December 2018 Post of the Month

December 2018 Post of the Month
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Post Title: Ambassadorial Party
Sim: Starbase 831
Post Date: 17 Dec 2019 @ 11:19pm
Authors: Ambassador Garran Silvaborn, Ambassador Dior Melag, and Ambassador Daisan Goki
Mission Information
Mission Title: That's No Moon...
Location: 'The Zocalo' club
Timeline: Post Arrival: the Sirran
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Ambassadorial Party

The invitations had been sent out to Ambassadors Dior Melag and Daisan Goki alike along with their respective assistants, for an informal gathering at the local mexican themed club dubbed the Zocalo. At Ambassador Garran Silvaborn's expense, ofcourse. He had rented a portion of the club, ensuring the ambassadors and their assistants could eat, drink and converse in relative peace, while still enjoying the culture and atmosphere that the Zocalo offered.

This informal meet-and-greet and dinner would serve as a way to introduce himself and establish a good rapport with the other two ambassadors, so he hoped. He himself had taken a position at a reserved table occupying an enlarged and strengthened chair that could support his weight, next to an equally strengthened yet vacant chair. Three chairs and then two circled the table, allowing seating for the other ambassadors and their assistants.

As for Dina Vossiborn, Garran's assistant, the white and caramel-furred female Sirran behemoth stood aside near the entrance, awaiting their guests. She was wearing a simple yet elegant dress of a cream color with subtle gold accents.

It was Dior that arrived first, with her assistant drone already having briefed her on the food service and the what the top rated reviews on Meep were for the restaurant. Apparently, Zocalo was rather highly regarded on the station. Having been warned of the food stock's tendency to dribble and potentially stain Dior opted for a darker themed pair of dresses. A heavily shaded violet that only shed its color when struck by the light. As for her drone assistant, the drone was sporting the latest in civilian line chassis: White on gold.

"And you're sure it's safe to eat?" Dior inquired as they approached. Willow-38 produced a synthetic laugh, "Would you prefer if I tested it first?" and that lightened Dior's concerns away. The drone took a few steps early to get the door for the Dalacari representative, who took her first steps in and then noticed Dina.

It took a moment for either form to speak, on account of having to take a moment to actually take in the sight of the casually imposing Sirran. "You match." was the first thing Dior could mention about the towering Dina. Willow-38 took a moment to scan the Sirran before another synthetic laugh issued forth. Dior shook her heads, and then offered a pair of smiles to the canid assistant, "It's a pleasure to meet you, you must be with Ambassador Silvaborn office. I'm Dior Melag, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"The pleasure and honor is mine, Ambassador Melag." Dina smiled warmly, making a slight bow in reverence to the esteemed guest. "And might I extend my warmest and happiest appreciation that you deem our invitation worthy. I, am Dina Vossiborn, ambassador Silvaborn's assistant. This way, please, I will show you to the table for tonight." and with that the massive Sirran assistant led Dior Melag and Willow-38 to Garran's table, before heading back to the entrance.

Once she was shown where the seating arrangements were, the trio'ed pair nodded in thanks and proceeded to join Garran. Only shortly behind them walked the Ts'usugi delegation. Goki's black fur was a stark contrast not only to the brightness of the station but to the brightness of the fur and color of garb of both his own assistant and Dina herself. Even taking into account Daisan's ears she still had a good foot and a half, maybe even two feet, on him.

"Words, sir." the grey colored rabbitess flanking him mentioned with a bit of a hushed giggle. Daisan gave her a smirk, then turned to address Dina, "It's very nice to meet you. Daisan Goki, as requested by Garran Silvaborn."

"And the warmest and happiest greeting to you as well, Ambassador Goki and assistant." Dina smiled, giving another bow in greet. "I am Dina Vossiborn, Ambassador Silvaborn's assistant. If you would follow me please, I will show you to the table for tonight." Her voice was no less rich and warm than that of any Sirran.

