Diego Nunez

This character is a PNPC of the player Enor and may not be used without permission.

Diego A. Nunez is a Science Officer in Starfleet serving onboard the USS Washington.

Diego Antonio Nunez, PNPC
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May 18, 2350

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223 lbs




Warm Brown

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USS Washington


Science Officer

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Physical Description

Diego is a human male that has black hair, brown eyes, and tanned olive skin. He speaks with a Spanish accent, and is tall, athletic and muscular with long legs. He knows he is handsome and uses it, knowing he has that 'tall dark mysterious' quality going for him. His dark hair is of medium length and one curl comes down on his forehead no matter what he does to it. His teeth seem even whiter than they are due to his dark complexion. He carries himself tall and proud, and the fire in his brown eyes lets you know this guy will not back down if crossed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Diego is calm under pressure, but can have a very short fuse at times. He had trouble keeping it in check when he was younger, but eventually made it into the Academy. He is just and loyal, and a fierce friend; however if he thinks a friend is making a mistake, he will not hesitate to say so, for fear that the friend will get hurt. He is intelligent, sharp-tongued, the two making a deadly combination; he can trip up the most put-together department head, tongue tying him to where he talks himself into a corner.

He is also bisexual and somewhat ‘dominant’ when in a relationship with a man. He likes to fight but knows when to talk. He works hard and plays hard, but knows when to cool it down and go slow. He has a sensitive side and will be tender and understanding and compassionate when he needs to be. With a woman he is kind, tender, loving and compassionate.

Strengths & Weaknesses

S – Diego is calm under pressure, very intelligent, and can talk anyone into a corner. He is very loyal, almost fanatically so. He knows when to fight and when to talk, when to play and when to work, and when to calm down and take it slow. He can be compassionate and understanding.

W – Diego’s sharp tongue has gotten him into trouble a few times, as has his machismo. He can be short on patience and temper at times


Diego’s childhood dream was not to command a starship, like most children, but to become a chief science officer and possibly head of the Starfleet Science Division. He loved discovering new things. But as he got older and spent more time away from his family, he began to realize just how much family means to him and how much he longs for one of his own

Hobbies & Interests


Spanish, Federation Standard with Accent



  • Tomas Nunez


  • Rosa Nunez


  • Carlos
  • Jorge (Twin)
  • Miguel
  • Juan
  • Alonzo


  • Rita & Elena (Twins)
  • Isabel
  • Lupe


Diego was born on a hacienda that used to belong to the Nunez Dons of Mexico. He was raised on the ranch, and was used to getting his hands dirty. Being the second oldest of 10, he was used to getting stuck with the babysitting, but luckily, his sisters, Rita and Elena, was there to help. His family often had the cousins and aunts and uncles over for Sunday dinner, so he was used to large crowds very early in life and came to have a very strong sense of family. As Diego got older, he came to love the invasion of cousins (he has 103) and thrived on it. Eventually, the cousins got so big, there was no longer room for all of them, and they came in smaller groups.

During school, Diego was both brainy and athletic. He ran track, was on the swim team and the soccer team, played the guitar, and was an honor student. His siblings were just as good: Elena was on the gymnastics team; Rita was on the swim and track teams; Carlos played football and triathalon; Jorge was a pianist, ran track and planned on going to medical school; and Miguel, Lupe, Juan, Alonzo and Isabel all received good marks as well. Tomas, their father, could not have been prouder.

But the family was almost torn apart when Elena announced she just wanted to be a bar owner. Diego was furious. Elena had top grades, had won several medals on the team, and was liked by everyone. Then Diego started watching Elena in the kitchen. She would make up recipes and drinks, then asking the others to taste them. When Diego realized it was Elena’s dream just like being an scientist was his, he finally made peace with the decision – a year after everyone else did.

Diego graduated near the top of his class. He couldn’t wait to get started on the next stage in his life. He was immediately accepted to Starfleet Academy where Carlos was already studying, and the two of them tried to get together at every opportunity. Diego was on top of the world.

Then one day, his mother sent a message saying that his Abuelita had died. Diego had never seen eye to eye with his grandmother—especially on his sexuality—but he still loved her. He left the Academy for 6 months, and when he returned, he wasn’t the same. He had lost his fire, his sense of purpose, just going through the motions of day to day life. His friend Trevor tried to get him to cheer up, and finally, when he saw a pair of teenagers picking on a young boy, he lost control and beat the tar of them. He was reprimanded and sent to counseling, but he had his fire back.

Carlos and had graduated by this time, and it was Jorge, Diego and Rita. When Diego finally did graduate, he was forced to see things for the very first time: that he and his family wouldn’t always be together. Life takes Starfleet officers away from their families, he was to go where he was assigned.

He said goodbye to his family and headed for his first assignment, the USS Penance. The first few months he was like a zombie, so lonely and homesick. Once he started to gain friends, he wasn't quite so lonely and began to value his time alone, seeing that it had its benefits. On the Penance he served with distinction until one day they were attacked by a Genervan ship at the mouth of an anomaly of unknown quantity. Both there to study it, the Genervans attacked the Penance by means of channeling the energy from the anomaly through their ship towards the Penance. Both the Chief and Assistant Chief Science Officers were dead, so Diego took up the position and started scanning the ship and the anamoly. He found that the energy generated through the Genervans' ship was a natural phenomenon and happened when two ships with warp signatures were in close proximity to each other. The captain pulled back and found out that the same had happened on the other ship but only when the Penance arrived. For his logic under pressure, Diego was promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer and assigned to the USS Washington.