Em'berlyn Twi'ood

Em'berlyn is a Starfleet Officer serving onboard the USS Dauntless.

Em'berlyn Twi'ood
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March 27, 2064

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135 lbs





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USS Dauntless


Assistant Chief Science Officer, Biologist

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Physical Description

While Em'berlyn is rather small, she is not a stick. There is some meat on her bones, mostly settling to fill her out and make her look nice in her clothing. She is short, especially for her 'age', but she knows she is not going to get any taller so she has decided to simply live with it. She should be able to find someone nice and tall to do tasks that require height anyway. While she is curvy, she is in no way, shape, or form chubby. She enjoys doing exercises to keep her petite form in shape, preferring an hourglass figure to love-handles.

Em'berlyn has chestnut colored curls that fall down to around her mid back, usually kept down even though it has a tendancy to fall into her ocean-like blue green eyes. Her face is kept free of makeup, due to the fact that the way she lived promoted a healthy lifestyle and therefore her complexion is close to perfect. She does not feel a need to add a mask of makeup to her face when it is already good-looking.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Em'berlyn is a sweet woman, enjoying the company of others greatly. She has a deep desire to learn more about the universe and it's various life forms--both plant and being. She is also very optimistic about life and it's outcomes, believing everything to happen for a reason (even if no one knows it's purpose yet). She enjoys getting to know people and is rather curious about everything.

She is prone to seem a bit ditzy sometimes, not having been aboard the ship long. She has a basic working knowledge of technology but distrusts it for the most part. She can work it if she wants to, but she would prefer to do things the old fashioned way. Her innocence only adds to the ditzyness. She does not get sexual innuendo's or references, never having been with anyone.

She's known to be playful with people anyway, despite her innocence. She was quite the flirt on Ba'ku, though it might not seem so flirtacious amongst people who have done a lot more than she has.

Other than that, she is really strong willed and her playful personality allows her to occasionally get her way when she probably shouldn't. She's stubborn about things when she gets stuck on an idea, but can warm to something if enough sense is talked into her.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Em'berlyn is a whiz at all things biological and having to do with chemistry as it pertains to biology.

She is a keen at observation, observing both plants and people.

Her keen observations occasionally get her into trouble, because she points out secret things between people and they have to be explained.

She distrusts technology, therefore does not know how to work everything she probably needs to and has to be taught.

She doesn't trust androids unless they prove themselves in some sort of situation.

She is stubborn, so she's hard to work with occasionally.


To see a great portion of the universe. She wants to see hundreds of different kinds of species of people and plants.

Find that person for her. She is rather lonely sometimes, which is why she thrusts herself into social gatherings nearly all of the time so she doesn't have to think about it. The Ba'ku people were a tight-knit community, so it is hard to imagine herself going any longer without bonding to someone.

Discover something new--as a biologist, she wants to observe or create something that no one ever has before.

Hobbies & Interests

Reading and talking to new species of people.


Federation Standard



  • Sang'ji


  • Aqu'ope


  • Sil'lard


  • Lea'lin


Em'berlyn was just 14 years old when the Ba'ku people broke apart from their evil war-lordesque home planet in an effort to get away from the violence and war machines. They did so successfully and found themselves a nice planet to live on that was full of nature, very different than what their technologically advanced planet looked like. From that point, they swore off technology--despite having been quite advanced with the technology they had once built--and lived a simple life. Their community of 600 was tight-knit and happy, unaware of the metaphasic radiation that drastically slowed their aging.

When she got older, there was an uprising of young-adults her age that wanted to go back to their old ways. They wanted to go back and explore the universe so they rebelled. They attempted to take over the village, but their people won out in the end and the rebels were exiled. She had to admit that she was sad to see them leave, now having no one to be with... but she threw herself into older social groups and tried her best to not think that she was now alone. She started thinking, though, that maybe the others were right... maybe exploring the universe wasn't so bad. She tried not to think about it and never got up the courage to try and talk to anyone else about it in fear that she may be exiled as well for sympathizing with the rebels.

Once the Federation came, and her people were sent into chaos and then peace again, she started re-thinking her choices. She was much older now, but only looking around 22, and she wasn't sure that she wanted to leave her people. She stayed for a few years after the federation left, but talked to the head biologist about her feelings of wanting to leave. He understood, though he himself stayed, and helped her acquire a way out. She applied for a job on a ship that needed a biologist and with her coworkers help got a job and was soon shipped out to her new home, the USS Sphinx.

Soon enough, however, the ship seemed to be going down hill. So, at the request of her Commander, she transferred to the USS Dauntless. While it is difficult adjusting to new places, she is working at making this new place her home.