Elizabeth Wolf

Elizabeth Wolf
Elizabeth after assuming command of the USS Tempest in 2388.
Biographical Information

Raeya III






January 22nd, 2351

Physical Description

5ft 10in







Political Information

Starfleet, United Federation of Planets


USS Tempest


Commanding Officer

Played By:

Emily Wolf

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Elizabeth Wolf currently holds the rank of Captain in her position of Commanding Officer over the Starfleet starship Tempest. Elizabeth is a highly decorated Starfleet tactical officer, having served during the Dominion War and for a successful campaign against illegal Ferengi smuggling operations.

This character is part of the Fleet's Niche Task Group and therefore does not conform to Fleet Canon. This character is also being written in the year 2388.

Physical Description

Having served in a field that demanded physical fitness, Elizabeth is in a strict workout routine and diet to maintain her slim and attractive physique. Her black silky hair extends down just below her shoulders and is always worn down. Her blue eyes and slightly pale skin is usually well complemented by a bright red lipstick.

Personality Overview

Elizabeth is a calculative thinker and a dedicated leader. Having served the majority of her career in the Security & Tactical field, her mind has been trained to think over a dozen moves ahead with plans for any scenario. Despite being the ship's most senior officer, Elizabeth can frequently be seen visiting the ship's different facilities and talking with the officers.

Rarely angry or annoyed, Elizabeth's judgment is rarely influenced by any emotion. Elizabeth generally has an open and welcoming personality, but ever since she assumed command, she's closed her personal life up in an attempt to separate her work and personal life.

With a jesting and eccentric sense of humor, Lizzy is known, on occasion, to jape her fellow crew mates. Like with her open personality, she's had to dial back her sense of humor to keep up her appearances.

Character History


Elizabeth Wolf was born on January 22nd, 2351 to Stephen and Zoe Wolf on Raeya III. Elizabeth's ancestors stemmed from two different, albeit similar, races: the Raeyans and the Humans. The family name "Wolf" was passed down to Elizabeth from her dad's Germanic ancestors on Earth. As an only child, Elizabeth was one of few to carry on this proud name of explorers and soldiers. Her father, a Starfleet Security Officer, was one of them. Her mother, a doctor, was the exact opposite. Both had a great influence on Liz's choices throughout her life.

As an only child, Liz was used to a certain independence and protection that her parents granted her. Without siblings to compete with, Lizzy relied on her ambition to succeed. She became so reliant on taking care of things herself, that she often rejected help when offered to her.
A beach on Raeya.

Almost as far as she could remember, Elizabeth knew she wanted to join Starfleet. Her parents both fully supported her decision, and although they both pushed for different divisions, they both respected her opinion when she said she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps. It helped that her mother was a civilian doctor working for the Raeyan government over a Starfleet doctor working for the United Federation of Planets.

The Raeyans themselves were not full members of the United Federation of Planets at first, but they were a protected state under Starfleet and had a dedicated Starfleet outpost on the planet. The planet itself was located just outside United Federation of Planets space near the Romulan/Klingon border so it was seen as a key strategic point to all three parties. The Raeyans saw the United Federation of Planets as a stronger ally who would not interfere with their day-to-day lives, so they were the obvious ally.

This did, however, cause anger with both the Romulans and the Klingons which resulted in threats against the planet. As Elizabeth grew older, she watched the people of Raeya rely on the United Federation of Planets for protection. Elizabeth strove to become part of Starfleet so she had the ability to protect those she cared about. Abstaining the threat of aliens, the environment Raeya III fostered was very relaxed. There were warm sunny days when Elizabeth would spend most of her free time at beaches with her friends, swimming and sunbathing.

As requested, Elizabeth received much help and training at an early age to learn the innards of Starfleet’s Tactical Department in anticipation for the Academy. At the age of 12 onwards, Liz’s primary focus was learning everything she could about the department. Policies, physical techniques, anything that she could get her hands on, she’d learn. With her father having gone through the same courses that the Academy taught, he was able to train Elizabeth for the Academy’s entrance exam and show her what life would be like at the Academy.

In 2369, after she graduated from High School at the age of 18, Elizabeth immediately applied for Starfleet Academy’s Security and Tactical training program. She passed the entrance exam with flying colors and her more advanced training began in San Francisco’s academic facility.

