Command Officers Briefing

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The Command Officers Briefing is a practice that has been maintained by Starfleet for many decades, though the exact formalisation of the procedure around the briefings alters slightly dependent upon the commanding Admiral responsible for them.

Within Starfleet and its many numbered fleets, there is a need to keep all of its command staff up-to-date on present developing situations, recent orders that may impact multiple vessels, or certain concerns held by the fleet commanders. As such, Starfleet Command on Earth and the various fleet commands based throughout the Federation hold regular - usually weekly - briefings in their Headquarters. Attendance is usually mandatory for every starship captain currently in the system unless other more pressing duties require their presence, and occasionally specific starship captains will be requested or ordered to attend. In attendance is usually the commanding or executive officer of the fleet in question (or a senior Admiral capable of operating in their stead) and representatives from each of the local branches of Starfleet - such as Research & Development, the Judge Advocate General's Office, and the Academy.