Chief of the Boat

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Command Division Uniform
The seniormost Chief Petty Officer (including Senior and Master Chiefs), regardless of job rating, is typically designated by the Commanding Officer as the Chief of the Boat (for vessels) or Command Chief (for starbases). In addition to his or her departmental responsibilities, the COB/CC serves as a liaison between the Commanding Officer (or Executive Officer) and the enlisted crewmen, ensures enlisted crews understand Command policies, advises the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer regarding enlisted morale and evaluates the quality of noncommissioned officer leadership, management, and supervisory training. Often, they will also recommend to the relevant superior officer when members of the enlisted crew should be entered for the difficult examinations for advancement to the senior enlisted ranks.

The COB/CC works with the other department heads, Chiefs, supervisors, and crewmen to insure discipline is equitably maintained, and the welfare, morale, and health needs of the enlisted personnel are met. The COB/CC is qualified to temporarily act as Commanding or Executive Officer if so ordered.