Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Anne Jones
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Physical Description

5' 5"


135 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Endeavour


Chief Engineering Officer

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Lieutenant JG Elizabeth Anne Jones is a Federation Starfleet officer serving the 11th Fleet. She is most noted for her service as chief engineer of the USS Endeavour, a Sovereign-class vessel.

Elizabeth is a very prim and proper person; she keeps her hair to her shoulders, which she keeps in a ponytail during duty hours. She is short for most humans and has beautiful blue eyes. Elizabeth has never considered herself to be the most beautiful woman in the world, but likes to keep herself looking as nice as possible. When she is not on duty she dresses very casually.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Elizabeth 's father was very strict with her as a child and taught her from a very young age that being nice to people is good but if you need them to get the job done you need to be stern with them. Therefore she can be very friendly with people but if you aren't doing your job but can give people a chewing they will never forget if you force her hand. She has been in countless frightening situations since she was little child and keeps a very level head. She loves to get to know people that she is around and to learn about them, how the work, and how to help them the best.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Elizabeth's greatest strength comes from her ability to problem solve. She is capable of solving complex problems with great speed compared to the average human being. She is also a people person and loves to learn about those around her. Despite her size she is also a very tough woman capable of defending herself in most combat situations.

Her greatest weakness is her own pride, which sometimes rears its ugly head getting her into trouble with superior office


Elizabeth has two great ambitions; first she wants to be the commander of the Utopia Plantia ship yard and second she wants to have children.

The first ambition has taken precedence over the second after the death of her husband. She now focuses entirely on her career and attempts to hid her personal goals.

Hobbies & Interests

Elizabeth began her life planning on going into medical school due to her fascination with the subject. She also enjoys painting, playing strategy games, and loves studying the technology of other races.

She loves cooking by hand and at the earliest convince she renovates her quarters to include a fully functioning kitchen complete with pots and pans. Her father considers this interest to be too old fashioned but it helps Liz to unwind and to process her thoughts.


Federation Standard, Binary, Advanced script language of the Starfleet computer system.


As a little girl Liz was fascinated by all things medical, due to her Mother being a doctor on planet of earth. She would play with dolls like the rest of her friends but would perform surgery on them. At the age of 9 when she was in public school her teachers discovered she had a talent at problem solving and accelerated her two years ahead in school.

She graduated from public school at the age of 16 and took the placement test at the McCoy medical school where she scored highly in human physiology and micro biology.

The summer after taking the test she met her future husband James, after only a few months dating him she feel deeply in love with him so when he joined Starfleet she went with him to take the entrance exam for Starfleet. An exam she never intended to pass but passed with the highest score in the testing group.

In the placement test Liz scored the highest in starship engineering, which surprised her and lead to her attending Starfleet engineering school for the next 2 year. At the age of 21 James proposed marriage to Liz to which she accepted, there new union was bitter sweet due to the fact they where both assigned to different starships. They saw each other as much as they could throughout the next year until they put in for a transfer to the same Starfleet relay station. It was approved and the two ran a the relay station for the next two years.

After two years with her husband Liz was transferred away from him to serve in the Starfleet Research and Development program, which proved to Liz that you could never disappear in starfleet. She served in many different positions throughout the next 4 years barely seeing her husband. This put an obvious strain on there relationship so in an attempt to save there marriage Liz transferred to the USS Columbia to again be with her husband.

She served on the Columbia as an engineering tech. A few years later the commander of the Columbia had Liz transferred to prevent her from distracting her husband from his duties as chief operations officer. She was transferred to the USS Atlantia serving as the warp core specialist for that vessel. After 3 years serving on that vessel she received word that James was killed with all hands aboard

She continued to serve onboard the Atlantia drowning herself in her work and receiving a few commendations from her superior officers. She worked hard enough to run from the pain that she was promoted to assistant engineering officer 2 years after transferring to the Atlantia.

Service Record

- Enrolled in Starfleet Engineering program
- Assigned to USS Solaria (Engineering Tech)
- Assigned Federation Relay Station with husband (Engineering officer)
- Reassigned Starfleet Research and Development Program
- Starship Columbia (Engineering Tech)
- Starship Atlantia (assistant Chief engineer)
- Starbase 47 (Chief Engineer)