Deke Franklin

Deke Franklin is a Starfleet officer onboard the USS Washington

Deke Franklin, PC
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USS Washington


Executive Officer

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Physical Description

Franklin stands 6' 1" with auburn hair and brown eyes. His stature is one of an athlete to keep his weight and body in shape for the rigors of Engineering older machines. Scar on the left hand and shoulder. He is what the 20th century called `dashing.' He looks to the casual observer to be roughly 25 Earth Years old

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Deke is a dedicated person that would seem to be a walking contradiction; he had the look and manners energy of a youthful man yet he talks as a man who has seen many years. It is largely due to his being exposed to the Ba’ku Society and the radiation that altered their DNA. Even away from the planet he ages more slowly.

He has studied both technology and the simple life without it. Thus he has the eagerness of a young man with the experiences of what a Star Ship can do and where he can go yet the wisdom that come with age. He is an open person who may even seem over-confidant but in reality he has some insecurities as he ‘has to learn really fast’ now compared to having decades to learn a skill or style.

He is driven and light hearted with a desire to help those around him to excels as a team. He will do well as a leader in his ability to unite people in a common goal and his desire to have everyone involved.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Life experiance
+ Diffrent Tech eras experianced
+ Salvage/ Scavanger Expert
+ Does not know what a 'Box' is to think in.
+ Good Technical knowledge
+ Great Reverse Engineering Skills, Analysis

- Tends to act Fatherly
- Insecure as Life now is fast paced
- Over thinks things
- Tends to treat other like 'Children.


To see where he can get a Star Ship to go. Like Montgomery Scott he likes to build and learn technology

Hobbies & Interests

His hobby is building vintage and experimental machines. Playing a ‘Spy' during Earth’s 20th century works with 'Q' from Bond Series to think. Like Mechanical things; always making some sort of device or Engine design. He also relaxes with writing and performing music as baritone voice, and extreme sketching talent; technical as well as artistic. He gardens to relax; enamored with breeds of roses and rose-like plants. He seeks his Zen and practices meditation and a Tiger style Kung Fu.


Federation Standard, Orion, Ba'ku, Klingon



  • Harvey


  • Tasha


  • Thomas
  • Mitch


Deke was the youngest son of Harvey and Tasha Franklin. Harvey was a ‘Trouble Shooter’ type engineer that was often in demand as his Wife was a Archeologist. He would keep the machines and things working while she did her grants and excavations.

The three children were happy and went from place to place to learn much more than any one school. Deke was the youngest and he was always with his father working since he was able to walk. Eventually his mother was allowed to visit the Ba’ku as she found artifacts from their home world. With the skills of both parents his mother had been a modern Treasure Hunter type and is how she discovered the Ba'ku long before the Federation.

Deke was learning along with his Father's work how to be a Energy Systems Engineer and Mechanic for Warp Drives. As a kid he could squeeze into places his father could not and effect light repairs without having to 'uncan' the part for fixing.

Deke spent decades there studying arts, sketching and found he had a baritone voice. He had grown with similar aged Ba'ku children and stayed for the full time as an artisan apprentice.

It was when he reached adulthood that his aging stopped for a time as he remained on the Ba'ku world as an Artisan for a few years. He is slightly older than he seems on first appearance. He also has a fascination for older vintage machines; a partial throwback to his day with Ba’ku and not using technology.

He left and joined Starfleet. He liked Power Systems and everything that makes a star ship 'Go’ became almost an obsession. He excelled and graduated at top of his class with several awards. He began writing papers on the theories of trans-warp Technology as a freshman.

'Without power nothing happens on a star ship." he was witnessed saying in arguments. He also minored with Warp fields emphasis on the power demands. Wrote several papers on the relationship of power to Drive in both warp and Transwarp systems.

It was on the USS Yamamato B that he was seen as more useful; during a Core breech Franklin sealed the leak and after assessing the edamage jury rigged a Warp drive using all scavenged parts from shuttles and other syswtems to route the power to th Drives. While Warp Sped was reduced teh repair time and lack of replicator demands made short work of the 'Down Time' the ship drifted significantly

Service Record

  • Academy
  • USS Berlin (CAdet Cruise)
  • USS Keplar (Engineering Crew)
  • USS Townsend (Gamma Shift Lead)
  • USS Yamamoto ( Assistant Chief Engineer)
  • USS Washington (Chief Engineer)
  • USS Washington (Executive Officer)