Donald Bertram

Donald Alexander Bertram
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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Assistant Chief Security & Tactical Officer

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Ensign Donald Alexander Bertram was a Federation Starfleet officer serving the 11th Fleet aboard the USS Endeavour as Assistant Chief of Security.

Bertram displays a very soft demeanor in his movements and style. He blends into the background, his olive colored eyes in uncommonly rapid movement. It would not be correct to describe Donald Bertram as a conventionally attractive specimen. He appears to lack the athletic prowess of many of his peers, and an observer would not credit him with an exceptional degree of strength or stamina. He has a slight vision impediment caused by brain damage due to an accident in childhood, but refuses treatment.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Donald Bertram likes to avoid the spotlight. He is calm and collected, even in situations of great stress and does not easily show affection towards his peers. He goes to great lengths to appreat professional and orderly, but is loyal to those he considers close friends. In academy times, his watchful eye and sense for detail were noted by his superiors, but his tendency to concentrate on minor details over the big picture served to irritate many fellow students. Being a cadet just out of the academy, Donald keeps his talents to himself and prefers to avoid responsibility. He sees himself as a solid supporter, not a leader.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Attentive: Donald is known for his attentiveness. He will not always claim to have noticed something, but his brain seems to always be at work putting together the pieces of something unseen, making connections between details to find out what others miss.
  • Decent shot: Despite his visual impairment, Donald has trained himself to expertly handle phaser pistols and rifles.
  • Linguistical genius: Although he would not admit it, his private studies in languages have yielded great rewards. He is fluent in many, and if he is incapable of speaking a language, Donald finds it easy to apprehend. Languages are something natural to him.
  • Loyal to friends: It might not be easy to achieve, but to those he considers friends, Donald is highly loyal and willing to put his life on the line to protect them.
  • Good swimmer: Donald Bertram enjoys swimming, and consequently is a decent swimmer.


  • Lack of presence: He easily goes ignored in most situations. Donald Bertram is not one to upstage others, and while this means that he is well-suited for any sort of discrete assignment, he also finds it hard to gain a crowd's attention.
  • Hard to approach: Donald harbors a healthy distrust of others, and although he is not a cold person per se, he is quite willing to lie in order to prevent people from approaching him any further.
  • Bad public speaker: He was not born to be a politician or leader, so any situation of great attention is something Donald tries to avoid.
  • Compulsive liar: If it puts him in a better position, a lie is quite a valid method. Donald has learned to use lies in a way that keeps them safe, thus avoiding his superiors' reprimand.


Donald Bertram is obsessed with solving the riddles of the universe. He lives from question to question, sometimes losing interest, sometimes coming up with an explanation he is unsatisfied with. Despite this, he also harbors a secret ambition to enter the ranks of Starfleets top intelligence, and hopes that a shipboard assignment may get him there faster than paperwork at HQ.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Languages of any kind
  • Riddles and games of observation
  • Information about the lives of his peers
  • Xenoarcheology
  • Swimming


English, German, French, Chinese, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Ferengi (differing degrees of proficiency)


Donald Bertram was born to Starfleet careerist Charles Bertram Jr. and his wife, Elisabeth Bertram in New York state, Earth. He underwent a normal education, carefully watched by his older sister Maria.

While his childhood was a happy one, it was not without its tragedies. At the age of six, Donald and his sister were travelling along to Starfleet Headquarters to meet up with their parents. For a reason never fully explained, the shuttle lost power and crash-landed, killing the pilots and sending Donald and Maria into a coma. They were retrieved and Maria awoke after six days of unconsciousness, but Donald remained out for another week. When he came to, he noticed greatly diminished eyesight and the doctors explained to him that this was due to his sustained brain injury. The injury was untreatable at the time, and although it would be now, Donald has so far declined treatment for fear of losing part of his mental capacity.

It was during this time as well that Maria and Donald bonded greatly, as she watched by his bedside until he was better. Donald used to joke in reference to his blurry sight, that he was glad to have three sisters like her.

His father was on home base assignment and able to share many of his experiences as tactical and commanding officer with his children, as well as acquaint them with friends he met during his career, prompting Maria to seek a career in Xenoarcheology and Donald to eventually apply for Starfleet Academy. While his grades were not particularly good, his great command of many different languages - many learnt from his father and his father's friends - and sheer determination finally got him in. During his training, Donald excelled, marking commendation after commendation. He made several friends during his academy times, but remained closed to most others. Although he was recommended for command training, Donald declined and oriented himself towards intelligence. One of his friends, Adam Marone, was eventually recruited into the Starfleet Intelligence corps, and disappeared from the radar. Donald was worried at first, but grew increasingly enamored with the idea that he, too, could become an intelligence officer.

Shortly before his graduation, Donald was informed that his mother had died way ahead of time in an accident. Afraid to see his family in mourning, he delayed his return home by staging several Starfleet events. When his father found out about this, he confronted his son, who refused to answer him at all. His father left, but not without declaring that Donald would eventually understand that he had just caused himself to feel guilty for all his life. Donald eventually confirmed this, confiding in his sister Maria.

Service Record

--Starfleet Academy--

  • Top of the class in Xenolinguistics
  • Excellent scores in Xenolinguistics, Electronic Surveillance and Security, Ground Engagement Tactics.
  • Recommended for command training (declined)