Dietrich Reinhart

Dietrich M. Reinhart
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Physical Description

6' 1"


185 lbs


Dark Blond & Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Starbase 332


Executive Officer

Played By:

Mark Reinhart

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Commander Dietrich Reinhart is a Federation Starfleet officer serving the Eleventh Fleet. He serves as the Executive Officer of Starbase 332, Starbase Threshold, as well as the Commander, Air Group (CAG) of Starbase Airwing 17. Reinhart has served as a Pilot and Flight Control Officer throughout his Starfleet career.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Reinhart is a case-study Type-A personality. All good leaders are physically fit, he thinks. All good leaders set the example, he believes. He is competitive. Unfortunately, because of his 'get it done fast, measure-once, cut twice' attitude, he typically tries to hammer out his personal problems with people with grudges, mockery and by completely ignoring the issues. However, he is a hard-liner for safety. His prudence is most evident on the flight deck and in the cockpit, where the checklist is the script. Though a Type-A personality, he realizes when he is outgunned, and would rather return to fight another day than lose a lopsided match.

Physical Description

Dietrich Reinhart is 6'1", weighing 185 lbs. He has light brown hair and deep blue eyes. He is tan, and his skin course from years of being out in the sun. Dietrich exercises regularly, up to five times a week, in order to maintain physical conditioning for atmospheric flight. He wears his duty uniform a little tighter than he normally should, but usually opts to wear a flight suit. Reinhart also has terrible five o'clock shadow, and sometimes has to shave two times a day to maintain grooming standards. His boots are always shined, and his uniforms flawless. However, his hair can grow a little too long after neglecting it for weeks at a time.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths: Leadership & Physical Fitness Safety while on Duty Ability to judge situations Organization Tactical planning

Weaknesses: Conflict Resolution High level math Spends too much time building stills in Science Labs Can be rude to younger officers High standards make him a jerk and look down on others.


Dietrich's personal ambitions were to retire to some tropical beach on Earth and open an airport, where he could work on 20th century aircraft and fly atmospherically. However, his fleet ambitions are to eventually run an air wing, followed by a carrier. He believes his best traits are training pilots and planning operations, so he feels his ultimate goal should be to work in Fleet Fighter Command. The beach sounds good though.

Hobbies & Interests

Atmospheric Flying, exercising, poker, engineering, and astronomy. Dietrich spent all of his free time as a child learning about starcraft and airplanes, and preparing for entrance exams to the Academy. To this day, he still trains, reads and studies piloting, tactics, and the mechanics behind his aircraft. He also enjoys riding horses, golf, a cold beer, and snow-skiing.


English, German, Federation Standard


Father: Markus E. Reinhart
Mother: Madeline Reinhart
Sisters: Christina Kippler (Married to a Star Fleet Captain)
Brother: Mark D. Reinhart(CFOPS/11th Fleet, CO/USS Shiloh), Tyler Reinhart (Deceased, Dominion War), Frederick Reinhart (Successful Merchant)
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Family


Early Life

Dietrich Manfred Reinhart was born in Munich, Germany on March 17th, 2352. He was born to Markus and Madeline Reinhart, a couple who owned a star port for the luxury mountain resort town. Brought up in the relatively wealthy family, Dietrich had every opportunity on a silver platter before him. He went to excellent private schools, grew fond of politics and debating, played several sports and excelled in snow-skiing. However, his first love was flying. His father began teaching him about aircraft immediately after his first steps. It fascinated him, and it drove him. He was soon learning how to maintain old 20th and 21st century aircraft, as well as studying navigation and basic manoeuvres. He got his pilot's license at the earliest age legally allowed, his 15th birthday. Though, he had been flying since he was 8, it was one of his proudest days. His father, a veteran flight officer and captain of Starfleet, began training him the day after so he could be prepared for Preliminary Flight Training.

