Conor Killian

Conor Killian
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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Eagle


Chief Engineering Officer

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Conor Killian is a Federation Starfleet officer serving as the chief engineering officer of the Sentinel-class USS Eagle.


General Overview

Jumping on the bar and singing a verse of Finnigan's Wake is something that Conor Killian has done. Something he'll do again. Not afraid of having a few with friends and toasting the Tuesdays, he is a lively young man.

Even though he has been known to be boisterous from time to time, on the job he is professional. He'll break the tension with a joke, but he'll get the job done fast and furious. Even if he has to do it his way, although he'll make it the starfleet way eventually.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Proud and defensive, a combination that is double edged to be certain. He'll defend his friends and shipmates to nearly the end of line. He'll also hold onto an idea when it's wrong. He takes advice from those he considers superior, and burns when his juniors show him up. Even though he's worked on this problem for years, he's still not perfect.

Another bittersweetness of Conor Killian, is he obsesses on things he doesn't seem to understand right away. Picking at it, until he understands.


His father said to make a better life, after his death Conor looked at Starfleet as that better life. He doesn't want to be admiral, he doesn't mind rank, he just want's a ship. He has one.

Conor wouldn't mind if he ended up taking speed records, or any other type of record for his ship.

Beyond that, meeting a nice woman, maybe having a few children.

Hobbies & Interests

Although raised on a ship, Conor likes to read the classics. He's working on them, to better himself, to create a better life.

Beyond that he loves to drink with friends and shares cigars, when he can find them.


Father: James Killian
Mother: Michelle Killian
Brother: Thomas Killian
Sister: Clioda Killian
Other Family: Matthew and Tarine Killian (father's brother)


Born aboard a commercial transport ship, Conor spent most of his life learning the ins and outs of space travel. It's not uncommon for children to be brought up in the depths of space, and Conor is no exception there.

He spent most of his days in the engine room of the Taladar learning from his father the secrets that have been passed down from father to son for over a hundred years. Ever since warp drive, the need to move things from one spot to another, and commercial transports existed, so has his family been down in the engines working.

Time passed and Conor learned all the tricks to keep a warp drive purring, and even to get a little extra out of it. Talented from birth, his father looked at Conor one day and said "Son, the life aboard a transport is hard. You deserve better, you should be more in your life than this." This touched Conor, but his father was his hero, and so he planned to take on a engineering position aboard the Florin when he turned 16.

Everything went wrong. The early days of the Dominion War had come strife and privately owned ships felt the burden of shrinking trade lanes to the more distant worlds. This brought hardship to the Taladar, and reluctantly Conor's father, James Killian, had to leave his mother and him behind.

A year passed, Conor didn't stay still, he got in trouble for breaking and taking apart anything he could get his hands on. He was his fathers son, his mother always said. The news of the Taladar's destruction came hard. A dominion vessel had seized it, killing the crew. James Killian was among the named dead. He fought hard, and was accepted to Starfleet.

Conor was 16 then. Less than a year later his mother too passed away, leaving Conor alone in the world. At 17, he saw what was happening to his home, and took a stand. His father had told him to seek a better life, to mean more. Conor thought, walking along the roads at home at night he realized defending the federation, joining starfleet, making his father proud.

He was great in class, horrible in labs. He did things his way, things worked alright, but they didn't work the starfleet way. This chafed the young lad, but he pressed on. He was part of the ground team for the precision flight team. Although ever professor saw potential in him, they all feared that he wouldn't pass in a high enough grade to make anything of himself.

Conor walked the grounds often, keeping to himself, but he met one of the groundskeepers. During his junior year Conor was having a rough time trying to do things the "starfleet" way. The groundskeeper listened, and eventually replied to his litany of complaints with a story. The groundskeeper's father had worked at the academy a long time, and wanted his son to keep on in the business. Conor listened to the story, how the woman made her father proud, and it reminded Conor what he was here to do. Make his father proud of his career. He then decided to work.

His senior year, with a 3.0 GPA, he struggled and worked. He couldn't be first in his class, but he fought to get into the top 10%. He took his first assignment with pride, and was the engineer aboard one of the shuttles that ran between important systems. He worked hard, and his CO saw it. Anytime there was an issue, Conor could be found. Even if he wasn't on shift, Conor was there. He learned the tricks and tips, and eventually taught the CEO a few of his own. The Captain saw hard work, and promoted him.

After the war was over, he was transferred to a Steamrunner-class vessel as the ACEO. He impressed his CO by always being on call and always being in Engineering. He was lively, and was well liked. What set him aside was a subspacial anomaly that brought the entire EPS grid and warp core to it's knees. Not unheard of, but getting the grid back up and the core going through its recovery procedure before the CEO got there (less than 20 minutes) really impressed people. The Dublin was older, and the engines worn, but with his help, her engines ran at 96% efficiency. Once again, he was turning heads.

Now, he was promoted to a new ship, a new life, a new world. His ship, the USS Eagle. The name tasted good on his tongue. Conor Killian, the wolf of the warp core, filled with pride as he steps forth into his new career.

Service Record

  • Starfleet Academy
  • USS Holiday - Engineering Officer
  • USS Dublin - Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
  • USS Eagle - Chief Engineering Officer