This article is official Pegasus Fleet canon.

Dalcium is a mineral found on Gemini Beta in abundance and a rare mineral found on Gemini Alpha it can be converted to a liquid state and has many beneficial uses for the Geminite Race. This mineral is found in mountainous regions in the cavern systems on both worlds, and is a vital part of the economy for the Gemini Sovereignty.

General Information

Brief History

Dalcium was originally discovered deep in the caverns on Gemini Beta sometime in the year 2093 A.D. but was originally believed to be poisonous to Geminites and would remain to be believed as such for nearly a hundred years. A geologist named Mianaese would do further research on the mineral and discover its true properties in making a powerful polymer alloy that was very resistant to electrical discharge. Because of this discovery ships constructed would use the mineral to insulate wiring and optical cable to prevent electrical shock by personnel handling them. However, other uses would not be discovered until much later in the mineral's history and it was also when small deposits were discovered on Gemini Alpha.

Dalcium could also be turned into a liquid by heating the mineral to 81.1 degrees Celsius or 178 degrees Fahrenheit and the liquid can then be for drilling at high pressure because at the time the Geminites didn't have a way to be able to cool the liquid and keep it in a liquid state it would solidify in less than one hour which left a fine layer over the affected area. It wasn't until about fifteen years later that it was discovered that by heating the mineral and then creating super fine droplets that the mineral would stay a liquid for a longer period of time. And, sometime in the year 2388 the Geminites discovered the true nature of this liquid when they were finally able to convert it into a gaseous form. It was then used to make a poison that could be unleashed into the lower atmosphere of a planet and would wipe out all Vulcanoid species without harming other lifeforms.

Where Its Found

  • Mountain Regions of Gemini Alpha
  • Mountain Regions of Gemini Beta
  • Caverns on Gemini Beta


  • Insulating Electrical and Optical Cables
  • Drilling
  • Biological Weapon

Medical Information

Dalcium works by reacting with the copper and oxygen in oxygen-rich copper-based blood. It creates a new chemical compound which in turn causes the blood to solidify very quickly preventing further movement of blood from the lungs leading to respiratory distress and eventually death.


  • Respiratory Distress
  • Burning to the lungs
  • (Advanced) Gets into blood stream and kills oxygen rich cells
  • (Advanced) Death

Affected Races

  • Vulcans
  • Romulans
  • Remans
  • Mintakans
  • Hefestians


No effective counter agents have been discovered as of this date.