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Commodore is the lowest flag officer rank. It ranks above Captain and below Rear Admiral and has a ranking code of A-1. The rank is equivalent to Brigadier General in the Starfleet Marine Corps. The rank insignia consists of one full pip on a square plate.


The rank of Commodore dates to the mid-17th century: it was first used in the time of William III. There was a need for officers to command squadrons, but it was not deemed desirable to create new admirals (as Post-Captains were promoted to Rear-Admiral in order of seniority). Captains assigned squadron command were given the title of Commodore, but it was not an actual rank. The officer so designated kept his place on the list of Captains. In 1748 it was established that Captains serving as Commodores were equal to Brigadier-Generals in the Army.

Commodores could revert to the rank of Captain at the end of their posting (and Captains could be promoted directly to Rear-Admiral without ever having served as a Commodore).

The Royal Navy Commodore was eventually split into two classes. Those of the first class had a Captain under them to command their ship and were allocated one-eighth of all prize money earned by ships under their command. Those of the second class commanded their own ship as well as the squadron. In 1783, Commodores of the first class were allowed to wear the uniform of a Rear-Admiral, a distinction which continued with some variation until the two classes of Commodore were consolidated in 1958.

By the 20th century, Commodores did not just command sea-going units (the naval barracks in the three main naval bases of Devonport, Portsmouth and Chatham were all commanded by Commodores, for instance) and the appointment of Commodore could also be held by specialist officers in certain positions as well as by line officers.

In 1996, Commodore was made a substantive rank in the Royal Navy. Since then, it found its way into the rank structure of Starfleet, being adopted as early as the organisation's founding.


Commodores most often command starships and large starbases. Commodores may also command planetary outposts or serve as division heads for Starfleet bases on major worlds or as adjutants to the most senior flag officers. Most Commodores have desk jobs, and those in command of starships usually command squadrons of ships.

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