Connor Blake

Connor Blake, PC
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Felainus Prime





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195 lbs





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USS Niagara

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Connor Blake is a Felinoid in the Eleventh Fleet, also known as Pegasus Fleet.

Physical Description

This young man carries himself like a hunting lioness, graceful and deliberate, even when under pressure. His blue eyes are intensely coloured that they seem to radiate their own glow. His luxurious, straight, ear-length hair is a strong black; his common hair style is whatever his hair wants for he has no control over it; occasionally he'll brush it. He has large diamond-shaped patches of heavy fine hair like a leopard's pattern; they are coloured black while the rest of his fur is a between yellow and orange colour. His body is wide-shouldered and just above averagely toned build; he has a metre in length tail of the same coloured fur as his body with a cluster of longish black hair at the tip. His wardrobe while off duty is mostly blue, tight, attractive and he has some semi-transparent clothes that reveal his patches around his neck, torso and legs; all his pants and one piece suits have a hole for his tail.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Silent type for all of his childhood was slavery and prostitution by those who owned him; they had abused and violated him on a regular basis. He had to stay quiet and do as he was told or he'd suffer more. He is slowly developing his personality and style; it may take a while and has come a long way since his rescue. He has blossomed under his adoptive father's guidance and anger is a constant companion for the Orions; he uses this hatred to fuel his being resulting in being passionate for all things he does.

Strengths & Weaknesses

He suffers from night terrors that plague his sleep and awaken in a cold sweat; he has learned to shake them after but it is not always successful. Sometimes it preoccupies his thoughts and interfers with his job which leads him to making little mistakes. None life threatening which he is thankful for. He is gentle, caring, compassionate, sensitive and a genuine man which is remarkable considering his past of being a slave; most upon their freedom tend to lose those characteristics. He has become a Martial Arts guru after his rescue as he will never be caught and be used again, his adoptive father was his main teacher but for the other forms of Martial Arts he had sort out classes elsewhere.


To find any of his relatives for he will not write them off as dead until he has proof. He wants to be unmatched in multiple hand held weapons training. Learn as much as he can about any new weapons technology that can be used to defend the Federation that he can get his hands on. One day he would love to get revenge on the Orions for invading his world and stick it to them.

Hobbies & Interests

Gym, Skinny Dipping, Swimming, Martial Arts, Collecting weapons


Felinish, English and Orion



  • Foster: Luke


Connor was orphaned when Orion Syndicate operatives killed his parents for they encouraged rebellion amongst the Felinoid enslaved population on Felainus Prime. The planet is a wasteland after the Orions invaded and now it is a hub for the slave market; which Connor was sold into at ten years old. As a slave Connor had been forced into sexual relations with those who paid and requested him, he had regulars as well. Some had offered to buy him off the slavers for they had romantic interests for Connor but the slavers wouldn't sell their most profitable slave. After he turned twenty, Connor was rescued by a Starfleet Intelligence officer posing as a slaver who had infiltrated the group in order to bring an end to their 'business'. He succeeded and along with Connor had relocated to slaves to a safehouse. The officer was a human man in his late forties and at the safehouse he could rehabilitate the slaves for a normal life. The man only gave the name ‘Luke’ to them as his identity had to be a secret for if other slaver markets knew who he is, they could capture him or even kill him. During the first couple of months 'Luke' and his staff did their best to locate any family for the former slaves but majority of them no longer had any still living. 'Luke', having had several years off for doing a great job, had time to educate his orphans about life, the universe and everything; they all learned rather quickly but Connor had difficulty with just about everything yet just needed time to process it all. It took till he was in his early twenties, about 23, that he now considered himself a free guy and was his own man; he had great aptitude for learning and thanks to 'Luke's home schooling he gained an understanding of how to fight, and other subjects; he developed an impressive knack for socialising with the other orphans and those outside the orphanage allowing him to maintain relationships; he got and retained a job in a machine shop fixing and building stuff; he enjoyed all sorts of fitness training in the local gym and maintained a desirable body as well as gained muscle strength at the same time and 'Luke' had taught them all about the skills he, himself, had learn in Intelligence to stay safe, hidden and alive in all sorts of situations. Upon adulthood Connor and many of his fellow orphans went to Earth to join Starfleet which he went through with flying colours; he had a lot of fun in the school environment as well and being liked by all allowed him to 'hang out' with his friends though keep up with the curriculum.

Service Record

After graduation Connor stayed on Earth to do as much extra learning and advanced courses he could do. He worked in Starfleet Security and Tactical. Two years later he signed onto a deep space ship: the USS Gantrithor which he served on for two years as a security officer with the rank of Ensign...Age: 25...A promotion, to Lieutenant Junior Grade, came his way after he saved the lives of the away team, after another two years aboard the Gantrithor, where he was a member and earned a leaders role for a Security team...Age: 27...During a battle, one year later, where the assistant chief of security and assistant tactical officer had been killed by a mean energy discharge Connor filled the role. Later that day another promotion, to full Lieutenant, for him officially took the position. He remained in that position until he turned 28 and two years later submitted his application to take chief on the Washington as the original chief was injured leaving him unable to continue the senior security and tactical position...Age: 30...Transferred upon decommissioning of USS Washington to USS Niagara.