Soon, all the chairs set forth by Garran had been taken. Seated at that simple table were the faces and voices of three peoples. Some far from home, some who's homes couldn't been seen from here. "Thank you for inviting us, Mister Silvaborn. I admit, I'm rather eager to try new things, and I've been very curious as to this ... Mexican cuisine ever since you offered us both this invitation."

Goki chuckled, "I have to agree. I hear this style of food is an ancient Earth holdover? Something that even predates their ventures into subluminal, nevermind superluminal travel." Seems someone did their homework. Or had their homework read to them diligently. He'd never confess...

"Indeed. I have been told that this 'Mexican' food is considered highly cultural and spicy to eat. I have of course made sure that all our meals and drinks are ensured to not be poisonous to any of us." Garran's resonating basso profundo rumbled. "Oh, and please, call me Garran, at least for tonight."

"Speaking of, let us get started." Dina offered, standing again. "What may we offer you to drink?" she asked the Ambassadors. "Oh, just an orange juice for me to get started, Dina." Garran suggested.

As Garran dropped the veil of formality, Dior actually signed in relief. "Oh thank Dia." she said, which illicited another synthetic laugh from Willow-38. "I was worried we'd be jumping directly into paperwork from the first moment." and the pair smiled towards the elder Sirran.

"Just Dior, please." and then her assistant motioned towards itself, "This unit is just Willow-38."

"Such a whimsical drone." Goki said with a chuckle, and then gave a nod, "Well, looks like we're all on a quick first name basis." he gave a nod towards his assistant. "So no paperwork, at least until we have to discuss dessert." and the prospect of dessert seemed to please the grey furred assistant. Not to be left out of the impromptu camaraderie, she gave a nod, "My name is Lana, but please, don't go through any trouble." she offered.

At Dina's offer for drinks, there was a bit of an internal discussion among each delegate. The Dalacari answered first, "Well, I don't know how much from home the station has, or how long the fabricators here take to integrate the database we offered but, I think I like the sound of a juice to start." she offered.

"Orange sounds nice. Two of those, to start." she offered with a pair of smiles. The Drone, as expected, shook her head-unit, "I'll pass. Someone has to drive her home." It was nice of the drone to have a series of culturally appropriate excuses as to why it would refuse to drink. Outside of being artificial, that is.

"Whatever they have here that they call tea. Might as well start sampling the fare." Goki offered. While it would sound mean if those words were used in any other context, he had a way of saying them that sounded pleasant, almost jovial. Lana gave a nod, "Tea sounds lovely. Thank you."

"Dior, Goki, Willow-38 and Lana." Garran repeated their names, with a nod. Dina meanwhile, repeated other words. "Two orange juice and two tea. I will be right back." And with that she headed to the bar to order their drinks.

Garran meanwhile did his best to get a conversation going. "I must admit, I have only the most rudimentary information on both your people. I know the Dalacari are a binary race and the two bioforms share a single identity and consciousness, and I know the Ts'usugi are normally a somewhat secretive people who stand on ceremony and protocol, but other than that, I'm afraid I'm in the dark. Would you do me the honor and tell me a little bit about yourself and your people?"

"He knows too much." Willow-38 intoned, which make Dior almost giggle her head off, and if Goki was drinking tea Garran would be wearing it.

"Now, you see..." Daisai started once he recovered, "When a Dalacari DRONE makes the joke..." he just left it open, to which his assistant and Dior together just agreed with.

"Well... Dalacari I'd have to say are... curious. We like to answer our questions and then explore the possibilities the answers present. I guess sometimes our curiosity gets the better..." and she stopped. Over. Done.

It was her twin that picked up the conversation, "... of us once in a while, but we've never gotten so far lost that we couldn't find our way back. Our best friends in the void of space, and our strongest allies, are the Ts'usugi." she motioned to Goki, who simply returned the gesture with a nod.