Starfleet Academy

While at the Academy, Elizabeth had the pleasure of meeting new people from different cultures, expand her mind from not only the field of Security and Tactical, but also to things like Medicine and Flight Control, two other departments that she had a keen interest in. Her starter courses with the Academy were generalized in the first two years.

By the time she finished her second year in 2370, she was already certified in Small Arms usage, Hand-to-Hand Combat, First Aid, and Basic Flight Training, showing talent in each department. When the time came for her to pick her specialized courses, she hesitated somewhat. Her dream had been to become a Tactical Officer like her father, but once she saw the diversity that other courses offered, her decision wasn’t so simple.

Finally, she made her choice to follow her gut and pursue Security and Tactical like she originally planned. With her last two years at the Academy, she underwent vigorous training to ensure she had what it took to be a Starfleet officer.

Dominion War

Elizabeth graduated from the Academy in 2372, second in her class. She earned certificates in Heavy Weaponry (such as compression and pulse rifles), Starship Weaponry, Criminal Investigations and Advanced Tactics. After graduation, she was bestowed the rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS Hermes, an Intrepid-class starship, as part of their Security detachment.

Back in 2370, a powerful species from the Gamma Quadrant destroyed a Galaxy-class starship on a mission of exploration. This sparked a cold war between the Alpha Quadrant allies and this group referring to themselves as “The Dominion”. The Dominion made several moves to destabilize the powers of the Alpha Quadrant until finally they gained a foothold in the quadrant using the Cardassians as an ally.
The USS Hermes during the Dominion War

During that same year, Elizabeth was stationed aboard the Hermes. War had officially declared between the United Federation of Planets and the Dominion. The Hermes, along with a joint Starfleet-Klingon Task Force, attacked and destroyed the Dominion’s shipyards at Torros III. This was the first time Elizabeth’s abilities were tested in the field. She, along with several other officers, were forced to deter Dominion forces who had boarded the ship.

Over the next three years, Elizabeth’s abilities, and the capability of the USS Hermes' crew were tested and stressed during the many battles they participated in. In some, they were one of the few ships to survive.

The USS Hermes, crippled.
The Hermes took part in the last battle of the war at Cardassia in 2375. During this battle, the Klingons, Romulans, and United Federation of Planets combined forces to make one decisive blow against the Dominion, who were slowly losing their Cardassian allies. The Hermes followed Admiral Ross and Chancellor Martok in a bold move against the Dominion fleet’s core ships. The Hermes took heavy fire and was crippled.

Fortunately, the Hermes had enough power to limp away from the battle as they licked their wounds and as other forces pushed forwards towards Cardassia. The Hermes was forced to take care of themselves until the battle was over and Starfleet could come back for them. They, along with other crippled ships, formed a group that shared resources so they could last longer.

After the battle was over, all of the disabled ships were brought back to a Starfleet Drydock for repairs. As reports of deceased crew came in, Elizabeth received a surprising promotion. As it happened, the Assistant Chief Security Officer of the Hermes was killed during the attack and the Chief picked Liz to replace him. She was promoted to Lieutenant JG and was to assume her duties once the ship was fully repaired.

Once the Treaty of Bajor was signed and peace was made, Elizabeth’s tour on the Hermes was uneventful, to say the least. However, now that Liz was going to be taking shifts on the Bridge, she had to take the mandatory Bridge Officer’s Examination, which would place her in the chain-of-command to take over the ship, if need be. But, most of her duties involved the armory and she was only given time on the bridge every other duty rotation.

Post-Dominion War

Early 2379, after serving a full tour (and then some) on the Hermes, Elizabeth was promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant and given the position of Chief Security & Tactical Officer of the USS Archer, a Prometheus-class starship. Liz was excited about this new promotion, although it did require her to spend weeks studying the technical manual of the Prometheus-class’ tactical systems.

After she assumed her duties near the middle of 2379, the Archer was assigned to Starfleet Battle Group Omega and were given directions to intercept the USS Enterprise-E as well as the Scimitar. However, the Archer was unable to provide support to the Enterprise due to the communications barrier that the Bassen Rift possessed.

By the time the Battle Group Omega went searching for the Enterprise, it was too late. They found the Enterprise’s main hull severely damaged and the Scimitar destroyed.

