Emanuel Hunter

Emanuel Hunter
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5' 6"


144 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Nakatomi


Captain's Yeoman

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Petty Officer Second Class Emanuel Hunter is the Human and Betazoid Captain's Yeoman serving on board the U.S.S. Nakatomi as of the year 2389. He was born on Betazed in the year 2356, and served for a brief time in the Betazoid Resistance force during his teenage years when Betazed was conquered by Dominion Forces during the Dominion War.

General Information

Physical Description

Emanuel Hunter is a relatively small framed individual but with a smile all the same, while he is smaller then most people his age and always has been he has a lot of fight in him. He has dark eyes without irises like other Betazoids, and has short neatly kept black hair. He is clean shaven, and has curly hair when his hair grows out. He is all about keeping a good posture, and has no tattoos or distinguishing marks aside from a small birthmark under his right arm.


Emanuel has a lot of heart, and is really good at reading and understanding others. While his telepathic abilities are lacking but for a small portion his empathic abilities are stronger than some full blooded Betazoids. He has a lot of fight in him, and will go tooth and nail with someone in a combat situation as seen during his lifetime when things have gotten tough. He tends to enjoy chocolate sundae and coffee with a chocolate flavoring to it. His worst nightmare is to wake up and be completely alone on board a starship or starbase.


Spouse - None
Children - None

Father - Marin (Betazoid)
Mother - Lucina (Human)
Brother(s) & Sister(s) - None
Other Family - None



Born on Betazed in the year 2356 Emanuel is the first born child of Lucina his human mother and Marin his Betazoid father. His family is of little significance on the planet Betazed, but they lived a quiet life. It was his sister Gloria who was born two years after him that he gained the insight to protect those younger than him especially his youngest sibling. He got into a fight once with someone who was mistreating Gloria who she was dating at the time. He was more than willing to protect her, and he was more than willing to protect his planet when the time came.

When he was eighteen years old during the Dominion War his homeworld was captured by the Dominion and their forces. Emanuel joined the resistance forces that had been formed by those Betazoid personnel, and while he was little use when they used telepathic abilities against the Jem’Hadar he was able to help them during combat situations. They would help strike small villages and liberate them from the Dominion forces and help kill as many of the invasion forces as he could.

By 2375 his planet had been liberated right before the end of the war, and he made the decision to join the Federation however he was unable to become an officer because his grades were not good enough to qualify when he took the exam. Instead he enlisted and completed Basic Training for other enlisted personnel choosing the administrative field to complete and possibly go officer some day.

Starfleet Career

His parents were quite proud of their son, and his first assigned place of work was the U.S.S. Utopia as a Yeoman for the chief’s mess in the personnel department. As a Crewman his starting rank he managed to keep files and documents together even creating an easier way for them to do things. He worked hard, and after multiple attempts at promotion he managed to make Third Class by 2380. He was also up for new orders and after reenlisting he transferred to Deep Space Sixteen as the Yeoman for the Executive Officer. He was able to make Second Class five years into his duty station because the Commanding Officer liked the work he had done in keeping everything in order.

It was this plus his ability to make sure that the command staff was taken care of that led to him being offered a position as a Commanding Officer’s Yeoman which was typically reserved for more senior enlisted personnel. He found a place where he would fit in, and was assigned to the U.S.S. Nakatomi the Ronin Class starship that was in the most need of his services.

Service Record

R-e3.png U.S.S. Utopia, Yeoman 2375 - 2380
R-e4.png Deep Space Sixteen, XO's Yeoman 2380 - 2385
R-e5.png Deep Space Sixteen, XO's Yeoman 2385 - 2389
R-e5.png U.S.S. Nakatomi, CO's Yeoman 2389 - PRESENT