found it very interesting learning about the different species and their anatomies. During the academy the Dominion was was currently developing and the cadets were being rushed to replace other medical officers in the field. Chihiro finally graduated the academy in 2374 when she was 23. Assigned to the USS Hudson she met a young Japanese man called Shigeru Yoshio who she had a slight crush on.

After several months working together Shingeru asked Chihiro out on a date on the holodeck. Chihiro of course accepted and they enjoyed a night at the beach together with Japanese lanterns and simulated fireflies. The couple had only been together a few weeks when the end of the war was drawing near. It was before the final battle between the Federation and the Dominion that Chihiro found out that she was pregnant and the father was Shingeru. She never told him that she was pregnant, and was planning to tell him after the battle. Unfortunately Shingeru's Squadron of fighter craft were destroyed in the battle and he was never found. This shattered Chihiro as she was stuck with his child by accident and alone.

Nine months later she had been assigned to the USS Prineas which was a Galaxy Class starship as it was better to raise children on. By now Chihiro had made it to Ensign and was getting ready to have the baby. During her second week aboard Chihiro started to go into labour and soon she gave birth to a beautiful little girl who she called Hikari, which means "First light".

Chihiro raised her daughter on the Prineas like any other mother. However at first she found it very difficult to manage with the baby at night. However she soon got the grasps of it and became a good mothering type, a quality she didn't knew she possessed. It was soon after Hikari's second birthday that Chihiro was promoted to lieutenant Junior Grade and was also given the position of Assistant Chief Medical officer on board the ship. This made her more motivated and set her out to experience bigger things. She was the assistant CMO for the next five years to when Hikari was seven years old and she believed that she was old enough to move to another ship. Chihiro accepted the position of Chief medical officer on board the USS Epson which was a brand new Sovereign Class ship, built to replace the damaged vessels from the Dominion War. Chihiro likes the Sovereign class design and the new technology helped her understand more about the differences in Starfleet Medical.

After three years Chihiro was offered a place on the USS Endeavour by Commander Bryne as the ships new Chief Medical Officer and the rank of Lieutenant. Chihiro thought long and hard about the decision as she knew it would affect Hikari as well. After many hours of talking to her parents and her daughter about it, Chihiro accepted and is now awaiting orders to come aboard the ship.

Service Record

2367-2370 Starfleet Medical School Traning

2370-2374 Starfleet Academy

2375-2377 USS Prineas Medical Officer

2387-2382 USS Prineas Assisstant Chief Medical Officer

2382-2385 USS Epson Chief Medical Officer

2386-???? USS Endeavour Chief Medical Officer