Edward Denton

Edward Denton
Biographical Information

Starbase 64






2353 (35)

Physical Description



183 lbs.





Political Information

United Federation of Planets - Starfleet


USS Helios


Commanding Officer

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Commander Edward Denton is a Federation Starfleet officer serving as Commanding Officer of the Eleventh Fleet's starship USS Helios.

Physical Description

Edward is described as being very modest and humble in appearance. The most distinguishing feature about Ed is his hair, both facial and head. His hair is whiter than snow and is kept shorter than most of his species due to Starfleet regulations. Ed also has some cranial ridges that further define his face. Throughout the rest of his body, Ed has eggshell white tattoos painted in various alien designs; they’re always covered up by his uniform, though. Ed has claw-like fingernails which come in handy for those tiny buttons on PaDDs. The rest of his physical features are akin to most other humanoids life forms.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Edward is, for all intents and purposes, a scientist at heart. He has a very analytical mind and frequently spends his time conducting research into various items of interest which have piqued his curiosity at the moment. On the flipside, Ed is a very compassionate and brutally honest man. He believes in the Terran (Japanese) philosophy of Bushido. Frequently, his personality often conflicts with his beliefs, and the compromises that result are ingenious, even for Ed.

Edward holds himself in a very serious and aloof attitude. This isn’t to suggest that he’s cut off from showing empathy, however he does so in a calm and collected manner; sometimes, not cool, though. Ed has little tolerance for the unintelligent people in his community, and he deals with his behaviour by attempting to teach those around him so that they’ll be on par with him. Ed is by no means an expert on every field, however he’s a Jack-of-all-Trades with most fields. He has enough knowledge to be conversant with most folks, and if he doesn’t know something, he’ll look it up instead of making a fool out of himself.

  • Edward is addicted to white chai tea

Strengths & Weaknesses

Edward’s strengths are in his convictions. His knowledge, his beliefs, and his attitude make him a force to be considered; however, he rarely goes on the offensive with anybody about anything at all.

Edward’s weaknesses abound in his personality. Often, he has ethical and moral issues with life and routinely questions everything around him, most notably the people. Ed lacks the proper social skills to get along in crowds and other large groups of people. Finally, Ed also doesn’t deal well with change of any kind.


Edward doesn’t really have any ambitions to speak of, aside from the usual acquisitions of promotions in Starfleet, both via rank and position. Ed is the type of person who’s satisfied with the simple things in life, and doesn’t take too well to complexities.

Hobbies & Interests

Edward can be found researching most of the time. At other times, Ed likes to play Terran card games, like Solitaire, Poker, and Blackjack. He can’t play Chess or Checkers to save his own life, though. As Ed continues his research into various fields of study, his interests fluctuate from time to time.


Federation Basic and Efrosian.




Edward was born on Starbase 64 in the year 2353 to his parents. His father worked as a Diplomat and his mother an Engineer. His parents never really had the opportunity for promotions, and so their family lived a below average life with only the traditional amenities afforded to Starfleet officers of low rank. Ed’s family wasn’t upset because of it, in fact they were quite thankful for what they had. They weren’t the type of people to fight hard for simple and small improvements to their living conditions.

As Edward grew up during his childhood through to his pre-teen years, his parents would often be seen teaching him things and guiding him through different processes and procedures. He was particularly fond of his father and the job he did. Combined with what his mother did for work, Ed’s future career was inevitably clear.

When Edward hit his teenage years, that was when he finally decided what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. On a typical day, he’d be observing what others did in secondary school and often not participating himself, other than athletic events. Quite often, he’d see bullies and their victims, love affairs gone bad, and anger between children and their parents. Ed decided that since there wasn’t a Social Work position with Starfleet, that he’d pursue Psychology to become a Counsellor.

At age 18, Edward enrolled in Starfleet Academy’s Medical Division. Since Ed didn’t want to attain the full Psychiatric credentials, the time he spent at the Academy was halved, from eight to four years. Ed simply wanted to help people by natural means instead of drugs, and Psychology was the way to do it. He vowed that he’d complete the training someday later in the future, though.

Graduation came around at the age of 22, and Ed had his first posting right at Starfleet Academy itself. As an Ensign, Ed was allowed to begin assisting the proctor of the psychological exam of Academy admission. It was a glorious start to his career, as he was able to fully utilize his skills of Analytical Psychology to determine which departments new recruits would best fit at. The tests weren’t the ultimate deciders for people, but they did help, and they did give Ed some intriguing insight into the human mind that he’d use later in his research.

After a long duration, at the age of 25, Edward wanted something more out of his time spent at the Academy’s psychological testing ground, and sought to venture out to a starship so that he could actually begin practicing. It wasn’t long until he was offered the job of Assistant Chief Counsellor on the USS Apostle with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. It was here that Ed began to develop a social career and begin to speak to others on a personal level. Ed was able to fully utilize his skills, albeit under the jurisdiction of his superior officer.

Spending time dealing with people’s problems and giving advice, when actually listened to, was among the most rewarding experiences of Ed’s life around this time. He wasn’t developed enough to be able to have the self-confidence and self-esteem necessary to build himself up, just others. However, there were glimmers starting to appear, and Ed’s superior officers noticed it and decided to take action. They recommended for him, which Ed later took action on, that he be given the position of Chief Counsellor, at the age of 28, on the USS Kensai, with the rank of Lieutenant. Now was the time where all of Ed’s experience and research culminated together to form a positive and rewarding time on this new assignment. Without any restrictions, barring medical, Ed knew that he’d enjoy himself there.

Here, Edward was having the time of his life being able to practice psychology by his lonesome. Helping people was a way for Ed to help himself. At the age of 31, Ed’s former Academy mentor had put in a recommendation that he be given a command of his own. Unfortunately, Starfleet wasn't in the business of handing out commands left, right, and centre, so they compromised with the Admiral and offered Ed a position as Executive Officer on the USS Tarsus. Ed gracefully accepted the offer and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander as a result.

Thankfully, Edward's background in psychology inevitably lead to him being a good First Officer as he was able to be an almost perfect communication link between the ship's Captain and crew. He wasn't great, though, and that was a big hurdle for Ed to overcome. He decided that in order for him to prove himself, especially to his Captain for a future positive reference, that he'd take the Bridge Officer's Exam. Ed passed the test with honours, given that he had a background in teaching on his first posting. His Captain was very impressed with what he'd done, and at the risk of losing an almost perfect right hand man, sent a message to Starfleet Command for Ed to finally be given his own command.

Edward was humbled by his Captain's good will effort. He truthfully didn't understand why his superior officers felt that he'd be a good Commanding Officer, but he didn't question it at the same time. He just went along with it, as being a Commanding Officer was one of the greatest duties of an officer in Starfleet - that, and it was rare for a psychologist to be offered such a position. At the age of 34, Starfleet Command eventually got back to Ed and said that there weren't many cool ships left open for command, and that the nearest one available was the Nova-class, USS Helios. Ed quickly sent a response back to accept command of the Helios. His Captain promoted him to the rank of full Commander and sent Ed away to his new ship. Stay Tuned...

Service Record

  • 2371-2375: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
  • 2375-2378: Starfleet Medical - Ensign
  • 2378-2381: USS Apostle - Lieutenant JG
  • 2381-2384: USS Kensai - Lieutenant
  • 2384-2387: USS Tarsus - Lieutenant Commander
  • 2387-2388: USS Helios - Commander