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David Thompson
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Physical Description

David is a very slight man, he has a slender waist and is shorter than most members of his family. But what he lacks in height or build he makes up in pure speed he is a superb sprinter.

Personality & Traits

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David is a very mellow guy, he doesnt like confrontation but if he is pulled into a situation he will act in a hard and mercyless manner. But he does have a conciounce and he is easily made to feel guilty.

David comes across as very confident but all he is good at is hiding his lack of confidence in himself despite all the citations he has under his name.

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Federation Basic


  • Father: Admiral James Thompson (Deceased)
  • Mother: Captain Jane Thompson (Deceased)
  • Brother(s): Commodore Darren Thompson, Steven Thompson
  • Sister(s): Lieutenant Commander Samantha Thompson
  • Spouse: None
  • Other Family: William Thompson, Harry Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson


Davic was born on the planet Earth as the second child to James and Jane Thompson, the first child Darren was already 9 when David was born. As soon as David learned to talk the two brothers started to argue and fight as all children do, the funniest thing was they would defend one another if anyone else started on either one but they where ruthless against one another. Darren became a more outspoken and tried to always be the comedian while David appered to be a quiet but confident person.

The brothers never really got on but David was devistated when Darren left the family and joined Starfleet Academy he had never been without his brother, he still had his younger sister with him but she never really hung out with the boys. David decided early on to join stafleet like his older brother and started to work harder and harder to get to the academy. All Davids hard work payed off in the end as he like his brother was accepted into the academy, he decided to enter into the world of strategic planning where he would assist senior staff with battle plans, patrol plans, campaign plans, what ships to use for what mission and etc as well as assisting senior Officers with controlling there assests within a designated area of space.

David was one of the quietest and hardest working members of his class finishing the top of his class after his four years. Upon completion of the academy David was assigned to Starbase 35 as a Strategic Operations Assistant with the rank of Ensign. Among his tasks on the station David was required to keep a track on local no federation ships and liase with Intelligence so as to try and limit any attempts at foreign espionage or worse.

This assignment didnt last long and soon afterwards he was assigned to the USS Excalibur as a Strategic Operations Officer, the only reason the ship was assigned staff for the department was due to the fact that the ship was the flagship for the 67th Task Force with Commodore Wilson in command. On his first mission aboad the Excalibur David was promoted to Lieutenant JG and Chief of Strategic Operations when the original Chief was Killed during a shuttle accident. David stayed on the Exclaibur for several more yeards under Commodore Wilson, first gaining a promotion to Lieutenant when he successfully co-ordinated the 67th Task Forces attack on the Pirate base within the Delphi Cluster and then a later promotion to Lieutenant Commander when the Commodore assigned him to the post of Executive Officer of the Excalibur.

During the last few years on the Exclaibur David was involved in several minor engagements the last of which being when he led the boarding party to retake the USS Vigilant from a group of terrorists who had captured her from the dockyards where she was undergoing repairs. Due to the Excalibur having further work to do in the area to chase down the remaining terrorists Commodore Wilson placed David in acting command of the Vigiliant and ordered him back to base with a skeleton crew.

When Command heard of his actions in retaking the Vigilant they promoted to Commander and offered him command of the USS Anaconda. David was stunned and accepted the command after some hesitation in which Commodore Wilson persuaded him to accept the command.

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