Diseases and Conditions - General

This is a page for assisting those who wish to become Medical Officers and/or Nurses in the fleet. In this document, we have compiled all the races currently in Pegasus Fleet for a look at how their bodies work to assist in learning the basics of Starfleet medicine. For further details, please contact Veronica Constantine at academy@pegasusfleet.net. The disclaimer may be found at the end of this document.

Altarian Encephalitis is a disease caused by a virus which could be dormant for many years before becoming active and putting the patient into a coma and/or delirium for days. Once active it erases all memories to the point of infection through degradation of neural pathways. Klingons, however, are immune.

The Ankaran flu is a contagious, non-deadly disease that requires several days of treatment. Its symptoms are similar to many other flu-like diseases but also include pain in the joints.

Arethian Flu is an illness that is similar to the terran disease influenza. Among the possible symptoms are sneezing, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and rash on the chest.

Correllium Fever is a contagious disease that can affect many different peoples.

Eosinophilia is the condition where unusually high amounts of white blood cells are found in in the body tissues or the blood. Because it can be in the tissues of the body, it is possible to be found only one part of the body.

Forrester-Trent Syndrome is a rare disorder of the central nervous system that worsens over time. Among the symptoms are tremors in the hands and also severe seizures. If untreated, it can cause paralysis or death. It is usually inherited from the parents. However, it can be caused by a random mutation. A neuro-stabilization regimen is the usual treatment prescribed by Starfleet doctors. Though not a cure, the patient usually responds well to the treatment and sometimes the effects are reversed.

Hesperan thumping cough is a disease that is similar to the flu on Earth, however the cough was similar to the Terran whooping cough.

Iresine Syndrome is a disease where the patient experiences a decreased histamine count and an electropathic residue.

Irumodic Syndrome is a disorder of the brain that worsens over time due to the deterioration of neural pathways. Some of the symptoms are confusion, delusions, and eventually death though it can take several years for the symptoms become apparent and several more before the patient dies. The usual treatment is a medication known as peridaxon though it only relieves the symptoms. Many people choose to undergo genetic testing to determine if a person may develop this ailment later in their life, though not everyone who tests positive would suffer from the disease.

The Kamaraazite flu is a viral infect with the same symptoms as the common cold, but is much nastier in the degree of the symptoms. For instance, the sneezing could cause one to regurgitate their breakfast.

The Levodian flu is an ailment common in the Federation that usually runs for 29 hours and is very similar to the Earth flu. Its symptoms are worse, however it runs for a shorter time than the Earth flu.

Mendakan pox is an illness which is non-fatal and hardly ever has a recurrence. It is, however, contagious, mostly in children. It is characterized by fever, headache, and red pustules over the skin.

Polycythemia is a condition where there is an unusually high amount of red blood cells in the bloodstream. However, it may be an indicator of another condition.

The Quazulu VIII virus is a respiratory virus whose symptoms are similar to the common cold. It is highly contagious and spreads by means of a flower-like perfume that makes the potential patients want to inhale more deeply.

Radiation poisoning is actually damage to organic tissue caused by exposure to ionizing radiation. Symptoms vary with the degree of exposure and can include tiredness, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and may cause cancer and sterility—the inability to have children. If one is exposed to the radiation for a long enough period, it can kill the patient. It is treatable with hyronaline and severe cases of theta radiation poisoning can be treated with arithrazine but can also be prevented by taking inoculations.

Rigelian Fever is a disease from the Rigel system and causes extreme fever, pain in the joints, and headache. The only known cure is a mineral called ryetalyn.

Stockholm Syndrome is the term for the tendency for some hostages to feel sympathy for their captors after a certain time of being abducted. It is common in children who have been raised by people who captured them when they were young.

Tanzian flu is a disease with causes rapid breathing and a dilation, or widening, of the pupils. Other symptoms may be coughing, sneezing, and runny nose.

The Toluncan ague is a type of influenza with the usual symptoms and also shaking in the hands and feet.

Some, though not all, of this material was found in the wiki Memory Alpha.