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September 2388


Deep Space 19

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Arc: Deep Space 19 (3 of 3)
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As the crew of Deep Space 19 settle in to life aboard the station, and the new agreement with the Tholian representatives, they must battle with their will to explore, hunger for knowledge and natural instincts to protect what they find for the Federation, and the new sharing deal brokered with the Tholians.

Meanwhile, all is not going well for the engineering teams working to learn every inch of the station's systems.


Information on the events portrayed during this mission are coming soon.

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  • The scope of this mission was originally set to be larger, with a more prominent role for the Tholians in it, but due to lagging activity on behalf of the crew as a result of being in the third mission of the sim's first-ever multi-mission arc, the mission was cut short to enable the sim to progress on to the next mission and provide more writing opportunity for the crew to return to activity.

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