Danica Johansson (Mirror)

Danica Johansson (Mirror)
Biographical Information







2353 (35)

Physical Description



102 lbs.


Dark Brown



Political Information

Terran Empire


ISS Niagara


Commanding Officer

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Captain Danica Johansson is an officer of the Terran Empire serving as Commanding Officer of the ISS Niagara.

Physical Description

Danica has an athletic build with brown eyes with a dark shadow surrounding them and black hair that falls to her mid back. She keeps herself in remarkable health both physically and mentally to ensure she is always prepared for mutinies or assassination attempts as such is still common place in the empire.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Danica has a dictatorial personality with an extremely short temper not allowing herself to be undermined by her subordinates punishing them for even the smallest indiscretions. She also carries an extremely seductive side to both genders using her good looks to seduce anyone into doing her will going as far as necessary with anyone to achieve her goals.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Confident, assertive, intelligent.

Paranoid, Tempramental, Corrupt


Absolute Power

Hobbies & Interests

When not directly commanding her vessel, Danica spends her time sharpening her combat skills and senses and plotting her next move to gain her more power and influence.


Terran Basic


Father: John Johansson(Deceased)
Mother: Anastasia Johansson(Deceased)
Sister(s): Sarah Johansson(Deceased, Murdered by Danica.)


Danica was born on April 8th 2354 to John and Anastasia Johansson in a rural community just outside of Moscow Russia. The oppressive nature of the dictatorial regime taught Danica the importance of being self-sufficient and to assert one's self over others as was displayed when the guards of the regime easily submitted Danica's "weaker" parents forcing them to give up much of the families supplies leave them near famished. Eventually Danica learned to hide small quantities from each of the day's gatherings so she would not be famished. She would also be forced to bear witness to the guards take advantage of her mother often beating her to a point where most of her body was bruised.

A true testament to her character came when the two girls were in the woods and were confronted by a wild fox. The animal began to pace ready to attack the girls. Unlike her prime counterpart, Danica did not stand against the fox instead letting the animal kill her sister feeling that at some point her sister may try to eliminate her for a greater share of what little the family had, Danica used this as a convenient excuse to maintain her "innocence" in the eyes of her parents whilst now having more food and drink not having a sister to share with.

When Danica turned sixteen her mother passed away from the years of abuse and torture. This is when the guards took interest in her but with her frail father unable to defend Danica just like her mother, she felt it necessary to offer herself to the guards and seduce them rather than be beaten fighting the inevitable. Her "loyalty" to the regime would get her noticed and as such the Terran Empire took her into service at the age of eighteen.

Her service in the Terran Empire would begin as an operative with her skills in deception taking notice right away. For the empire they believe they had control of Danica and her loyalty to them was absolute, whilst for Danica she only wished to gain power no matter whom she had to kill to get it. Her first assignment was onboard the ISS Phoenix tasked with locating and destroying the remnants of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

Service Record

2370-2374: ISS Phoenix; Operative