It was Goki that started talking next, "The Joint Defense Accord was signed by our two people over two hundred years ago, and established the pact of mutual friendship and brotherhood between our people and while it does limit a few of the directions that the brilliant minds of the Dalacari can go, I think it also makes resources available to them that normally wouldn't be there." the black rabbit affirmed. "The Dalacari are easily some of the most amazing and interesting people I've ever had the privilege of meeting, and certainly the most unique. They have a brilliance to them, and a child-like curiosity. A desire to see the universe and a thirst for knowledge."

"Thank you." Dior mentioned.

"Though, curiosity and a drive for knowledge that sometimes could benefit from a helping hand, or maybe just a big brother to make sure no one bullies them." he offered with a smirk, to which Dior really couldn't do anything but nod to. After all, he was right.

"The Ts'usugi are steeped in tradition and protocol. The procedure for greeting a head of state who is also an elder is easily two pages long." he scoffed. "Slowly, we're moving into faster times and for some, that's very scary. All they know is protocol. All they know is tradition. Changing times scare them. When we made contact with the Federation their greatest fear was that we would have to lose who we are to become part of something greater. A price that not many are truly willing to pay. So each encounter we have with the Federation is, well, something of a test truth be told."

"I wouldn't say we're secretive, more that we're content to tell what is needed and keep the rest." he started, to which Lana chimed in, "That's secretive, sir." and his face light up with the proverbial 'light bulb' face. "Oh. Well I can see how that could be interpreted. I guess the only reason I have for that is we spent our lives defending our borders for so long that we, as a people, are expecting to have to break off contact at any time, or that anyone we meet in the dark is a potential enemy waiting to happen. So to that, if we don't tell you anything, you have nothing to use against us should the need arise for us to defend ourselves against you."

As the Ts'usugi and Dalacari ambassadors spoke, Garran listened, and Dina returned with a tray with the ordered drinks. Two normal longdrink glasses for Dior, filled with fresh, real orange juice. For Goki and Lana empty gasses, a thermos bottle of hot water and a small box with various teas inside. Finally, for Garran and Dina herself, a large glass - almost like a pitcher - with their chosen drinks.

"Utterly fascinating." Garran offered, in a way that revealed true interest in how the ambassadors described their races. "Sounds like your peoples enrich each other in all sorts of wonderful ways." A nod to Dior. "The ability to see beyond the direct situation and think ahead is a gift."

Then to Goki "I can imagine how it can be frightening to move away from something as familiar as protocol. After all, there is something to be said for the comfort of predictability." He took a sip of his drink. "As for our people ... Dina?"

At that his assistant took over almost without missing a beat. "We Sirran are a people of workers, farmers, artisans. We live long lives, and honest work, family and the wisdom of age are held in supreme regard among our people. It is our wish to foster friendly relations and open trade with all the races of the Federation, and those friendly to the Federation." she spoke, almost as if reciting a text book.

Each in turn thanked Dina for the drink provided, and then listened as the pair spoke. Goki spoke first after the description, "A marvelous goal, though it would be the goal of everyone who offers out their hand across the gulf of the dark. If you aren't offering a hand, you're showing a fist, and if you aren't showing a fist, you're showing nothing."

Dior gave a smirk, "What he's trying to say is that making friends BEFORE making enemies is the proper procedure. As for the people of Dalacar, we prefer making friends because we're not very good when it comes to dealing with enemies. We usually ask for help in that regard." and her glance slid to the Ts'usugi across the table from her.

"Oh, your people do well enough. I'm not the biggest fan of drones, no offense Willow." Goki mentioned, which Willow chimed in, "In the interest of galactic peace, it'll be excused."

"... but their results cannot be argued. They found a way to take the personal out of personal conflict. Good for numbers, but when conflict has no wage, then the only thing stopping you from using that as your first response is your own moral compass. I think the Dalacari are of a solid morality, but seeing them in action still, I guess the best way to say it is... it gives me the creeps." he paused, "Creeps? is that right?" and Lana gave a nod, "I believe so."

"On the other hand, one might argue that if one takes the personal out of personal combat, it becomes less of a last measure and more of an easy option." Dina mused, taking a sip of her drink. Garran simply gave her a glance, and smiled. Dina continued - "After all, one might argue it's the personal loss and tragedy that makes war something to be avoided, until all other avenues have been exhausted."

