Curie-class Planetary Outpost

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Class Identification
Class: Curie-class
Role: Planetary Outpost
Projected Hull Life: 25 years
Time Between Resupply: 1 year
Officers: 3
Enlisted: 2
Civilian Crew: 5
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 20
Speed and Propulsion
Length: 75m
Width: 60m
Height: 25m
Decks: 4
Auxiliary Craft


Armament and Defensives
Shielding Systems:
Other Systems:
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Intro Text

General Overview

Class History

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

Deck Listing

Deck Description
1 Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Transporter Room 1, Phaser Turrets (2), Upper Main Engineering, Plasma Exhaust Vents, Upper Sensor Array, Officer and Crew Quarters, Antimatter Storage/Injectors, Warp Core Ejection Hatch
2 Lower Main Engineering, Main Impulse Engines, Computer Core (Level 1), Targeting Sensors, Torpedo Magazines, Forward Torpedo Launchers (2), Mess Hall, Warp Coils, Med/Science Lab, Sickbay, Transporter Room 2, Officer and Crew Quarters, Deflector Control Room
3 Main Impulse Engines, Shuttle Maintenance and Shuttlebay Elevator System, Computer Core (Level 2), Deuterium Storage/Injectors, Cargos Bays 1-4, Torpedo Magazine, Warp Coils
4 Landing Struts, Navigational Deflector, Phaser Turrets (2), Aft Torpedo Launcher, Probe Launcher, Lower Sensor Array, Shuttlebay Exterior Doors and Elevator System, Tractor Emitters, Warp Coils

b Nacelle Maintenance Access.

Established Bases

Curie-class Outposts
None Commissioned

Official Active Pegasus Fleet Planetary Base Specifications
Planetary Basess Mayflower-class  
Planetary Outpostss Curie-class