Elizabeth Cole

Elizabeth J. Cole, or Liz, is a 24th Century Starfleet warrant officer serving on the USS Washington.

Elizabeth J. Cole, PC
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110 lbs





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USS Washington


Chief Intelligence Officer

Played By:

Stephen Cole

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Physical Description

Liz is very petite, and doesn't have any outstanding features or distinguishing marks. She wears very little makeup, mostly lip gloss only.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Liz or Lizzie as called by most of her friends, is a pretty laid back girl. She's known for being a bit of a girlie-girl. She loves to hang out with her friends, and tries to as much as possible. Though there are those times when she just wants to be alone, and does value that time to herself, mostly spent reading, or relaxing in the pool.

Liz grew up in a bad situation, her mother was the subject to abuse by her husband (Liz's Step father) and so was Liz. Because of this she is very afraid of confrontation although since going to Boot Camp and Warrant Officer Candidate School she's become better at this.

Liz is generally trusting, but if her trust is lost she's very skeptical about that person and often would not even want to be alone with them. Liz can also be a bit clingy to friends when she feels uncomfortable.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Extremely Organized
+ Strong Leader
+ Courage to Face Fears when Needed
+ Strong sense of duty

- Nervous about Confrontation
- Easily Discouraged from Trust
- Overly Dependent at Times


Wanting to be guaranteed a way out of Foster Care Liz enlisted into Starfleet, as soon as possible. Not bothering with the chance of not making it into the academy. Because of this her main goal is to complete her degree via long distance education and then apply for a transfer to Lieutenant.

Hobbies & Interests

Tennis, Horses, Fluffy Animals, Hanging out with Friends, Finding the right Guy, Swimming


Federation Standard



  • Jared Cole


  • Rebecca Wilson-Cole

Other Family

  • Gregory and Kendra Stewart - Foster Parents


Elizabeth was born to a loving mother and father on Earth, both of her parents were employed by the Father's family business. A restaurant chain across Earth, and some Federation Colonies. Elizabeth had never gotten to meet her Grandparents both had died prior to her birth, and then her father followed when she was 7.

Her mother remained with the family business until meeting her boyfriend Paul Ward. Elizabeth was about ten at the time, and then the relationship turned abusive. Unfortunately for her mother she had never had the courage to press charges. When Elizabeth was 16 her mother was beaten to the point where it caused severe injury requiring hospitalization and rehabilitation.

Paul was sent to prison finally convicted of assault, and attempted murder. Elizabeth on the other hand now had nobody to take care of her and was placed in foster care. Her mother never returning for her after getting out of Rehabilitation, and thought to be drug related.

Elizabeth had good foster parents, but she hated being there. She wanted nothing more to be off on her own, and due to not wanting to chance not making it decided to enlist into Starfleet instead of applying for the academy.

Although Elizabeth's grades were good enough to attempt it her interaction in school, and school organizations and sports was minimal. She did what she needed to do but intelligence and education had just come naturally to her.

When she took her aptitude test to decide on a specialty being completely undecided she scored almost perfectly in the Intelligence section and was offered a Direct Warrant Officer Candidate Slot. Which while she completed her education via long distance it would allow for her to transfer in rank to Lieutenant after around four years as a Warrant Officer, should she decide to remain that long with Starfleet.

Lizzie jumped at her chance and accepted the DWOCS and went to boot camp, followed straight into DWOCS, and then to Advanced Training for her new position. Her first assignment was aboard the USS Washington as Assistant Chief of Intelligence, however it was short lived do to an accidental and medical related death of the CIO, and she was promoted to Chief of her department.

Service Record

  • 2382 - Enlists Starfleet, Crewman Recruit
  • 2382 - Scores top in Intelligence Areas of Aptitude Testing, DWOCS-Intelligence Approved
  • 2382 - Graduates Starfleet Basic Enlisted Training, Promoted Crewman Apprentice
  • 2382 - Assigned Direct Warrant Officer Candidate School
  • 2383 - Graduates Direct Warrant Officer Candidate School, Promoted Warrant Officer 1
  • 2383/2384 - Assigned/Completed Intelligence Officer Advanced Individual Training, Intelligence Analyst Officer School, and Advanced Intelligence Operations Officer School
  • 2384 - Assigned USS Washington, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
  • 2384 - Promoted to Chief Intelligence Officer