Goki gave a nod, "I agree. Conflict should have a wage BUT..." he raised a finger to stifle the moment, "... I completely understand why the Dalacari do what they do. They pay for every injury and death for the rest of their lives." he said, and Dior could only just give a nod at that. Acknowledge the acknowledgment. She then turned to Garran and Dina, "When a Dalacari is hurt, both of their bodies feel the pain. Stub a toe, and both of their forms hop around. Get a cut, and both wince." she turned silent for a moment.

"If one dies, the other has to live with it forever. Some sink into depression, others become manic. It's a loss that's irrecoverable, all we can do is make them comfortable until they..."

"... feel comfortable enough to live on their own, or they ask to be sanctioned." the gravity that word held left no mistake.

Dina listened with her full attention, body turned to face Goki, and then Dior, respectively. Not only were they of a higher station and rank, but - to Dina's mind - they were Elders, which automatically earned them a great deal of respect. "Sanctioned." she repeated the word, quietly, letting the gravity of it permeate her mind.

"Come, let us no longer speak of death and war, suffering and pain - I'm old and have seen enough of all of that to last me a life time." Garran spoke up. "Besides, this is supposed to be a happy occasion, time spent with prospective new friends. Lana, why did you choose this path, to serve as an ambassador's aid? And, Willow-38, how much of your station is by programming and how much by your own will?" his resounding rumbling bass resonated.

Lana actually blinked at being directly involved. "Oh, well..." she thought for a moment, "There's a certain degree of prestige being the aid to an ambassador. Plus I need the certifications to eventually be a diplomat on my own." she admitted, brushing some hair out from her face, "Also, there's a certain degree of comfort in serving aboard a starbase. While it means you're always the host, it also means that all your functions are on familiar ground."

"Mother always preferred to host rather than travel." she added.

Willow actually seemed to perk up as it was included as well. "A large portion of this platform's functions are pre-loaded. There are allowances for learning and retention so that future conversations and discussions can be easier and smoother. For instance, certain topics can be trimmed or curtailed if something is deemed offensive or undesirable."

"Give her a month, and she'll know almost as much about you as you know about yourself." Dior offered.

"This platform doesn't have will, as it can be truly understood. Decisions can be made, but only based off of previous data or conditions. If something comes along that there is no previous data coverage, then the solution is to seek outside assistance."

Seeing her elder change the subject, Dina followed in his example, rising to her feet again. "Goki, Dior, Lana, Willow, what would you like to eat?" Including Willow-38 in part out of politeness and in part out of curiosity to how the drone would respond.

"Land based beef is actually a delicacy on Ts'usu, so I take every opportunity to enjoy it while I can. Can you recommend anything?" the Ts'usugi ambassador requested, while Lana looked over the menu and made her decision based on pure instinct. "Burritos." she actually giggled, "What an odd word."

"I think I'll have the que... quesa... " Dior paused, then actually pointed at the menu. "That one." and then Willow-38 simply shook her head-unit, holding up a hand, "It would go straight to my thighs. I really shouldn't."

Dina actually giggled at Willow-38's reply, memorizing the other guest's orders. "Quesadilla, burritos, and, silvertail Garran?"

"I'll have the ribeye tacos with habanero salsa please, Dina. Thank you." Garran mused. "And I would recommend the same to Goki."

The rabbit ambassador gave a nod to the aid, signifying his consent.

"Alright, I will be right back." Dina smiled, heading off to the counter.

Upon hearing the pronunciation of the term, Dior actually looked down at the menu again, as though parsing the word. "Is *THAT* how you say it?" and Willow toned a synthetic laugh, "Superfluous letters, a human trait if ever there was one."

With a smirk from the drone's mirth, Goki raised his tea, "Well then, to old friends and the road behind... and to new friends and the road ahead."

"To new friends, may they become be the truest of friends." Garran smiled, raising his glass.