Elizabeth spent the rest of her tour on the Archer conducting combat exercises, escort missions, and patrols as the Prometheus-class’ main purpose was to be a tactical vessel. It was rare that Elizabeth was given the ability to test the ship’s Multi-Vector Assault Mode, but she was able to utilize it when they attacked a group of Orion pirates raiding a cargo freighter.

Ferengi Smuggling Dismantling

In 2383, Elizabeth was offered a chance to advance her career on Starbase 356. The Starbase had an opening for Chief Strategic Operations Officer and Second Officer, which meant she’d also be able to take command of a garrison vessel.
The USS Gryphon in 2384.
Her ambition was to one day command a starship, but she knew that would take time and this would be a stepping stone on that journey.
Liz working undercover in 2385.
Before she took her posting, she went back to Starfleet Academy to take the Command Course, which, similar to the bridge course but more in-depth, taught her the skills she’d need to successfully administer a Starfleet facility.

Starbase 356 was located on the border of the Ferengi Alliance and the United Federation of Planets. It was setup to be a command post in the area and it was also assigned the duty of making sure the area was free of contraband from Ferengi space entering United Federation of Planets territory, which had been an increasingly big problem for the United Federation of Planets.

Elizabeth was given control of the USS Gryphon, a Defiant-class starship. The Starbase was also equipped with two other garrisons, an Intrepid-class and a Nova-class, although the Gryphon was the ship primarily responsible for conducting patrol and search operations in the area.

During her tour on the Starbase and with the Gryphon, Elizabeth and the Security personnel of Starbase 356 took down several illegal arms and medicine trafficking operations as well as forced the number of raids in the area to decline.

When one of the dogs aboard the Starbase gave birth to a litter of Labrador retriever puppies, Elizabeth suddenly realized she was growing tired of always coming home to an empty quarters to focus on work. While she of course had romantic and friendly relationships with other people, she didn’t have anything that she could come home to and who she could take care of. So, for the time being, she decided to adopt a puppy to sort of fill that void. She adopted a male yellow Labrador which she named Bryan.

Delta Quadrant

In 2384, a discovery was made by a deep-space exploration vessel of a transwarp gateway leading to the Delta Quadrant. It was unclear who built the system, but it was stable enough for several jumps to and from the Alpha Quadrant and Delta Quadrant.
Bryan Wolf, Elizabeth's puppy, in 2388
Starfleet was excited at the chance to get a full fleet of ships to investigate the quadrant that the USS Voyager had reported such great things about. Starfleet took the best of the best from all of their fleets and put together the 16th Fleet, dubbed the “Delta Exploration Initiative”.
Elizabeth after fighting the Borg in 2388

Liz’s work with the Ferengi impressed Starfleet in such an great way that within three years, she was promoted to Commander and offered the position of Executive Officer on the USS Tempest, a Century-class starship to be part of the Fleet that would explore the Delta Quadrant.

For two years, the Tempest and other ships of the 16th Fleet explored the Delta Quadrant, revisiting the places that Voyager had been and also exploring new reaches of the area. They formed allies and enemies, charted entire sectors, and stayed away from the Borg. During her time as First Officer of the Tempest, the ship’s Captain mentored Elizabeth to become a Commanding Officer. He taught her what Starfleet Academy couldn’t and became a role model for her.

Early 2388, the Borg launched a surprise attack on the 16th Fleet’s Headquarters in the Delta Quadrant, Starbase 900. They cut off the head of the fleet, the Fleet’s Commanding Officer and Executive Officer were killed and the rest of Starfleet’s assets were sent to Diogara Station to regroup. The Tempest’s Commanding Officer was killed during the battle and Elizabeth was left the de facto Commander.

Service Chronology

Year Assignment Rank Position(s)
2369 Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2370 Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2371 Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2372 Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2373-2375 USS Hermes Security Officer
2375-2379 USS Hermes Assistant Chief Security Officer
2379-2383 USS Archer Chief Security & Tactical Officer
2383-2386 Starbase 356 Chief Strategic Operations Officer & Second Officer
2386-2388 USS Tempest Executive Officer
2388-Present USS Tempest Commanding Officer

Preceded by:
Captain Reynolds
Commanding Officer of the USS Tempest
2388 – Present
Succeeded by: