Conduits and Connectivity

"Conduits & Connectivity"
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Keplar Station


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USS Washington

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The USS Washington is sent to investigate and support a distress from Keplar Station. When they get there, they discover the station is working on a warp conduit not unlike Borg conduits. Can the crew of the Washington close it in time, or will something more sinister come into the Alpha Quadrant?


The crew of the USS Washington is ordered to Keplar Station to look into the problems of the transwarp tunnel that the scientists are building there. When they arrive, Lieutenant Mignon Mejia and Lieutenant JG Shawn Hughes discover that the math for the formulae have been shoddily done and that the transwarp conduit is causing an anti-Alpha wave that is preventing everyone in the area from sleeping. When they bring this information to the attention of Captain Enor, they discover that the scientists have also sent through a manned shuttle rather than unmanned probes. Lieutenant Damion Wolfe is told to oversee the medical and counseling of those in the station's sickbay, despite his increasingly tenuous hold on his temper. Despite his best efforts, his hold on his temper grows increasingly tenuous as Lieutenant JG Arlen Opran tries to tell him what he should do. Just when the crew think things can't get any worse, the transwarp tunnel spits out some asteroids towards the ship and station. Lieutenant JG Connor Blake and Commander Deke Franklin beam back to the ship while the rest of the officers aboard the station prepare for the onslaught of asteroids.

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  • "Conduits and Connectivity" officially began on 15 June 2012.

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