Academy and Fleet Career

Reinhart entered the academy at the age of 17. He studied Electrical Engineering with a minor in navigation. Dietrich struggled with the math, but his aspirations were largely based on mathematical and quantitative studies. He tried his best, was tutored regularly by his professors and classmates, but only scored B's at best, earning himself an average GPA. He did, however, excel in his roles as a cadet and a leader. His physical training tests were aced. He ranked among the top 5% in his strategic, operational and tactical courses. Reinhart did not commission with any honors, but made it into Star Fighter Preliminary Training. He passed Preliminary Training 2nd in his class. He was only second because he had to retake the atmospheric portion of the final test when he made his instructor vomit pulling a negative G dive from 60,000 ft. above sea level. Because the Dominion War was in full swing against the Federation, he chose fighter bombers so that he could put a dent in the enemy's war effort. At this point in the war, fighters were becoming significant in raids against Dominion supply routes and hit-and-runs on relay stations and depots. He was 85% through his training when the war was brought home.

Dominion War

Ensign Dietrich Reinhart had served in the aerial defense of Earth during the Breen surprise attack. He was flying high-orbit bombing runs over Io with the VT-8 Flying Tigers training squadron practicing high-orbit bombing runs over Io when the Breen blasted through the Earth defenses. Reinhart shot down two Breen fighters within the first hour of battle. After expending his weapons load, however, he and his squadron landed in Arizona in hopes of getting back to the fight. The Breen were gone by the time he returned to orbit. Though the attack was the only time Earth was threatened in the war, Dietrich and essentially the rest of the Sol Sector fleet were on alert for the following month. He eventually made it to the war fleet stationed onboard an Akira-class flying Broadsword class Multi-Role flyers. Although he made it to the Assault on Cardassia Prime, he never participated in any attacks.

Post-Dominion War

Reinhart served on various space stations and deep space outposts along the Romulan and Cardassian borders after the war. He was eventually promoted to commander of a Peregrine squadron, and performed long range reconnaissance and deterrent missions along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Specifically, Reinhart was aboard the USS Galaxy, NCC-70637, during the Battle Group Omega rush to the Romulan Neutral Zone's Sector 1045 in 2379.

After a tour as a Squadron Commander, he was rotated back to Primary Flight Training in Pensacola, Florida, Earth where he was a Flight Instructor for the Advanced Fighter/Bomber School and an instructor. At the same time, however, he took the opportunity to learn to drive starships and get qualified on a variety of vessels.

After twelve years in Starfleet, he has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, and Defense of Earth medals, as well as various operational awards for duties in deep space, Cardassia, and along the RNZ.

Reinhart was rotated to CFCO duty on the USS Carthage following his time in deep space, then given a chance to participate in several fighter operations. After his fifth kill, Dietrich was given a promotion to Lt. Commander during the Battle of the Syndicate. It was after this that he was allowed to take a command class and qualify to become Second Officer. The Carthage underwent a change in command at Starbase 294, and he was transferred to the Jackal shortly thereafter. Onboard the Defiant-class USS Jackal, Commander Reinhart served in the dual capacity of Chief Flight Control Officer and Executive Officer.

After a change in Fleet Organization, the Jackal was transferred to 11th Fleet, Task Force 11-2. Reinhart and his Commanding Officer, Alex Gunning, were then transferred to the command staff roles aboard Starbase 332 - Threshold in the Archan system. Commander Reinhart currently serves as the Station's Executive Officer, as well as the Air Wing's Commander.

Spacecraft Qualifications

He is currently qualified to pilot the following vessels:

Service Record

2370-2373 - Star Fleet Academy
2373-2374 - Star Fighter Preliminary Training, Corpus Christi, Texas, Earth
2374-2375 - VFA-272 "Black Dogs" Attack Squadron, Broadsword-Class
2375-2378 - VFA-181 "Tornadoes" Attack Squadron, Broadsword-Class, DS3
2378-2380 - VFA-301 "Yellow: Jackets Attack Squadron, Peregrine-Class, RNZ
2380-2382 - XO, VFA-15 "Comets" Attack Squadron, Peregrine-Class, RNZ
2382-2384 - CO, VFA-122 "Terra-Movers" Attack Squadron, Peregrine-Class, RNZ
2384-2385 - Instructor, Advanced Fighter Bomber School, Pensacola, Florida, Earth
2385-2386 - Chief Flight Control Officer and Commander, Air Group (VA-1020 "The Guardians" Carthage, NCC-60310
2386-Present - Executive Officer & Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Jackal, NCC-79083